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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hijab Fashion Week Season 2!

if you didn't know and never heard of HFW (Hijab Fashion Week), then allow me to elaborate!!

last year in November, a group of girls from all over the world have gathered in this event and for a week, we posted our pictures presenting what we wore, as per theme.

last year, we started off with HFW 1 : Work Wear
then HFW 2 : Celebrate Good Times!
HFW 3 : Girls Day Out
HFW 4 : Vacation!
HFW 5 : Weekend Wear
HFW 6 : Date with Someone Special
HFW 7 : The Cup Of Life

so basically the 30 of us girls just share our different styles and show off our creativity, not just for each other, but to others reading our blogs as well!
since i've just started wearing Hijab last year, being part of this event really showed me how to mix and match my clothes yet still remain as modest as i could and being comfortable.
and i have Em, from Modesty Theory to thank for! she is the organiser of this event!

last year she hosted this through her blog. i don't know how she managed it, considering we're all from different time zones, but well, GIRL POWER! she was very driven!
and now she's actually creating a blog specifically dedicated for HFW! the blog will be up on 14th February! woohoo!!
so all you excited people who wants to join this event, you could ask her =)

this event is a lovely way to connect with other Hijabies from ALL OVER THE WORLD! you imagine how massive this is?

hehehe.. tiba tiba excited. but yeah! once it started, it's really fun!

oh oh, if you'd like to know more about HFW, you can check it out at their twitter:
and Facebook:

i do hope that this 'season', we;ll get to see new faces!
so do do doooo join us ok!! =D

I actually got closer to Shea, Yanny and Yana because of HFW. =)

oh thank you to:
for writing/including me in your posts!!! i'm truly honoured and grateful for your efforts!! i love you guysss!!! =D

(did i miss anyone out?)

hope to see you all at HFW!! 



Sara said...

kak maria,pergi tido.. hahaha

Datin Tuu said...

insyaallah. i will be at MSU tomorroe

L said...

nak joinnn, tapi tapi im not fashionable like u girls :\

Nisa A. said...

waaaa sukee la ade season 2. mcm best :D

n.u.r.u.l.a.f.i.q.a.h said...

nak join..hihi.. ;)

MarissaElena :D said...

teringin ghilaaa nak join :D

Leya said...

haha cute picture.. =)

kamarukom said...

nk join tp sy lelaki tanpa hijab!
okey not funny

SizZLing SuZai said...

heheh...maybe i'll be one of the new faces...wait n see r ^^
as always..ur fashion sense is great cek maria!

ayuniariffin said...

ooo~ will join! inshaAllah :D

cik EPAL said...

waaa nak join! nak jugak rapat dengan kak maghiaaaaaaaaa~

zoe said...

fianlly u update jugak! yeah. so long...
x sbr nak tengok the next season, maria tetap classic! :)

sue. said...

ya.....i loved hfw too..

Amalia Ardia Utami said...

waaa, ada 2nd HFW ke?? ohya, salam kak maria, im frm Indon, and i've been searching yer blog for a week and now i found you finally, so happy cus i adore you, you're so funny, i often saw your pretty face in kak Shea's, Jezmine's etc's blogs and you always make the happy faces and looks so cute! i like you :DD now i'm following you, and can't wait for ur next post! ;)

salam frm Indonesia,

Tun Teja said...

me is missing...check my post oke..

jameela armann said...

because of hfw jugaklah i jumpa blog u... :P

Melati said...

woooohhhh Maria Elena Zarul! akhirnya penantian i tunggu u update blog =)) Nice entry =)))
& u cun lahh =)

Aida Arisya said...

me???hehehe nk jugak :P

Ami Schaheera said...

kak maria saya nak join HFW boleh? :D

fab lane said...

nak pinjam gambar u lagi bolehhhhh tak????????????????????????? i nak post about hijabissss lagi nanti.
* i dah pinjam satu hari tuhhhh *

The Hetzel said...

2nd hfw?wow!btw, last few days isaw u at thai nice seeing u live.nk tegur, tp malu! cantik la u maria!

tee said...


tringin maw join..hee =D

Kiera TheMonster said...

I leave my blog links , so u can alert bout me . thenks sis :)

bella said...

you missed out my name. huh. merajuk kanggg :( :p

masshie mastura said...

love seeing u again on HFW.

juliam said...

kak maria, gila cun lah. suka tengok. ada je aktiviti kan.

Fatin Suri said...

kak maria,all the best utk fashion week tu yea :)

Diyana Amira said...

kak maria
shea tu kak farah shahirah rasol ke?
ex smakl

SaiyidahAisyah said...

you miss me sista mariaaa! haha. btw nice to meet youuu! :)

LaiLa said...

A cute photo :D and thanks for the information :D

Syafiq Rosli said...

miss maria elena..i borrow ur pic..

Suzanne said...


Thanks for the info about HFW.. I've been trying to get more info and I finally found it!

I'm from the United States btw--- It's so cool to meet someone from Malaysia :) I've always wanted to go there and Inshallah one day I will!!

Anonymous said...

i've featured you on my blog :)