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Friday, April 13, 2018

#Peargirlsproblem gone out of control!

Wah lama gila tak update blog!

Sorry ye T_T

The reason why i haven't been blogging, is because i feel like i've been doing enough of sharing through my vlogs and podcast.

In case you didn't know, i have been updating my videos quite frequently, and the podcast is on every week!
This is my recent vlog -

As for podcast pulak, you all know i share my tips and have discussions about parenting with invited guests.
Super informative!

Podcast boleh dengar kat sini -

Other than that, my personal mission right now is to lose weight (and this is something i don't share anywhere else bahaha!).
Not because i want to fit in raya clothes or anything like that.
I just want my pear shaped body to look less... pear-y? I just wanna lose fat from waist down because even i get distracted by how distracting it is.
Know what i mean ke? #peargirlsproblem T_T

Whenever we go out, I always ask my husband:
"Yang, my bu** jiggling ke?"
and then jalan depan dia so that he can check it out for me.

And he'll always say:
Sometimes, he 'encourage' me even further by saying:
"Your bu** memang selalu jiggle kot"

It's like, no matter how loose my clothing is, it will always be obvious, and i really hate that!
What's the point kita beli baju besar besar, keep wasting money, if my backside don't wanna control itself kan. I punya la nak jaga aurat, tapi si bonbon ni taknak berhijrah lagi. So annoying! >.<

Since i cannot afford liposuction (yes, i considered it! bahahaha!!) and gym and personal trainer and whatever online coaching, so i have to workout.
And being a pear shape, memang bottom half ni la paling susaaaaaahhhh nak turun. 

But nevermind. If other people could do it, i should be able too.
I've been controlling my diet too and alhamdulillah ok la, boleh control lagi.

Now it's cardio + workouts.
Doakan ek i boleh lose weight so that i can cover my aurat better! (and be healthier!)
InshaAllah =')

You have #peargirlsproblem gak ke?
If you have succeeded getting rid of lower half punya fat, please please advise me on how you did it!

Thank you so much T_T
I hope you all lepas ni jangan la judge my bonbon ek..
Doakan dia berhijrah. Hehehehhee =p

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My first Weekly Vlog!

I've stopped making youtube videos couple of years ago because of these reasons:
1. I got married. I didn't want to give people some 'ammo' to diss my husband, saying he doesn't "didik bini dia". 
2. I got comments like "kesian bapak dia" and stuff, and those comments yang actually made me reflect on #1.
3. I got lazy too. Recording wasn't as easy as it is now. Dulu camera takde flip screen. Many times i shot videos that were out of focus and tak dengar, so i gave up. Bahahahaha =p
4. Editting pun payah dulu. Now there're more friendlier softwares. So yeah.

After so long, and 2 kids later, baru i rasa macam "this isn't going to be as hard as before. Jom cuba balik?".

I recently start making short videos on instagram (#ummipeliks) and i felt like i can have fun doing it now. 

And then i got a new camera sebab my old one dirosakkan (ehem.. ada orang tu hempas kan bag where i put my camera in.. habis rosak langsung camera tu.. sayang), and i like how the camera punya video quality. It's an EOS M6, in case you're wondering.

So then, i began shooting some shots and then got inspired to make a weekly vlog, because daily is too crazy and most likely be boring.
Here it is!

Now i make videos with more care & love (sebab it involves my family) and like i said, it's easier now hehe!

Btw, in case juga, i edit my video with Filmora on computer.

I don't know how to end this.
So bye!

PS: What should i call my weekly vlog? 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Autism

Assalamualaikum & what is up!

So we've made 3 parts for our podcast talking about Autism with our friend and guest, Aishah Amin.

Just a lil bit of background, Aishah's eldest son is moderately autistic. And so we discussed and try to understand more about children of the spectrum.

Nowadays, alhamdulillah the exposure and awareness of disorders like autistic, down syndrome, ADHD, Asperger, even eating disorder, etc are good as compared to like, 5 years ago.

I've seen some people having meltdown in public and dulu, orang selalu ingatkan the parents macam tak reti ajar anak kinda thing.. Now, it's so different! People who are understanding offers help to the parents, give kind words and are more patient. There's even a cafe called The Autism Cafe Project!
Check that out heeeeerrreeeee!

I don't know if you remember iklan raya 2017 but I bet you watched it too, sebab ni iklan raya kot. And iklan raya, you know la how touching gila iklan masa raya!! Haha!
Kalau lupa, nah.
Please refresh your memory =p

Amazing kan =')

I have the highest respect for parents with special children =')

Talking to Aishah about autism really did made me understand so much about autism, eventhough we were only touching the surface. She was a lecturer so tu yang dia pandai convey her knowledge & experience!
I really urge you to listen to our 3 episodes on it and hopefully it will make you respect, understand, and be kind to people who are different and special, and inshaAllah know what to do when we see people who needs help.

Who knows, sometimes even the smallest of gestures like offering tissue, or a smile, can give such relief to others who are distressed and can even make them feel stronger and patient.

So come and have a listen if you haven't already!
Episode 11, 12 & 13 k! =D

So as usual,
my awkward sign off,

Friday, November 24, 2017

Loneliness is Good

So being a mom contains a lot of fun (and difficulty and challenges and cleaning and wiping and trying to understand what is going on with your kids) discoveries about the upbringing of our kids.

When i first started being a housewife, i felt super deprived.
I was deprived of my social needs.
For many years i have been surrounded by people and suddenly, i was alone with a weeping child and it was lonely.

I'm lucky and grateful that i live near to my parent's house which means my only socialising activities were around my mom. But still. I felt left out of my own circle.

Friends around me started talking about stuff that i gradually couldn't catch up with, and there were times i just listen and pretend to be part of something.

Lama lama, i just gave up.
I hate pretending and i hate feeling like i "need" to belong.

I belong to me.
I should be happy with me.
And my family, of course. Especially my kids, since i'm with them 24-7.

So i started on my own path away from my people.
Walking alone and facing my problems as alone as i could, and keeping all the stories to myself.

What i realised now after all these years, is that this is Allah's way of keeping me away from things i were participating in:
Bad mouthing
Unnecessary talking

I still have to control on my word vomit, but the big part was staying away from it.

If you're feeling lonely, left out and perhaps irrelevant, know that it's the only way we can learn to control ourselves.
If Allah doesn't present this "loneliness" to us, we probably gain more sins (nauzubillah min zalik), so maybe loneliness is not so bad!

Being by ourselves with our own thoughts, actions and words in control, it allows us to be who we truly are.

Don't be afraid of loneliness.

Accept it, and use it to be a better person.
InshaAllah =)

Cue lagu BSB =p

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Our Melbourne Holiday + Top 4 Places to Visit with Kids In Melbourne

So, i thought i shouldn't blog about this holiday trip because i already spammed so much of the photos on my instagram.

But then... other than people's requests for me to blog about the places we went to, i thought my kids should be able to read about it too, you know, in case instagram would be obsolete during their time.
(Can that happen?)
(I mean.. It kinda happened to Myspace & Friendster)
(I used to blog on those)
(Then hilang)
(So maybe....this will too?)
(Tapi macam tak kot sebab dia link kat google)

WAHAHA! Off topic meta dehhh. Hu aloh.

So Melbourne isn't exactly the most happening place on earth. It's just a chilling place. A place that isn't busy and bustling, not exactly cultured (as in, no cultural traditions of sorts i think), and it's just a city. Full of young and nice people and coffee shops.

But first!
What was the flight like with 2 kids for 8 hours?
It was super uncomfortable for me sebab Isaac had to sit with me and he wouldn't sit still. He doesn't run around much too, but he climbs everywhere!
He'd climb to the neighbour (nasib it's my mom) and climb over the seat to the back (nasib my husband) and he wouldn't sleep so he cried so much (sebab nak tido tapi takleh), until a stewardess had to ask me (politely) to take isaac away for a while because many passengers were "disturbed" by his cries.
It was a night flight.

I pun dah la penat, pastu budak meragam. Memang lagi extra penat tapi what to do? I pun want people to be comfortable.
So bawak la dia berjalan dalam airplane. Which is not easy sebab space berjalan kecik and people are moving up and down to the toilet haha!

Oh well.

 Alhamdulillah sampai gak!

Sampai tu, terus naik skybus to my brother's apartment.
And i terus suruh the kids mandi because they stink! =p

We didn't do much the whole first day because we were all so tired (especially me, coz i didn't get much sleep!), but we did walked around our area.

Here are the top 3 places (+1 souvenir shopping) we went!


I knew we had to go to the zoo.
Nay, we MUST go to the zoo.
Nay, we HAVE TO, WAJIB, NEED to go to the zoo.

Because Australia has the weirdest animals in the world! Cute ones la i mean.
They have Koala bear, Kangaroo, Wombat, and Platypus!

Ummi bergaya tengok map kan =p

Isaac is the kind who loves soft toys.
He cuddles.
And he is cuddly too.
Good combo!

When we saw the kangaroos, Isaac was immediately a kangaroo-keeper.
He fed them, he stroked them, and stepped on their tails! 
We shouldn't.
And he also picked up their poops!
I was disgusted but the keeper said that it's a clean poop because they eat veges.

I'm like, yeah.
When my kids were babies and only had milk, i never saw their poop as being clean.

But oh well.
Who am i to burst someone's bubble kan. =p

Here's a family photo where all of us looked kind of.. off.

So the story here (Nadrah, this part is about you) is, Nadrah was running around at the cafe port where we were having our lunch, oh they had vege nasi goreng! Literally, nasi goreng! Haha! Kitorang macam "mesti ramai malaysian datang sini kot".

So Nadrah was running around chasing the pigeons, and we all told her to stop running around and then true enough, she fell and scraped her knee.

She cried, as LOUD as she could, because let's face it. It's not a cry if only the family hears it. The whole world needed to know she was in pain hahahaha!

She was straight up wailing like "WAAAHHHHHH WAAAHHHHHHHH WAAAHHHHH!", seriously from the stomach.
I did the typical asian mom move.
I ignored her, not before i told her "padan muka. I told you!"

Good thing we had an extra stroller with us! She just sat there the whole time after that. When we went to  see the kangaroos, she didn't want to get off the stroller even and her dad had to carry her in a 'special' way so that she didn't have to straighten her legs. So you bet! She didn't even touch the kangaroos! Hahaha!

The keepers were kind enough to call for a first aid to help patch up Nadrah. So a guy by the name of Gary came over to us in a tricycle with all the ubats, but Nadrah simply refused to let him touch her scraped knees.
And she wailed.
We were in front of the baboon's cage, and when she wailed, the baboons wailed with her.
I did the asian move again, and fled the scene. Biar my husband handle her sebab i just cannot. Haha! =p

After the kangaroos, we went around to see more animals. Isaac was having fun looking at them animals, and even chased pigeons, on approved locations.

I think we were there for around 3 hours. It was nice and i loved it, even with Nadrah's drama. =)

MELBOURNE MUSEUM (& Brighton Beach, for pictures)

I purposely chose to go to the museum because of the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery!
It's super cool for the kids!

The whole museum is already cool too!

The kids had loads of fun here! I think we only browsed through the museum for 10 minutes kot and spent the other hour plus at the kids' section ni =)

So glad to see Isaac being very adventurous at his age! Seronok tengok dia main main =)

After the museum, we went to eat and headed to Brighton Beach.
Too bad masa ni our phones died, so we didn't get that many photos..

It was super windy yang sejuk gila, and guess what?
Nadrah didn't want to wear her jacket.

She was crying all over the beach until finally she agreed to stay in the car with Isaac and my bro.
Isaac was ok at first, but we could see that he wasn't feelin' it. It was too cold for him.
Kesian budak budak ni. huhu..

I know i should be editting the pics before posting them here.. I'm too lazy. Bahahaha =p

There's nothing much to do at the beach. 
Take pics je. So... we didn't have anything else to do so we just went back.
But we did stop by the library =)

Just to feed these bebehs

Nadrah dah good mood balik because she had her snoring fest in the car.

Ececeh posing!


Amboi posing!

Finally, we took the tram to go to the aquarium.
And the kids were sleeping in their strollers....
I don't recommend people with strollers to ride the tram, but then if you have to, you can =)
It's just a bit crammed.

It's a fake one, don't worry.
The real one was so huge i felt like crying. Serious!

I think the highlight of the aquarium are the penguins.

To be honest, the aquarium ni nothing spectacular. Other than the penguins, everything else is like Aquaria in KLCC. And the tickets to the sea life aquarium ni bapak mahal!
Nak nangis bila bayar.. It's like $50++ for adults, and kids $30++

So yeah.


This is a place to get souvenirs and food stuff.
I don't think they're cheap, but ok la.
Dapat la a few stuff for my families.
The food though.. It's GOOD!

We had this mussels in some kind of tom yam-ish kuah, and it was super delicious!
Sampai terliur ok while typing this. Haha!

As usual, when we walked around, Nadrah saw this puppy toy thing which barks and moves, and she wanted it.
So ok la, beli.
And then she & Isaac fought for it.... 

Here, Nadrah was telling me how she's disappointed that the dog doesn't follow her.
Like a real dog.
And i had to explain to her that we can't have pets.
Because our condo doesn't allow it.
(and because i do not want to take care of it for you)
(you want pets, you get it when you don't live with me k?)
(when you're like... 25?)

We basically didn't want to do much that day, so we walked around the city and explore.
That's my kind of activity actually =p
I loooooveeee people-watching.
It's just my way of seeing how people really live differently, in different countries, different cultures, different climate. It's super interesting! =p

But alas..

The only people watching i get, was watching Isaac and Nadrah.

I think we missed a lot of other places. I know people have recommended a lot of food places to go like HIYC? was it? I forgot. Even puffing billy something. But with kids, it's all up to our capability to be patient with them. Haha!
Seriously though. Because we're walking mostly, and pushing them on strollers, and then diaper change (for isaac) and pujuk-ing nadrah, and getting them to eat properly, that requires a lot of energy & patience. 
Pastu nak solat lagi. So kena ikut la macam mana.

I had fun though!
It has been a while since husband & i did something with the kids together. Alhamdulillah dapat seminggu terus!
It wasn't about the places we went to in the end, but the time spent as a family. I really really appreciate that =')

So here's a video i made to sum it up!
Just my kids though hehehe..

Mars with awkward goodbyes.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Making Home Fun For The Kids


I love taking my kids outside, exploring something new and visiting new places.
But since Isaac dah start walking (away from me), i dah penat nak bawak diorang jalan jalan. Unless my husby is around, then that's a different story la. Hehe..

Did you know that there are people out there yang buat children's play group? And they do like proper stuff too, like having sand pit la, ada some bubble area, ice area, paints and some random and cool stuff, all for developing sensory skills! I have been invited to some play groups, tapi they're always either far away or clashes with our plan. Too bad..

Maybe someday i could take the kids, inshaAllah.

But because of these play groups, i realised that i could do some of the activities at home! So i did some artsy stuff with Nadrah, and we made a mess. It was ok, but when Isaac came, and he starts eating up those small pieces of papers, and even playdoh, i just stopped doing it. It wasn't fun anymore. Just hazardous! Hahaha!

So no more artsy stuff (ada la sikit sikit), but we got some other stuff that's more safe and still super fun! Like this ball pit!

Even this huge fake flowers is good way for kids to learn about texture, colour, smell and shapes.

This tunnel thing pun ya Allah, punya la the kids suka main kejar kejar in it! It heightens their sense of space.

Of course, SAND! Beach holiday always means sand time and extra sensory time!
I remember how nadrah used to be geli with the sand haha!
Isaac chill je. I bet he'd swim in it if he could! =p

Most of the time, at home, i let them have fun during Bath Time!
I let them bring some toys (that's meant to be for water la) and play while showering.
It's super cute to see how Isaac is learning to see which toy sinks, and which toys float! Nadrah now likes to see how water flows down, so she build like an obstacle course to see the water flow direction.
And their favourite: BUBBLES!

Lots and lots of bubbles sampai licin lantai! Hahaha!

Ever since the kids were babies, i like to put some soap in their bathtub to create bubbles. And we play with the bubbles together until their fingers wrinkled up! Putting some bubbles on their hands, on their cheeks, hair, and then put bubbles on me pulak so that they can try to slap it off. Eventhough it's all play, but seriously, they are learning! It's all sensory stuff!

I like how Cetaphil Baby Moisturing Bath & Wash ni makes their skin soft even after they play with it for a long time. Since my kids have dry skin, that's definitely something i appreciate! Pastu tambah ngan the the Daily Lotion, their soft skin is kept soft!

Easy to clean fun is the best! For kids and for me bahahaha =p
I love that they are super gomol-friendly after mandi too. Wangi tak tahannnn!!

So i hope this somehow inspire you new moms, or moms trying to "spice up" your kids' learning activities, that playlearning happens at home too and it doesn't have to cost a bomb! =D
To have creative kids, we have to be creative as well hehee!

Have fun mommies! <3

Sunday, October 22, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub: Gadgets and Problems

Salam khair evelibodi!

It's already our 6th episode dahhhh!!
So this week's episode, we're talking about gadgets and how we're letting our kids use it.

We all know the negative effects of over-exposing our kids to gadgets kan. It's already so widely spread how Steve Jobs also tak bagi anak main ipad la, how kids will get social problems, even motor-skills won't be too good if we let them play with gadgets instead of playing, but still.
Still we see people or know parents who let their kids play with gadgets 24-7.

HOWEVER, we should always sangka baik.

Sometimes it's the situation that requires us to let our kids play with gadgets:
1. Safety reasons.
- dulu it's safe to let kids run around but now.. maybe not so, so we let our kids watch or play something on our gadgets.

2. It's better than letting them disturb other people
- some people are not comfortable with children running around them. And we're trying to be considerate of other people's feelings kan. I personally know my kids, and they're the kind yang suka kacau orang and i've seen how some (very few la) yang get really annoyed at it. But then, mostly people don't mind. Still. Trying to be considerate =)

3. We need them to be quiet for a while.
- we want to eat too. Hahaha! And sometimes when i have no choice but to bring my kids to meeting, i'd give them my phone to watch something so that i can talk and listen.
....... i really should get a nanny! Hahaha!

I know this is an ugly photo of me... But here memang obviously we're letting the kids watch the ipad because we wanted to eat peacefully and were in a cramped place. Huhuuuuuu..

And i've read a couple of articles that said playing games (on ipad or computer) can have positive impacts too, like an accuracy skill (i think this is in relation to shooting kind of games), and also strategical thinking.
But too much of it will cause kids to lose their empathy and social skills.

So in the end, in everything, we need BALANCE.

Kita as adults pun kena la control ourselves. Children does repeat what they see and hear. And when they see us always on our gadget, of course diorang pun nak kan.
And this is my current struggle. I'm so stuck with my phone and laptop because of my business..... and because it's my source of entertainment too. T_T
Now i'm trying to control myself though. I've stopped making my phone a must-hold-and-see first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I try to plan my time using gadgets for work and for entertainment too, so that i can make time to be more present with my kids.

See, eventhough i'm 24-7 with them, but i'm not "with" them so much.
And yeah, i hate myself for that.

Please have a listen to our latest podcast!

Tell us what you think and if you have any pointers or advise, please share! If you have anything you wish for us to share on our future episodes, please let us know k! =) Be in the club, #unitedmomsclub that is! *awkward sign off* bye!