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Monday, November 15, 2010

HFW and Abang

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera, kepada anda semua, moga bahagiaa! (nyanyi, nyanyi!)

di hari yang indah, hari mulia,

saya nak post gambar 1st, sempena Hijab Fashion Week 2010~

sorry darlings sebab lama tak update! i have been busy with work and preparing for HFW. oh and i have made a video! ok itu nanti la. heheee.. u all ni.. silap silap, i vlog je terus since you all liked it. i couldn't believe how many of you watched it! kalau u suka, maka saya suka =D

so today's theme for HFW is "Money on My Mind", or simply work wear. since i am already working, this is what i wore la to work once upon a day.

so i was wearing a vintage top, which i bought at Bijou Bazaar. so sad its not around anymore!! kalau tak, i used to go there everytime!! cheap and cool stuff can be found easily. huuuu.. rindu bazaar.. oh and i was also wearing a high waist flare slacks from Forever 21, which i got during Sale. never EVER underestimate sale items! haha! oh of course, for shoes, i was wearing wedges from Vincci, given by my sayang. sweet kan dia? shoes are girl's best friend! =B

see the effects of flare pants? it will make your legs look longer!!
for all shawties in ze house, get a pair of high waist flare pants! it's definitely a plus for your wardrobe! hehehee.. =D

i know it's simple. takde la macam "WOWWWW COOL SIOT BAJU MINAHH NIIIIIIII!", but i am an engineer. keje pun naik turun production site, pegang benda2 berminyak and going out and about, etc etc. i just cant find myself ever dressing up to kill or to impress coz it's just not worth it! i pakai like this pun kira melawa gila kot. my colleagues only wear shirt and jeans! hahaha!

now on a different note!

who and what it Tashya's Ink? noob. haha! it's a band's name and my brother is the bassist.
Belle got the story covered here! they entered a band competition called Malaysian Breakout Showcase held at Aswara, KL.
Alhamdulillah, they WON!! memang murah rezeki =D
despite the horrible incidents, like the guitar takde bunyi, the bass amp koyak, the drum pedal tercabut (and the drummer had to kick the bass drum throughout their performance!) on their performance, they still rocked it, and they were awesome!

thank you darlings for supporting my brother and the band! 
abang kesayanganku!!

ugly faces runs in the family..

that's all for tonite's show! thank you for tuning in to Maria is AWESOME! ok poyo. wahahaha!

oh oh, btw! i will posting EVERYDAY due to HFW. so i hope you guys will stay connected and i will so very much appreciate your support!
bear in mind that i'm not exactly hebat like the others.. =B tolong tunjuk ajar ok? kalau tak suka what im wearing, tell me! your opinions do matter =D

thanks peeps! muuuaaaahh!

visit Modesty Theory to see all HFW participants!


MIZZNISS said...

hey, so cepat lar, i guess youre the first to post, i've sheduled mine kol 8 pagi esok..adakah itu lmbat..hehe, agak2 nk kne reshedule x..ngeee

naddow said...

hi, i recommend u this blog :), tengok lah.

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

oh oh! i tau blog tu! hana tajima rocksss!! suka sangat dia! =D

mizzniss, haha! update je la suka hati u. i pun tak tau nape i buat awal sangat. hmmm.. haha! =p

MIZZNISS said...

kalo kasi award, u dpt the fastest updater..haha.. cool look dear.. o love the polka dot shirt..

shea said...

babeee..gotta find me ze pantss!! slim n panjang kaki dibuatnye!

IFA Athirah said...

wooo!camne u blh kuar idea pkai style cmni skali?smart seyh!!!thumbs up!

Adriani said...

keje engineer pakai macam ni dah kira stylo ok!?! Tell me about it!!

ajjah said...

awhhh sangat stylo! :)

Zumie said...

oh u sangat slim....jeles2 hehe

Anonymous said...

Nice top~! :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thank you thank you!!
i memang suka vintage tops. its very classy yet simple. and cheap! hehe! =D

oh the pants yg buat i nampak slim. peha i besau gak actly. =\
kalau buat drumstick memang best. hahaha!

Enna Banana said...

goshh!! superb gorgeous looks!

juliet. said...

nape pants tu gojes sgt? mmg nmpk kaki panjang. i likeee! hehee.. anyway, simple is the best! thumbs up! :)

F i K a said...

is that the pants that make your leg look longer or you do a tall person? :)
I like the outfit and how you wrap the hijab..

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thanx enna!!! =D

juliet, kan kannn! nampak kaki panjang kannn! hehee! =D thanx yaa!

fika, i'm not that tall pun. average height la. it's da pants =B
thank you for liking it! padahal sempoi je. and it's really what i wore to work. haha!

sue. said...

0k...u lawa....0k!........*mood:jeles* =.)

The Hetzel said...

tantek nye ier!!! lawa la flare pants tu! kalu i pkai sure huduh! :( now me gonna b ur loyal commenter kot. lol

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hey mana u tau!! cuba la dulu! i'm sure you'll look great! just pair it up with baju yg just above the hips. pasti nampak panjang! =D

Anonymous said...

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