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Friday, November 19, 2010

HFW 5 - Alhamdulillah, it's Friday!! =D

so today's theme is Weekend Wear, and on weekends, i usually hang out with my family!

my family and i always have dinner together on weekends, so last weekend, we had ours at the Curve. during dinner, we update each other about our lives, make fun of each other, piss each other off, talk about random stuff, etc etc. oh, and we usually eat for about 15mins. yes, we are fast eaters. =p

i love my family =)

"hi Maria, can i kiss u?"   "yow a wehdo" 
(you're a weirdo in british slang, fyi)

so i wore a simple salmon coloured inner, a lace button-down shirt i wore as cardigan, navy blue maxi skirt, vintage sling bag, and for shoes, i wore oxford flats!

teehee! hope you can see it. sorry la camera biasa jeee. =B
here's a clearer picture of my top:

meet Mr.Diggles! he's my brother's pet hedgehog. incredibly cute and prickly, and he's sooo hyper! =D

anyway, i really like how that turquiose pendant pops out from the blahhness of my attire. it matches with the hues in my hijab too. it's a simple combination (like all my other clothes for the past 4 days), but it's just the way i like it. i am all about simplicity and basic wear.
that's why i love accessories! they can just add that extra attitude into your look. =D

 that's really it about my outfit! hope you like it and maybe get inspired for the next time you go out with your family or friends on your weekend!

visit the other babes on their weekends at Modesty Theory!

thank you for supporting us throughout! 
you babes rock!


eeqa~ said...

THe first pic is sooooooooooooo NICE. :)

FJ said...

OMG i never saw a teeny hedgehog, MR DIGGLES is super cute yo!

p/s: Maria Elena is ur real name? Cantik la nama u :D

Cheno said...

oxford flatttt! oh myyyyy look delises :P
hi mr diggles! yow are suppa cute!ngehehe tak geli ke ek pegang die?

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

eeqaaa!! hehee thank youuu!! =D

FJ, yeap, that's my name! heehe! thanxxx! and cute kan da hedgehog! it's only 2months old, that's y its small. =)

cheno, i knoowww! i pun fell in love when i saw it. hehe!! tak geli la Mr Diggles! dia macam tajam2 la, tapi comeeeell sangat!

dsy said...

I love the scarf and the way you wear it..! looks comfy, perfect for friday!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hi dsy!
thanks for the compliment! it is comfy and yes, it is perfect for friday! hehe! =D

Anonymous said...

maria!!!gambar first tu tgn kiri u cm tgn hantu la..utk yg belah kiri tu..hehe..agak scary..but aside from that,u look gorgeous!!!btw, im ur silent reader..i just love to read ur blog even though i do not know u personally..

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

anonymous! why r u anonymous? hehee!!
ha ah la, like hantu.. but it's the lighting's fault! =B
thanx for the compliment! i know you dont know me personally, but let's start la jom? =D

syerrie said...

jom2!! malu nak letak nama sbb u xkenal i..hehe..

i n - c h a n said...

cuteeee mini hedgehog!!

if i were to name it, i will call edgie, errr,,,lame right. XD

btw, love ur outfit. simple and nice for friday. :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

haha!! in-chan, that's a cute name!! =D

btw, thank you, thank you! =D

lynn said...

the first picture sgt lah smart tp takut juga ada. hekhek. mcm ade jelmaan gituh.

Anonymous said...

hi awak,

mane awk beli skirt tu??cantiklaa


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

lynn, alaaa jangan la takutt! hehehe! =D

bell, i beli da skirt kat =D

Anonymous said...

kak maria ,hedgehog tu tajam tak?

mudslinger said...

mr diggles is so adorable! and i love the way you style and wear your clothes, real and not OTT.

city said...

thanks for sharing..