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Saturday, November 20, 2010

HFW 6 - I gotta date with the Night

if you know Yeah Yeah Yeahs, then you know what i'm talking about =B
else, it's ok.

i got a date with Dato'! ummm actually i HAD a date with Dato'. these were taken last week when we went to Bukit Tinggi the 1st time, but we missed our chance to wear the kimono. hence, he took me there AGAIN, just so that i got to wear the kimono (as seen on HFW 4)! how sweet is Dato'? =D

Dato', belanja i makan tonight? =B

here, i was wearing Miss Selfridge long dress inside (it's on sale now!! go grab 'em!), and a chiffon aztec-ish top bought at a street market, red sling bag from Primark, red pumps from Cotton On (forgive me, but i do love my red pumps!), shawl from tepi jalan, rings and headband from Forever 21.

here's a close up on my top and my muka seposen (10cents face):

y'all wanna peace of me? yeah mayn, i did say peace. 

ok here's my pose seposen (10cents pose):

sorry for the poyoness! i get worse as Dato' was taking pictures.. because i had that ANTM mode on, and dayumm girrrllll, i wanna be on top! hahaha!

simple again right? but it's comfortable, it's sweet, and it's not dull. patterns are so in right now and i am loving these abstracts on my top! i wore that headband because i've had it since i wasn't wearing hijab (before), and i can't give it away.. i love it too much! so i thought, the heck with it, i'm gonna wear it Arab-styleee! haha!

now Dato', i:
want you to make me feel, like i'm the only girl in the world,
like i'm the only one you'll ever love,
like i'm the only one who knows your heart,
only girl in the world.

hehe!! i miss my Dato' very much, and if you're reading this Dato', i love you! =D

visit other girls on their dates at Modesty Theory!

thank you for your supports dears! stay tuned for the last day of HFW tomorrow! 


petisuara said...

u mmg suke buat muke sengal u 2 kan!haha..u kurus n tinggi mmg sgt sesuai pki long skirt..suka!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hahaha!! muka sengal memang takleh nak hilang laaa! =P

sesuai ek? thanxxx!! =D

Lynda Samsudin said...

first off, your sense of style are awesome. You made it very easy to style with hijab.

i am not that much of a fashionista, mostly because i'm not that creative on how to dress up.
(i work in a manufacturing industry, hari2 tgk machines, tangan berminyak coolent, and foreign workers.completely no inspiration here.heh..)
But i do have a long denim skirt (A-cut skirt kot nama dia) that i love so much.Jarang pakai sbb tak tau nak match it with what.

So, if its tak susahkan, boleh tak bagi idea on how to wear a simple denim skirt? Pretty please and thank you!

a girl in need of a style.
Lynda Samsudin

Fatima said...

love your outfit! love the headband and hijab combination!

xx fatima

Anonymous said...

sis i always saw u when u were in utp with dato' especially in irc during study week. u r soooo beautiful!! and im soo proud that u have wear hijab right now. depan2 sis nampak garang sikit but then when i read ur blog, u r hilarious!!! =D

aion said...

hello! it's me AGAIN! hahah
well, like serious u need to do tutorials on how you wear you hijab. style gilaa kot! if it was me, sure serabut + selebet. rambut plak nk keluar tgk dunia je -__-

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

salam lynda! i'd love to help!! nanti i'll try to fix something up and see how you like it. =D

fatima, thank youuu!! =D

anon; oh u've seen me with dato'? woohoo!! we're rajin peeps. hahaha!! =p ramai ingat i garanggg.. mana fairrr! huhu.. btw, thanx for da compliment!! =D i miss utp!!

aion. hi!!! nanti i buat tutorial la ok! hahaha! it's really simple tau! =D

Lynda Samsudin said...

Yeay! XD

lynn said...

u...mane u dpt long skirt yg cantik2 tu erk ?

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

lynda, i don't have a denim skirt la.. but i will post about how to wear long skirts. heee..

lynn, skirt ni is actually a dress. i pakai kat dalam. beli kat miss selfridge. it's on sale now!! grab it! =D

Gil Tiffany said...

Assalamualaikum,K. Maria~