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Thursday, November 18, 2010

HFW 4 - Vacation is what i WANT!!

kalau boleh nak vacation everyday! but alas.. we have to make ends meet and belanja family at the end of the month.
so today's theme is VACATIONNNN! and last weekend i did have a little vacation with my sayang.

we went to JAPAN!

ohaiyo gozaimas minna!!
watashiwa Maria chan desss!
anatawa genki des ka?

huahuhauha!! is that japanese enough? =p

ok fine, i didn't go to Japan. i wish though! i went to Bukit Tinggi actually. hehe! thank you honey for taking me there!! =D

this is what i wore:

and here's the close up:

i was wearing Forever 21 blue shirt and long cotton vest, black skinnies, shawl pashmina tepi jalan, braided necklace from This & That, red pumps from Cotton On, and vintage sling bag.
oh and random bracelets too. 

very basic, yes i know, but it's comfortable. travelling to a destination for a vacation must be comfortable, in my opinion, yet still presentable for the public and specially the ones you're going with. in my case, i went to Bukit Tinggi with my dearest. so i wanted to look good for him and feel the satisfaction when he likes it. hehe! who doesn't? he may not say it to my face like "weyhhh, cantik dowh baju you! where did you buy it from?" (he doesn't even sound like that! just exaggerating =p) but when he appreciates the effort, i feel joy! =D


so the question now is;
do you want know what it feels like to be a Japanese bebeh? 
not feeling it?

still not feeling it? (yakuza betul sayang ni!)

 yes, those are real koi fishes.

u better be feeling it now!! go to Bukit Tinggi and try on the Kimono! it's RM20 per rental. when can you ever wear a kimono? in MALAYSIA some more?! haha!

he does look japanese eh? its the contrary for me. i look so gangstahh. hahaa!!

okay sorry banyak gambar la this time. hehehe!! hope you like what i wore and got the gist of what to wear the next time you're going on a holiday trip! comfort is the key to confidence!
oh please do go to Bukit Tinggi. support our local destinations! a day trip should suffice as there aren't many things to do and see. but definitely a must-go!

take care loves! see you tomorrow!

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sue. said...

c0mel je...

Anonymous said...


"ohaiyo gozaimas minna!!
watashiwa Maria chan desss!
anatawa genki des ka?"

Good! But usually we don't call ourselves "-chan", so "watashi wa Maria desu" will be fine. :)

I like your style, Maria!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

sue; thanx!! =D

notesdina; oh ye ke?? thanx for teaching me dat! i main hantam je. learnt japanese from watching anime. haha!!
thanks again! =D

aion said...

okay suddenly nak pergi vacation kat bukit tinggi jugakk . grr

ajjah said...

today i like yours the most.. simple tp sangat styo :D

E.d.Y said...

tgk org pakai baju jepun ni, teringin nak g jepun
selamat hari raya AIDILADHA...:)

Anonymous said...

hi maria,

cne u buat ur blog header? hihi~

cik EPAL said...

yakuza? muehehe. teringin plak nak pakai kimono bila tengok u pakai. so lawa =)

milimilo said...

serius ke dkt bukit tinggi ada sewa kimono ni?weee,da mcm kt japan da u.suka suka ur style.nk merasa gak gi jepun tipu2 ni nnt.hehek :D

bella dela rosa said...

aaaa teringinn nak g bukit tinggi nih tapi tak pegi pegi lagi T___T.ramai tak orang?

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

aion! sila pergi! balik hari sudehhh~

ajjah, omg, that's the nicest compliment everr!! thank you sooo much!! =D *kembang hidung tauuuu*

edy, haha!! tu la kan! selamat hari raya aidiladha! =D

cik epal, lawa kan? memang best bila pakai! rasa sooo jepung! hehe! =D

mili, betuuulll betul! hehe! go to japanese garden ok! but kena pergi before 5. after 5 da rental tutup. huhu.. nice sangat tauu! btw, thank youuu! =D

bella! ramai but not packed la. kat sana best utk camwhore! hehehe! =D

MIZZNISS said...

hehe...i baru balik dr bukit tgi.. kbtolan je.. masok kali ni da 3 kali best je pegi bermanje2 dengan wabbit2 yang comell....

rainbowskittle said...

paling suka yg maria punya hari ni ! simple je

Em said...

i'm feeling it! lol.

and i love the pop of red in your outfit :]

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

mizzniss; haha!! ye ke? u tried da kimono? best kan!

rainbowskittle, thank you soooo much!!! *kembang bontot* terharu i u cakap camtuuuu!! =B

em, yay!! you felt it!! hehee!! i love it too! =D thanx dear for the compliment!!!

Fatima said...

omg you look so cute with that kimono! :)

xx fatima

a.n.y.s.s said...

maria u sgt cantek okay! kene pegi bukit tinggi ni bila tengok pics u!

Cheno said...

18 oh ye? haha
how to lilit your shawl ah?

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

fatima, hehe!! thank youuu! =D

anyss, oh u harus pergi ok! its kinda cold, tapi not as cold as genting. so best la! heee =D

cheno, hehehe! nanti i buat tutorial la camane nak lilit shawl ok? =B
susah i nak explain, tapi senang je nak pakai!

tealovecoffee said...

awww I agree with Ajjah :D
your style is sooo coooll

like like like how you wrap your hijab :D

and your holiday must be really fun! ^^

F i K a said...

what a fun holiday!! you look so happy in that pictures!!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thank youu sooo much! hhehee! =D my holiday was fun! i need more holidays. hehehe!! =p

fika, i do dont i? haha! i was having a blast! =D

Azyan said...

Hi! just found ur blog and its grreeaaat! Suka lah tengok the way you belit2kan the scarf. hehe. macam mana nak buatt? ajar sket? tutorial video pleaaseee preety pleaasee? heee.

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

azyan! heeee.. thank you thank youu!! nanti i buat ok da tutorial! heeee.. =D

md loque said...

u mmg steady muslimah...tabik spring...hahaha...steady.

Joma86 said...

wah.. eh.. bukit tigi ade bnda2 nih.. waaaa..
nape aku xtau???
cam best je

Anonymous said...

mne bli ur flat shoes?so so tiut...