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Sunday, November 21, 2010

HFW 7 - Bye bye HFW, i'm off to buy some groceries.

wuuu.. it's the last day for the loved week of all time! but fret not my dearests, i am positive that this won't stop here. =D

so today's HFW theme is "the Cup of Life" - Running Errands.

everyday is like an errand to me! since i live by myself now, i have to buy food, stock up on groceries and toiletries, wash my clothes, clean my room and the apartment, fill up the petrol, OHHH the list just goes on and on!! hehee!

here, i'm wearing checkered shirt which i bought in Jakarta many years ago, my favourite brown jeans, orange gladiator sandals from CarloRino, mom's old brown sling bag from Bally, shawl tepi jalan and awesome shades i bought in Amsterdam. the hand accessories are my everyday wear. i hardly ever take them off! i told you i love accessories. =D

running errands, i must always wear clothes i'm comfortable in. i'll be walking around and the probability of me sweating while doing my errands is HIGH! so just a simple outfit is favorable. oh oh oh!! I'M A JEANS GIRL! holla!

who says brown jeans ain't prettayh?


thank you Em, from Modesty Theory for hosting such a creative and fun event in this blogging world! it is really an honour to have been one of the girls to strut my style =)
thank you also to all of you darlings who have commented and viewed our blogs throughout! 
i am soooo grateful, i wish i can hug each and everyone of you!

now before i end this post, i just want to warn you Malaysians to be careful of Denggi which is spreading like wildfire nowadays. avoid going to places with loads of mosquitoes, i.e. restaurant tepi tasik, stall next to a drain, anywhere you see have high population of mosquitoes. don't take Denggi lightly. 
be careful ok? prevention is better than cure!

take care everyone! see you on normal blogging days ok! =D
let's eat!



eeqa~ said...

I suke yang ini!!!! simple yet wearable :)

pink said...

Whoaaaa ,one word : cool !
sys ,u rawk habis kan ? :) love ur style ! heee

SizZLing SuZai said...

salam hi der..

i love the way u wrap d pashmina..nice jobs! on this HFW! ^^

Urooba said...


Atually, I love all your HFW outfits!

NUR HazieRAH said...

love the top.... simple but nice

Stylish Hijabi said...

I like how you wrapped ur pashmina, simple yet cool!

a.n.y.s.s said...

another nice one mariaaa! :)
oh adore ur brown jeans too, boleh tak? :P

Amalina E Azmi said...

simple and cool la babe. love it ;)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thank you all!!!
haha! it is very simple =B
but thanx for liking it all the same =D

Anonymous said...

I am quite difficult to judge the level of your competence but the topic you opened the very deep and informative

sue. said...

comel je...sue suke....=.)

Anonymous said...

maria tinggi u berape???

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

anon; cuba teka. =p

Anonymous said...

kasut kita sama

Hambiah Liyana said...

mcm mana oakai tudung cmnih?lawa.. ;)

Anonymous said...

u look like kim kardashian hijab version when u wear that sunglases. haha.btw,i love ur pelikness,it motivates to be happy with what i have.(u know wht i mean,if u dont,just ignore it.HAHA).


midOri's said...

haha...da best pict is da last pict! cool la gul!...^^ like ur style evaaaa....peace..^^