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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HFW 3 - Girls just wanna have *whaattt??* FUNNN!!

jom joget joget and "WOO!" all about because i'm hanging out with you all!!!

ok ok, so i actually wore the dress i won from Jezmine, as written in this POST, to go out with my darlings! padahal darling je. iaitu ibu.

thank you to all my dear babes who gave your ideas at my post!! i implemented every idea and in the end, i thought this combination works! thank you again!!! you babes rock!

anyway, i'm wearing a peach shawl, flower pin, light pink long cardigan, OBB dress, red skinny waist belt from Dorothy Perkins, skinny jeans and grey heels.
nah , close up!

okay mata lebam tak boleh blaaaah. but so what. =p

and i meant that as a GOOD THING! =D
actually, a lot of people asked me how tall i am. why that question ek?

I am 164cm tall, approximately 5 feet 4 inches.

is that tall?

i know this ensemble is simple, but i wear what i think is practical and feel comfortable in. sorry k if you think it's not as "WOW" as the other girls =B i have high metabolic rate, so i can't really wear too many layers. i'll sweat like crazy! =p

hope you like it though! and again, thanx for those who gave me brilliant ideas on how to wear this dress! i nak pakai pergi keje nanti. WOOHOO!

oh kejap kejap! wanna know something embarrassing tak? ok i was driving yesterday from serdang to damansara (at around 9pm) and at the tol, i turned the lights in my car on coz i couldn't see the change kan. tengah nak korek 60 cents ni! so after the toll, i forgot to turn it off! until i reached home!! the embarrassing part was, I WAS HEAD BANGING THE WHOLE WAY WHILE SINGING TO THE SONGS ON MY CD! lagu nak Incubus and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.. memang goyang la kereta. dah la TGH JAM!! it was literally at stand still! omg malu la.. kalau orang kat kete sebelah nampak i head banging, apa tak diorang ingat i bangang. haihhh.. =\
and i was in my hijab and all.. how sweet (insert sarcasm here)! i even did some dance moves. aihh!! if i was looking at myself, i would think i'm mental!

visit Modesty Theory to see all the other babes having fun their babes!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!


IFA Athirah said...

weeewit!!stylo ar!

Adriani said...

i always do it tooo!

thank goodness my windows are all tinted! and i always have em all four sides covered with sun shades! :P

eeqa~ said...

HAHA! lawak! macam mane boleh tak perasan? heheh :)

Enna Banana said...

ahahaha..camne maria boleh tak perasan nih? haiyah =,="

MIZZNISS said...

kasut itu buat saya ter"omaigod, itu hebat"...hehe, gojews2...

Anonymous said...

Ehhh? I tot u're taller than me! Hihihihi.... looking good, Maria!


hentakbelipat said...

aku nak peeewit boleh? peweeetttt!

Suri Fatin said...

stylo gler =)

.:Farah Liyana:. said...

lawaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

ifa!! thank youu!! =D

yani! lucky you have tinted windows. mine aren't!! i really should put the shades then. JUST IN CASE! hehehe!! =p

eeqa & enna; i pun tak tau camane i tak perasan. tgh busy syok sendiri la tu.. =\

mizzniss, thank youuu!! kasut murah ok! =D

ari, i look tall? weehooww!! i know you're like 168cm kan? bestnya tinggi! haha! btw thanxx!

hentak aka hazwan, ko nak peewiitt boleh je. tapi aku peewit kan gf ko, jangan marah ya!! hahaha!! =B

suri & fatin, THANK YOUU!! =D

atiqah said...

suke suke sukeeee <3


nk follow u sepanjang HFW ni :)

u cantik la sis! ^^

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thank you atiqah and amyliz!!

thanx amyliz for the support!! =D
really appreciate it!

a.n.y.s.s said...

hehehe funny! i bet drivers yang tengok u pun rasa nak head banging sekali! :)

Jezmine Blossom said...

u wear it sooo well Maria ;) thanks sooo much tau! xoxo!!!!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

heyyyy, no no! thank YOU for the dress! it's simply lovely!!! i love it very very much!! =D

katakggbiru said...

so into u lah

Afyy Van Acker said...
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