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Monday, August 26, 2019

Ketumbit lyfe

Kelmarin mata i rasa uncomfortable. Macam bengkak bengkak feeling.
Told my husband about it and that's it.

Yesterday when we were talking, suddenly husband kata
"Ohhhh you ada ketumbit?"

I pun macam "ha ye la kot sebab semalam rasa cam bengkak", pastu terus check kat mirror.
Yup, ketumbit.

Husband kata "you tengok apa ni? you tengok sape berak?"

I pun jawab la "i tengok anak you la berak".

And he was like "......"

And i was like "ye la. si isaac tu tanak berak, so i paksa dia, pastu betul dia berak"

And why was i looking at him pooping? Because i'm potty-training my son and he's always denying when he needs to go and do his business or peeing.
It's so strange how i have an instinct for his bowel movements 😅
I just know when he needs to go and sometimes i have to force him, put him on the potty and look him in the eyes and tell him to poop/shishi 😂 If i don't do it, nanti dia kencing/berak all over the floor and then i have to clean it up.
I'd rather not.

Now that i'm putting this down, it sounds so ridiculous kan?

The things i do to educate my kids! Hahahaha!

So kalau nampak mak-mak mata ada ketumbit, it's not because dia ngintai sesape.
It's probably coz she gotta do what she gotta do 😂

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Unsocial media


Ok last weekend i was invited to share about my life (managing business & family) at an event on motherhood.
I learnt a lot from other speakers too!
I hope i punya sharing tu ada la benefit dia.


I understand that a lot of moms struggle with time management. How to balance family, work and self? Sometimes it can be so overwhelming and it can affect our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self.
I was there and even now, i have my "system of a down" state once in a while. Only difference is dulu i couldn't cope with it, but now i can bear it better and can bring myself out of that state without shattering to small pieces.

It was when i saw this quote:

"Are you happy or distracted?"

It's so easy to be distracted these days when our distraction comes from our charged phone and internet.

I kept saying that we need to know ourself blablabla but how much of myself am i really being when i was online a lot looking at instagram and looking at other people living their lives?

SO. I took it upon myself and did this experiment to see how social media affects my life. My objectives were:
1. To know if i am truly being myself or if i was influenced.
2. To know how i live my life without the "distraction".
3. To know if i am happy or distracted.

And so i started it around august last year. What i set out to do were:
1. Don't open instagram & facebook often, especially my personal instagram since i was more active there. Limit to once a day, only for 15minutes.
2. Don't need to update unless i want to and when i have to. 
3. Try to create real memories and not just go through life thinking of materials for 'content'.

It was difficult at first because i was addicted to instagram. Not opening it while cooking, waiting in the car when the traffic light was red, while waiting for my kids, while watching tv, while wearing my shoes, omg. I was looking at it more than i realised! You'd think that looking at your instagram is like 5 minutes thing but when you accumulate the times you're on it, BUDDUMTUSHHHH!
The withdrawal of not looking at my instagram was like an itch i couldn't scratch. Gatal je tangan nak tengok!
But i always ask myself, "nak tengok apa? apa kat instagram tu yang you nak sangat tengok?"
It took a while, but it worked hehe!
After about 2 weeks of not opening my instagram, it got easier and easier. Suddenly i wasn't looking on my personal account and see what other people are doing or sharing for weeks.
And now, after about a year of not obsessively addictively opening my instagram, i can now see how it affects my life.

So back to my objectives.
1. To know if i am truly being myself or if i was influenced.

= I was taken aback by how much of myself i was NOT being because i was unaware of how influenced i was by others. For example, i see someone using a mop yang macam canggih pastu tetiba i also want that mop, padahal my mop is good enough already 😅
Or, yang paling in common with moms, comparing other kids with ours. "why anak xxx boleh jalan at 5 months, but anak i merangkak pun belum?" - contoh je.
And then kita stress rasa pressured and probably wondered if there's something wrong with our kids or am i an incompetent mom? 
Eventhough i've said before that we should follow people or pages that can affect us positively, add values in our life, but i cannot deny too that i strayed more than i realised to see what other people were doing. Secara tak sengaja! From kononnya nak cari recipe, tetibe tertengok entahpape 😑
Taking myself away from instagram allowed me to influence myself. Make my own opinions without being influenced by other people's opinions, have my own perspective, and listen to what i want to listen, read what i want to read, watch what i want to watch - everything; with more freedom.

2. To know how i live my life without the "distraction".

= Without being obsessed over instagram, i have been able to do things i've always wanted to do but had forgotten. I had more time to think, use my braincells, to learn and to do more! Before, i always thought i didn't have much time. Well... That was because i was using my time to look on instagram and looking at other people living their lives instead of looking and living my own. I was busy looking for "motivation", "inspiration", that i've wasted those times when instead i could have just figure my life out and do something about it.
Now i can manage my time and i've been using it to do the things i've been wanting to do. Of course i couldn't do it all, but it's all in my plannings! 
Perhaps some of you would think "yeah that's all good and stuff, but i can't just travel (it's what i've always wanted to do!) coz i have kids and where can i get the money?? Time lagi! We don't get no holidays!".
I feel yah sistah!
That's why kita buat apa yang realistically kita boleh buat sekarang, and if you're into learning something new, there's always something online you can get for free or with little fee. Ada je! You want to work from home pun boleh! Just google for work at home jobs, part time jobs, whatever jobs and see if you can do something. Then, inshaAllah when our kids have grown bigger, they're more responsible, by then we have these set of skills, knowledge, credibility (and money!) to pursue our dreams and ambitions. InshaAllah 💓

3. To know if i am happy or distracted.

= I was distracted most of the time. I didn't want to face my own reality, so i distract myself from what's stressing me out. It's the easier and most safest way isn't it? But it's not really good la. Sebab problems memang akan surface once in a while, and i had to face it rather than tai chi-ing it sampai tak settle settle. 
Dulu i wasn't aware because it was automatic. Rasa stress je, online. Rasa worry, online. Bukak instagram tengok all this motivational successful people to be motivated and stuff but in the end, i didn't try hard enough. I just macam naik semangat, pastu sambung rutin harian 😅
Now, when i'm stressed, i try to work things out, and yes, i still do procrastinate, tapi at least i can say i'm happy when i am happy, and i'm stressed when i'm stressed. Awareness or kesedaran ni paling penting. So when i'm stressed, i give myself a timeline to be stressed, and after that, i have to find solutions. This is the hardest part for real heheee.. 

Honestly now, i have more real memories and i cherish real life. I value live communications and conversations than likes or hearts. I don't shop impulsively anymore and i don't feel pressured to look and be a certain way. I'm more confident with myself because i know what i wear, what i want to do and why i'm doing it is because of my own deliberation. My choices and decisions were made with my own research and considerations. 

HOWEVER! That doesn't mean i don't want to hear other people's opinions! I still do like to know from different perspectives. It's just that i don't take people's word blindly, and i will try to be aware of my own reasonings. 
It's really easy to be swayed by other people and the sad part is, we don't realise we're being swayed.

The downside of being away from social media is that i don't know what's happening most of the time. News kat tv pun tak tengok, so i rely on my husband and radio to keep me updated. Also, my social life is now very kosong sebab i tak social kat social media 😂 Earlier stage of the experiment, i felt so empty & lifeless because i depended on feeling alive on instagram. Bongok kan? Tapi it's the truth. When i wasn't online, it felt like no one remembers me. It was sad......
Now i'm so over it! I pun faham people are busy raising their families and have stuff going on in their lives. So who am i to kisah kan sebab i pun camtu 😀

We always see and hear people say "be you", "be true to yourself", "be different", "be unapologetically you" etc etc.

But seriously.

How much of you are you truly being if you're influenced by others and don't even notice it?
How much of your life are you living when your time is spent scrolling through other people's lives?
How can you be happy when you're comparing yourself with others?
How can you commit your time to yourself, family, life when you're committed to distractions?
How can you inspire or encourage your kids to "be true to you" when you don't even know how to be yourself?

We can have some time. As much as 15 minutes pun cukup each day to make our lives be more meaningful and purposeful.
We can!

Just like how our kids grow, we need to grow too. We don't ever stop growing. Nadrah always ask me questions and when i say i don't know, she'll be like "how can you don't know? You know everything!". And as usual, i will answer "i know some stuff more than you, but i'm still learning! You never stop learning la".
Hope she'll understand that the search for knowledge never ends =)

I am not saying that you (my precious readers) to quit social media-ing!
You do you! I'm sure as adults you pun have your ways on doing things kan 😊 I'm just sharing the results of this "experiment". 
It has been a year =')
Cepat betul masa berlalu..

And thus is the end of this super long post.

Muka tak malu

"Are you judging me?" face.
Atau "Ya Allah silau nya tak nampak" face.

Ok bai

Thursday, August 8, 2019

My 6yo Daughter is a Tween

Before i had kids, i thought having kids would be all fun and laughter.
Eventhough i have brothers, still, i thought MY own kids would be different.
They'll be the awesome-est, fun-est, happiest kids!

Coz they're MINE.

Until i had kids.


I mean, yes they are fun and happy and funny cuddly cute widdle wushumyumyuaiyuuuyuuu
and then when something goes wrong, EVERYTHING blows up.

Maybe it's just my kids, i don't know actually.

So yesterday, Nadrah had her gym class, and i purposely took her and isaac an hour and a half earlier because i knew she will sleep in the car, and if i had to wake her up too soon, she'll be cranky.


Or so i thought..

Then woke her up, went to her gym class, and she started behaving like a.. an irrational person.
aka cranky.

I tried talking nicely to her, and she just straight up being rude to me, so i gave her time off (like biar je dia tak layan dia). In the class, she started not participating with her friends, and i got annoyed.
The teachers and her friends cuba pujuk dia gak, and after almost half an hour, and dia still macam tu,
apa lagi.
Balik je la.

So we all went home~

Anyway, yesterday i wasn't feeling so well.
Tapi as a mom, we can't really do anything about that, can we? Still have to cook food, control kids, etc etc.
I was annoyed and tired, and when we got home, Nadrah was just entahpape.

Yes, that's how much she doesn't love me.

She made this and practically shoved it in my face.

Walaupun hati berkecai kecai, penat, sakit, annoyed, apa nak buat?
Buat dek je la.

Pastu sebab dia still nak lepas geram, dia gi buli adik dia.

Kids are just a big crazy mess to figure out. They can't control their emotions and they don't know why they're acting a certain way, and they don't know how to read social behaviours.
We parents know that, we know!
We understand that it's not their fault and still we have to teach them.
Over and over and over again.

You hear songs about people getting heartbroken from their partners kan. Probably because they haven't been hurt by their kids 😂

Nadrah is only 6 years old.

Already she's acting like a tween.
Macam mana laaaaa nanti bila dia dah teenager 😰
I'm scared for the irrational parts to come out on a different level.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to get rid of Hasad

Assalamualaikum everyone!

After so many times being asked about how to not compare, not feeling insecure, not being jealous of others, dan sewaktu dengannnya, i think it's best for me to just make a post about this.

That feeling you feel when you look at others and then start comparing them to you, is called Envy.
Envy is Hasad.

ENVY (noun)
- a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.

So maybe you taknak acknowledge yang you sebenarnya tengah dengki dengan orang lain. That's fine. I tak cakap you salah or whatever pun.

But if you know that you have this 'feeling', and you don't like feeling it, you're ashamed of it and you want to stop it, then come. I'll try to help you as much as i can.

Please read this excerpt:

Purification of the Heart
By Hamza Yusuf

I am not an expert, and i'm not saying my methods are 100% suitable for everybody.
I'm sharing this from my own experience and i hope that it can somewhat help you, or inspire you to find ways to help yourself.

In the end, it is all up to you.

1. Of course, most importantly, talk to Allah about it.
In your doas, in your sujud, in the car, when you're all alone, when you're feeling it because that person is in front of you or appeared on your timeline, or contacted you, anytime and as many times as you can, talk to Allah about it.
It can be as conversational as you'd like, or in doa form.

For example:
"Ya Allah, please help me. I am feeling such hasad for *name*, and i hate that i'm feeling like this. I don't want to feel this because i want to be a good person, someone worthy of Syurga Firdaus. I want to be able to talk/see/etc with *name* without feeling any ounce of envy. Help me Ya Allah, You know me better than I know myself, so help me get over this test successfully"

Thing is.. Most times our emotions come without being summoned. And it is unfortunate that it has to be an ill-feeling..

Anyways, when you're alone, in a safe space, talk (as in with your normal voice ok, not just bisik bisik) with as much sincerity and honesty. Allah SWT doesn't judge you, so don't have to worry about that. Talk until your heart hurts from the pain of hating feeling envious of others. Tell Him that you're ashamed of it. Tell Him that you want to stop that feeling. Tell Him that you hate it too for feeling it. Talk until your eyes water. 

2. Amalkan baca surah Al-Falaq.

Try to hafal (memorise) the meaning of this surah.
As you can see, this surah is already a template for doa to Allah to help remove 'the evil of which He created'.

When in your solat, one of the first rakaat, recite this surah. And when you recite, do it knowing what the ayat means. This also helps with khusyuk.

Of course you can also recite this whenever that feeling comes. 

3. Doa for the person.
I believe that this is very hard for you, isn't it? You tengah insecure/jealous dengan orang tu, nak doa baik baik pulak untuk dia! 
Haha! But seriously though. Make doa for that person.

For example:
"Ya Allah, please shower *name* with Your blessings. He/she/them are happy so please give them eternal happiness dunia akhirat. Protect them from the evils of the world and forgive them. Forgive me too ya Allah for my hasad. Save me from this feeling."

Here's why i suggest this::
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya:
“Doa seorang Muslim untuk saudaranya yang dilakukan tanpa pengetahuan orang yang didoakannya adalah doa yang akan dikabulkan. Pada kepalanya ada seorang malaikat yang menjadi wakil baginya, setiap kali dia berdoa untuk saudaranya dengan sebuah kebaikan, malaikat itu berkata ‘aamiin dan engkau pun mendapatkan apa yang ia dapatkan.’
Basically, when you pray for someone else, you're praying for yourself.
So pray good things for others, and inshaAllah you'll get the benefits too. It's a win-win situation!
But do it with sincerity. It is hard at first, but what test isn't?
Do it until you can look into that person's eyes and feel nothing & can be genuinely happy for them.

4. Try to control yourself.
Yes you depend on Allah to help you, but you too must help & save yourself.

If this person is on your virtual world, you can always opt to "mute" them. Unfollow, delete, or hide. Whatever it is, you can just hilangkan that person from your online world.

But if this person is in your physical world, then there are 3 options.
a) avoid the person. Just for a while, and please don't do it so obviously. I mean... you're already hating yourself for having this feeling, why make other people hate you too? And whatever it is, please do not involve other people in this. Jangan pulak membawang, mengutuk orang tu, just because hearing other people being on your side makes you feel good about yourself. Also, jangan sibuk hal dia. Don't ask people about their updates, or whatever. Just don't cari pasal please.
Starve yourself from any "bawang material". You don't need those.
Camane nak jawab kat Allah nanti? You ask for help but you slander that person.

b) tell the person about it. If you're the confrontational type, that is. 

c) If it's family, camane nak avoid kan? It is difficult.. but you have to act as if you're ok. At the same time, pray in your heart. Don't think you're being hypocrite. You're trying to overcome this problem, not making it worse.

5. Practice being grateful. For others & for yourself.
You know kan, if you can't feel grateful with your own state, look at people who have less.
If you are able, try to do volunteering works, or just get involved with charitable stuff. If you're not able, then just follow charity channels or instagram or twitter. 
When you see people who have lesser than you, pray for them and remember to be grateful for the things you have. If let's say these things are really not your 'thing', then just look at yourself. Your eyes, be thankful that you can see, that your eyes can adjust to different light settings without your conscious command. Your hands. Your fingers. You don't have to command your fingers to move pun. You just subconsciously move it according to your thinking. Isn't that already, MashaAllah? Like there are people in this world who don't have limbs but still have done so much in life. Who are we to compare with others when what we have is considered a luxury?

So practice being grateful, even if the things seem menial to you.
When you shift your attention to being grateful, inshaAllah that envious feeling will be less powerful.

That's all i can think of now.
I hope this can help you!

Remember that this part of your struggle is a jihad. 
In case you forgot, jihad means "the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin".
Also remember that it takes time. Be patient and don't stop. Teruskan berjihad!

If you're reading this and think "apa la diorang ni.. ada hasad dengki. tu la. melayu memang" atau sewaktu dengannya, stop. Just stop. Allah akan uji sesiapa pun dan bila bila masa. Just because you have not been tested, does not mean you won't be tested. Perhaps you are being tested but your ego is in the way of realising that you have a problem.

In any kind of problem for that matter, do not ever belittle others about it.

I hope that by trying these out, your heart will soften and you will be successful.
For you to want to change, is already a good start. My prayers are with you!
May Allah guide you, make you successful dunia akhirat, protect you from the evil within you and around you, and may Allah make it easy for you. InshaAllah~

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Konnichiwa! Watashiwa Maria des! (Japan Trip)

Assalamualaikum & hewwo my pelikers~

Bila la agaknya ni nak update features yang teramat oldskool ni.. boring betul la.

Last month (yes, in April), i went to Japan with Nadrah & my mother.
My mom yang nak sangat pergi actually. She wanted to see the sakura in full bloom.
So i had to teman her and nadrah had to come with.

It was a good week =)
And here i shall summarise our trip!

Bye Malaysia, Hello Osaka!

We first arrived in Osaka at night, so 1st day basically nothing la. Just excited tengok hotel hehe
The next day, we went to USJ (Universal Studios Japan), and imagine. It was 2 April, Tuesday, and when we went around 11am-ish, IT WAS ALREADY PACKED!

It was kinda cold.

Nadrah was already cranky too.

Woi. Baru masuk terus monyok?!
Tanak bergambo..

To lembutkan hati anak (dan sebab kita dah beli tiket USJ ni bukan murah yo. Kena do as much as possible to make this worth it!), first stop was Minions place thingy. I am not into Despicable Me, apalagi si minions ni, tapi i endured it for her.
Lined up for 2 HOURS to go on a ride, which lasts for about 10mins or less?
I was crying inside..

*to show how ramai it was outside. and they're mostly locals.*

I told my friend this: i thought japanese are workaholics, but on a Tuesday, non holiday, from morning, most of the visitors there were locals! I was among the 5% of foreigner there, and 1 among the 10 people in hijab. 

That's how USJ thrive. 

And the fun part about this is that i get to see the locals dress up so passionately in whatever characters, like minions, hogwarts students, sesame street characters, and so many more! I wish i could show you the pictures but i didn't take their pictures because 1) i was too busy pushing nadrah on the stroller, 2) it was too cold and my hands were frozen around the stroller handles, 3) i don't have the permission to take their picture so i takut if anything, they will sue me. It can happen kan.

I don't know much about cars, like, i can't tell the difference between saga fl and regular saga.
But i can tell a Ford Anglia from afar.
Even when it's beaten up like this and tucked away.



So you know how i sacrificed myself for nadrah's happiness right. Unfortunately, the love was one-sided. It was getting colder by the time we got to Hogsmeade, and nadrah just refused to wear her jacket and was cranky.. 😢
We got to go into the shops though!

I had one at UK's Warner Bros Harry Potter studios, and i didn't like it then.
Same here.
Too sweet but at least dapat rasa mehehee

Too bad we couldn't enjoy our time here that long. It started raining at one point, and then nadrah just couldn't take it anymore, so i had to take her back to the hotel.......... 😩
Tak dapat tengok the light show or whatever show malam tu..
But i'm happy anyways coz i get to buy the things i want and see what i wanna see.
We didn't go to any rides other than the minions one coz seriously, RAMAI SANGAT MANUSIA! Even with an express ticket, people still have to wait an hour for a ride. Imagine without one.

Sempat jumpa Hello Kitty. Heheeee

We also went to the sesame street side. There was like a playground and nadrah had fun there.
Basically, nadrah got the most out of USJ.
So i'm taking her syltherin headband.

The next day, we went to Tempozan Village. Have to take the ferry weee~

Before malapetaka

Selepas malapetaka.
Nadrah was running around and i kept telling her not to because the floor macam kesat kasar, like sandpaper-ish tu. And then she tripped. And her pants got ripped and her knees were bleeding.
What to do?
Got on the ferry, went to the shopping mall, bought new pants and plasters and antiseptic.

And then voila~

A lot of people recommended us to go to the Osaka Aquarium but we didn't go sebab macam.... My brother went before and he said rasa tak best sebab kesian tengok the fishes & whale all just swim around in a tank.. macam takde freedom. That said, mom & i pun tak rasa nak pergi.

Anyway, Tempozan mall, macam tu je la. Nothing special.

We saw Glico Man!

My mom didn't know what Glico man was. I said it's /the/ icon of osaka. Go osaka, see glico man, and you're done.
But she was like, "ha? apa tu?".
Ramai gila k nak bergambar kat glico man ni. This was in Shinsaibashi and there were street food, shops and macam macam la, but we didn't shop at all other than our dinner. Firstly, nothing much that stands out, and mahal.
I had this "benda ni malaysia pun ada. Why should i buy here kalau kat malaysia pun tak beli".

 The next day, we went to hunt cherry blossoms for my dear mother's satisfaction~
This baby ahjumma is my dotter.
@ Osaka Castle

Pic by baby ahjumma

*no smell btw*
I have a perfume from Body Shop that's supposedly be sakura scented. But when we were there, these sakuras have no smell.
So i assumed that all these "sakura scent" products only created the scent to match the beauty of the flowers 💁

It was gorgeous though

Ke i yang gorgeous?

Had picnic at Kema Sakuranomiya Park, and i finally dapat rasa this red bean bread yum yummmm~

Seriously, park was so clean i was at the verge of tears.
Oh and because we went on a weekday kan, so there were loads of people in office attires having lunch picnics there. Best nya :')
If only Malaysia have that kind of weather: sejuk tapi sunny.
And clean. We'd be picnicking errrrday!

We also went to Sitennoji Temple.
It's been a month, and i still don't know why we went there.
It's just a huge temple, there were loads of tortoise, and ummmm.. it's a big land.

Use this opportunity to take photos of my besties.
Yes, my besties are my skincare.

 That night, we went to Umeda Sky Building. It's like Menara KL, except we can go out and see the city view outdoors. It was really cold, but it was nice too!

Fluorescent adolescent

Fluorescent ahjumma.
Met a group of malaysians up here too!
:') So sweet of them to tegur me in japan, on top of umeda sky building, at night, in the cold.
It's really a meetup to remember!

Ummi gayat tapi ummi cool.

Next day: TOKYO!
Naik bullet train woohooo!

RIP ummi's back kena angkut bags + strollers

We went to look for Yozakura (night cherry blossom) near our hotel, and i asked the receptionist where to go and how to get there. She said we can walk to the nearest yozakura place at Meguro river and it should take 10minutes.

10 minutes later, lost.

We were lost and after asking around, it seemed that to walk to the river would take 1 hour on foot! Apeke gila.
So naik je la teksi.

Btw, duit kita habis kat naik teksi & makan je kat sana. Nak beli souvenirs sume kena fikir sejuta kali.

Oh well.

It's worth seeing this in real life.
My eyes were blessed.

In case you don't know, diorang ni suka minum arak kan, so at the sides of this river, the locals were drinking, taking pics, picnicking, there were couples, families, workers, macam macam jenis orang la. Best jugak tengok pe'el diorang. Imagine seeing old dudes in work clothes and being drunk & loud. They're like polite drunkards, unlike the ones i saw in Rome & UK many years ago. Those are scary.

The next day, we went on Sakura hunt again~

Fist up: Ueno Park!

and most of them are locals.
i.. seriously..
It was a Saturday, and rupanya they all cop tempat awal-awal, and then they picnic there with their friends and all. You see the blue plastic terbentang tu? Tu la tempat diorang picnic. Kena book awal awal. Tapi mashaAllah ramai nya manusia.....

This is my romantic experience with my dotter.

After that, we went to Asakusa shopping district. Nak beli souvenir sikit tapi instead i got rimas sebab ramai sangat manusia.
Good thing it was cold, so i wasn't so annoyed. In the end, i didn't buy much pun sebab like i said, most stuff can be found in malaysia, unless you wanna buy the samurai/ninja/cultural stuff. They're kinda expensive so i just got things i can match with people i want to buy stuff for. 
Camtu laaa~~

We crossed the Shibuya crossings!
At first i was like "wah coolnya i'm crossing the roads!".
Then i was like "wth. i'm just crossing the road at the same time as everybody and why am i excited?"
Then, "what's the point of this again?"

Tourists. I swear.

 This was the highlight of our Tokyo trip, to be honest. For me la.
We had to buy the tix a day earlier sebab kita noob & sebab taknak lepas this experience.


FYI, we had to take our shoes off when entering coz there were places with water streams, pool, and mirror. 

This place was filled with water up to the knees. I biar je my pants basah. The whole place is quite dark too, so takde la rasa cam terlalu exposed because they want to heightened our senses, expecially touch, hearing & sight.

If you wanna know what this place is about, nah check out this link:

Sorry i can't explain in words, because it's truly an artsy experience. 💖

Saje je~

The next day, we went to DISNEY SEA~~~

Makcik Daisy & Nadrah membawang

We went on this ride.

Had to line up for an hour and this little ahjumma wasn't in her pleasant mood..
RIP ummi.

Good thing the weather was really nice, so we enjoyed la jugak. Walked around a lot and towards the end tu, we discovered this Little Mermaid place ni and Nadrah, me & my mom got on so many rides.
They were kiddie rides but seeing Nadrah enjoying them, i pun happy 😊

We saw the night parade and it was amazing!
I didn't take much photos at Disneysea.. Sebab there's too many things going on, so i kinda got lost in the moment. That's good la kan?
Means i enjoyed myself too eheheheee


It was not a good weather day unfortunately.. That morning, it rained really heavily, so when we got to Disneyland, it was like mendung & sejuk gila.
Despite all that though, we got on so many rides!
Alhamdulillah the waiting lines weren't as long as USJ. Kalau tak. Aish.

Had to buy a towel as souvenir + to cover nadrah from the rain & cold sebab dia degil tanak pakai jacket.

We got this cute popcorn buckets too!!

Baby ahjumma!!

Usually they have night parades and whatnots kan, but due to the rain, some shows were cancelled 😭
There was 1 parade je la. 
After that 1 parade, it started raining more heavily. I had to go to the shops area where it was covered to escape the rain. My mom on the other hand, stayed at this gazebo place so that she could see the fireworks closer. It was too cold for me..
I memang allergic sejuk, but alhamdulillah got to see the fireworks too from afar. Nadrah tak nampak sangat sebab ramai orang and i tak nak angkat dia. Nyehehehehee =p

We had to brave through the rain to go back to our hotel. Dah la kena jalan jauh!! Hujan diorang bukan macam kat malaysia. IT WAS COLD aiyo. My feet were soaked to the bone. 
Nadrah was covered & bundled cozily in her stroller (we had the rain cover, thank Allah).
My mom & I habis basah loncon masa sampai hotel.
Kaki kitorang memang macam nak cabut je hahahha!

We went back home to KL the next day, and i actually looked forward to it.

Bila sampai je KLIA, i was HAPPY to be welcomed by the humid weather 😂

So that's all of our activities in Japan!
Next posts, i'll probably share some "episodes" masa kat sana 😂