Monday, October 17, 2016

Agency Maid Scam

So here's NOT where to get a maid/helper: Agency Sri Mawar Sdn Bhd at Kota Damansara.
If you're familiar with Kota Damansara, it's the one at Palm Spring. Kemain besar dia punya signage, but tu la.


Imagine ek. Bayar RM 18k, dapat maid yang kerja 3 bulan, and then dia cabut lari, pastu lepas 2 bulan masih tak dapat replacement, and duit RM 18k tu apa cite?
BURN. Kononnya until dapat replacement. Tapi sampai bila nak tunggu? Duit 18k diorang dah pegang. Kita la rugi!

RM 18k is not ciput ok. It's A LOT.
Boleh buat modal bisnes with that much money.
Boleh bayar kete for a few months.
It's a huge amount! I can't stress it enough!!!

This maid is not mine, it's my mom's.
My mom seriously boss yang sangat baik. Kasi baju, belikan groceries specially for the helpers, kadang-kadang kasi special treats to them, give them whatever they need.
So bila maid dah lari, sakit hati la mak saya tu.
Mana la dia larat nak buat everything dah kat rumah dia..

I don't do this ever, tapi i just thought i'd share it anyway sebab sekarang banyak dah scam maid agency ni.
And this is one of the places you should NOT consider sebab tak amanah and sedaaaaap diorang telan duit.

Ni police report so you can see the details and the story of what happened.

It's so annoying tau. Kita susah susah kumpul duit untuk dapatkan helper, pembantu rumah untuk ringankan beban dan kurangkan kepenatan, pastu diorang lari pulaaaakk.. duit tak dapat balik, maid takde, pastu?


Friday, September 30, 2016

Dinner at Menara KL's revolving restaurant

So, a lot of people asked me about this place since i've posted some videos on instastory the other day.

The revolving restaurant at Menara KL, called Atmosphere 360, serves buffet and for dinner, it costs RM 200++ per adult, and RM 145.

You can check 'em out yourself here:

Anyway, what i think of the place are:
1. PRICEY GILA!!!! tapi pergi jugak sebab dah janji.. and orang belanja, so ok la. But still..

2. Food is ok la. Not that big spread like at Majestic Hotel kinda thing. Takde that "HOMAGAH SEDAP GILA!" feeling when eating the food.

Nadrah watching video on abah's phone while abah eating satay

3. If you're prone to motion sickness, it'll be a nightmare. Because you'll be eating and you can feel some inertia. Bahaha! As i'm typing this out pun dah rasa pening pening..

4. The view is nice at night.

Muka pening/penat

5. I think it's more appropriate for couples because it's ambience is quite romantic. At night i mean.

6. Toilet's nice.

7. Leceh for people on wheelchair or baby in stroller because have to take a life at the guard/staff entrance, then naik to the lobby, and then go to the lift that'll take us to the restaurant.
Isaac chill je. Clever boy dia ni.

Ok cukup la tu.
For me, once is enough. I don't want to go there again. Heheehee
I think the price justifies the view we got. On a clear day, it's nice. Kalau hujan... Rugi la kot. I don't know heheheehee

Alhamdulillah it was a nice experience overall =)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Such is life of a housewife, who couldn't speak her mind freely and talking about her child's development like it's such an important topic


Nadrah is now in a new school, Kinderkaizen. I can't believe the activities they do there. It's so.... mentally uplifting! For nadrah i mean. Haha!
I've been eyeing Kinderkaizen for the longest time because i love Dr Putri Afzan and my friend, who's a teacher in one of the branch has been sharing loads of stuff they did in their school. It's just because it's too far from us that i didn't put Nadrah there in the first place. Alhamdulillah they opened one in Damansara Perdana, hmph! Apa lagi!

Nadrah has this new type of curiosity that's on the right direction. For example playing blocks. She used to just put them together and throw them everywhere and then, she'll tell me to play with her (which means, play FOR her. I have to put them blocks together! Cheating..). Now, she will put them together and figure out how to make a shape of something. She learnt about body anatomy, electricity, she even made her own playdoh!

So i'm very pleased with her progress. Baru je tukar, but can see positive developments.
Can't believe she's gonna be 3 in November ='(
Cepatnya masa berlalu!

So anyway, the other day we went to the playground at the Curve (i know... it's in a mall, but oh well. i have Isaac with me kot. Heheee), and i saw something that made me go wide eyed.
The kind that means "HAMAGAAAHHHH".
Not in a good way, by the way.

I saw these kids playing tag. That's good, right?
But HAMAGAAAHHHHH! When they tag each other, they lick their hands first!
So it's like, "TAG! I lick you! Bahaha! So much fun!".

But they're kids, so it's normal for them to play something disgusting right?
I used to play with tadpoles in the longkang.
I used to jump in muddy puddles WITHOUT shoes/slippers/boots.
What's so wrong about licking the hand and wiping it on another person's face or clothes?

Well. Let me answer myself.
Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is on the loose and it's going around like nobody's business.
So yeah. I don't want my kids to get that.
And that's why i freaked out a bit.

And also, there was this one time, this bibik came to me and practically telling me how dissatisfied she was with the child she was handling. Saying the girl was "cerewet macam ibunya". TO ME!
All the girl did was cry softly. She wasn't wailing or throwing tantrum pun. And the bibik told me she'd prefer staying at home "boleh tengok tv. Lebih enak.".

I don't know why she feels like she could rant to me..

So what's the point of me ranting about this then?

Here's what it is, actually:
I hate the fact that i can't say these things out loud.
I wish i could tell the children to not play lick-tag. Just play tag is ok, ye children? =)
We don't want everyone to get unwanted and terrible diseases kan?
Thank you for being careful!
Bibik, kalau bibik tak puas hati, bagitau majikan la ya. Bagitau saya tak elok. Bukannya saya boleh buat apa apa pun. Kalau bibik tak suka budak ni nangis, telefon saja sama majikan, tanya dia kat mana. Saya boleh tolong tunjuk bibik cara nak pergi kat dia.

Menegur is good, but it's hard to do. I can't even tegur my own family members, let alone strangers. I memang honestly prefer writing down what i truly want to say because my brain just don't make sense when it comes through my mouth. I'm out of practice i guess. I hardly talk to anyone on a sophisticated level other than my husband, my cousin and my mom..

Oh well.

Such is life of a housewife, who couldn't speak her mind freely and talking about her child's development like it's such an important topic.


Friday, September 9, 2016

My nightly scrub routine


To be completely honest, i've been watching and reading a lot of homemade skincare products and i was inspired to make my own.
But here's the thing..
It's not cheap!

I thought it'll be cheap, since like the stuff we can use for our face can also be eaten like honey, but come on! I can't be buying honey every week, because i eat honey with my oats, and sometimes with tea, so to use them on my face lagi (which isn't a small canvas, know what i'm sayin?), mann... i can't be spending for skincare ingredients every week!

And i'm too lazy to do them.
There, i said it!

I need my time to care for other stuff, like cleaning, cooking and taking care of my kids.
Seriously, by 9pm, i'm always out. I hardly have a good sit.
Seriously. I don't sit properly coz i can't.
My kids are secretly tag-teaming to get me on my feet most of the day.

Anyway, no matter what beauty drinks or whatever available in the market right now, i still strongly stick to taking care of my skin by using the right products and eating right.
And to me, the right products doesn't depend on the brand. It's the effectiveness on the skin.
I use St Ives scrub since i was a teen coz it works on me, no matter what skin phase i go through.

I had oily skin when i was a teen, then when i got into 20s, it got into this weird oily and dry combination, and now it's straight up dry.
And since i found out that i can use the scrub every day, i have been doing just that.
I absolutely loooooovvveeeee the feeling of the water washing off the exfoliants and dead skin off of my face.

I usually use the Fresh Skin scrub, but recently i got the other 2; Blackhead and Blemish control ones, and i am loooovvviiiinnnnngggg the Blackhead one!

It smells great and it makes me feel awesome. Hehe! They take pride in using 100% natural exfoliants in their products with paraben free too.

Just so you know, St Ives scrubs are all natural and safe for the environment, which is why i went with it in the first place. I've read that some exfoliant beads couldn't be filtered and is harmful to their environment. Also, they're not doing animal testing. So yeah. My conscience is good. =)

Mesti you all macam "mende maria bebel pasal St Ives ni dari tadi ni.."
Well, i just thought i'd share its goodness and also to tell you girls about a contest they're having!

Grand prize is a pair of tickets to Bali - flight & accommodation provided!!!
I've been to Bali with hubby on our honeymoon, and it was lovely tauuuu <3 <3
All you gots to do is post a photo of your DIY natural beauty remedy on instagram, like a whitening toothpaste ke, or a blackhead remover, or eyebags ointment, and then share why your natural beauty remedy makes you happy in your caption!
Your entries must feature St Ives scrub products, and include these --> #Stylemy #GoNaturalWithStIves and #ChurpMYWIN

Here's the chance to unleash the beauty guru in you, and win! hehe!

Now here's my old skincare video in case you wanna know what i use =)

Good luck!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The mother gave birth to her son, and she was shocked! Here's why...


Title tu inspired by all this trending sites on fb. "The dog did this. I cried as soon as he did this." Or "This man proposes, but wait till you see what he's holding.." - such a bore. Hehe! 

Blogging suddenly feels like freedom now since all i do during this confinement period is plastering myself to my baby.

You know, the first baby memang get most of the attention, from the time they're in our belly up till they have sibling(s). Nadrah's name came about quite easily. I googled, and had several options, and then one day, i was reading the Quran, and the word "nadhirah" just followed me into my dream for nights. When i proposed the name Nadrah to my husband, he was just "OK. Jalannnnn"

But for our boy ni, i had several options, but all of them were declined by my husband.
He's got a friend whose name is this and he's like this, he's got a classmate with this name and he's like that, etc etc - the names all just tak jive and he seems to know so many guys that whatever name i chose, mesti ada someone with that name yang dia tak berapa berkenan.

I had my choice, my final name but everyone (husband and family) tak nak. 
Sedih ok! They even made fun of the name! T_T
Sampai hati. 
So, i told my husband that he should find the name since the ones i chose tak best. Selagi dia tak jumpa, then on the day our baby's born, he's gonna take the name i chose for him.

With that, my husband began his search for the best name for our son.
FINALLY, he chose Isaac Ashaal, and alhamdulillah i was good with it, my family's good with it, and the world seemed so much brighter since. Haha!

Now, pregnancy with Nadrah & Isaac are completely different. With Nadrah, it was the constant muntah from day one till the day i gave birth to her. With Isaac, it was ok, but he was like a vampire, sucking all my blood that i get tired easily and a lot of times, i would bend down (macam tengah rukuk) in the middle of shopping or something just to get the blood & oxygen into my brain. 
I bet it looks kinda weird. Apo ko hei pompuan ni tengah rukuk tengah tengah 7-11 ni? Bahahaha =p

And i thought since i've endured 14 hrs of contraction with Nadrah (before i submitted to epidural), i thought i'll be able to endure the contraction with Isaac. But NOPE. Isaac had to be induced because doctor said if i wait some more, he could be too big to come out naturally and i have a small pelvic, therefore kena c-sect. I didn't want that so i heed doctor's advice.
But oh my... Induced punya contraction... Sakitnye SAKIT!
Eventhough my husband said i handled the contraction better than when i was with nadrah (masa tu first time kan, so all the time contraction, i just cried. Zikir pun zikir la, tapi sakit pun sakit la), it was too painful! First induced tak jadi, but second time tu... Ya Allah, terus one minute apart je contraction. And i was in so much pain that my body vibrated like crazy and with every breath available, i begged for epidural. 
".....Sayang...Epi....Dural....Nurse...Now...", whisper with rattling voice, can you imagine? Haha!

Dapat epidural, baru lega and alhamdulillah, selamat beranakkan Isaac with 3 well-orchestrated push lead by the nurses & doctor. He weighed 3.6kg. Sihaaat dia =)
Nadrah came out into the world screaming, as if announcing her own arrival, and Isaac pulak came out completely blue (the cord went around his head) tapi dia chill je. The doctor and nurses tended to him so quick and all he did to announce his arrival was a short "Hua" with eyes open. Hahaha!
It was cute =p
Muka blue-ish sebab kena belit tali pusat. In case you're wondering why tak kena bedah, his heart rate and my air ketuban were ok, no signs of baby in distress. Alhamdulillah.

Unfortunately because i have GBS, we both had to stay at the hospital for a couple more days...
Anyone yang pregnant tu, make sure you ask your doctor to check your GBS k?
It's for your baby's own good.

So both pregnancies and labours were completely different. I know la that they wouldn't be the same, it's just that experiencing it made me realise that i was actually hoping that it would be the same so that i can 'handle it better the next time'.

It has been over a month already, alhamdulillah, but my little family is still adjusting to our living arrangement. And also, nadrah still hasn't fully grasp what being a sister means. Oh well. InshaAllah soon we'll all just adapt. 

Can't wait for my pantang to be over!
I'm already craving for some food, freedom and driving! But then, the next challenge will be doing chores with these 2 kids... Hmmmmm..

Oh well!

Here's the 4 of us!
May Allah permudahkan =)

Ps: i gave birth at PMC, sg Buloh. Doctor Wan Ratna.
Best. Love.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cara perempuan vs cara lelaki masak


Haritu ada baca article pasal cara lelaki vs cara perempuan pam minyak.

Kononnya perempuan punya cara ni sangat kompleks la. Bahaha!
Well, guess what.
Laki laki ni pun bukan straight forward as they think they are.

Maka, dengan ini, meh saya bandingkan cara lelaki vs cara perempuan masak.


Google, cari resepi. 
Dah jumpa resepi, keluarkan bahan bahan dari fridge/kabinet.
Basuh apa yang patut (sayur/daging mentah).
Bersihkan beras pastu letak dalam rice cooker untuk dimasak.
Potong sayur/bahan mentah.
Masak lauk.
Kalau ada lebih dari satu lauk, tengok prioriti camane. Masak benda yang ada bahan mentah (daging/ayam/ikan) dulu sebab they take time. Sayur masak bila agak agak nak dekat time makan supaya dia tak layu dan nampak sedih bila nak makan.
Bila masak, sempat basuh sudu/mangkuk/apa apa benda yang kita tak guna dah. Sempat lap lap sinki kalau ada masa lagi. Selagi boleh, satu sudu je kita pakai selama memasak. Sanggup basuh atau guna strategic planning supaya penggunaan sudu tidak merosakkan masakan.
Nasi dan lauk lauk dihidang dalam keadaan semua panas dan bahagia. 
Basuh pinggan/mangkuk/kuali/etc lepas selesai makan secara serta merta.


Google resepi.
Tengok gaya chef masak.
Tanya bini/mak mana bahan bahan.
Satu kerja, satu workstation; contoh: tempat potong bawang lain, tempat potong ayam lain. 
Setiap kerja perlukan alat yang berlainan; contoh: potong sayur guna pisau lain, potong kentang pisau lain, potong ayam pisau lain lagi, selagi ada pisau available, selagi tu la dia nak guna. Bila pisau dah habis, cari pisau lain dulu. Bila tak jumpa, tanya bini/mak mana pisau. Pastu baru basuh salah satu pisau utk dipakai. Applicable untuk sudu, garfu, mangkuk, kuali, chopping board, dan sebagainya.
Basuh beras. Pastu tanya bini/mak cukup bersih tak?
Dah masak beras, start masak lauk. 
Oleh sebab tak boleh multitask dan sebab otak single core processor sahaja, kena masak lauk satu persatu.
Bila masak lauk, tanya bini/mak mana kuali dulu. Teringat gaya chef masak macam senang sajaa. Campak campak, rasa, pastu hidang. Jadi, dia pun campak dan campak, gaul dan rasa (tak tau pun rasa nak kena camane. Asalkan ada 'rasa', cukup la).
Bila lauk sudah masak, tanya bini/mak mana mangkuk/pinggan utk letak lauk.
Semua lauk terhidang, tapi nasi belum siap masak.
Tunggu nasi.
Nasi dah siap, terus makan.
Pinggan mangkuk kuali kejadah semua terbiar lagi di tempat masing masing tanpa dibasuh.
Bini/mak sakit jiwa tengok sinki penuh, mintak lelaki tolong basuh cepat.
"Nanti la. I penat."

The end.

Ps: memang bukan sume laki camni. Just like bukan sume pompuan tak reti tukar tayar kete.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Personal view on LGBT


I think almost all famous shows i've been watching on Netflix & Hulu, mesti ada a hint of gayness.
Gay dude being all diva, lesbian couple, y'know?
It's like they're making sure all shows have some element of LGBT so that it'll seem normal for us.

Just the other day, my cousin and i were talking about it while our kids were playing in my house. The conversation sparked because of the reality show "I am Cait", about Caitlyn Jenner.
In case some of you don't know, it's the kardashians' stepdad and Kendall & Kylie Jenner's dad, Bruce Jenner, an ex-olympian runner, who turned himself into a woman.

It was last year when he/she suddenly became the talk of all variety/entertainment medias.
I honestly couldn't care less about the kardashians let alone the jenners, but without knowing how, i got sucked up into the news.
See how media make us care about things are not even worth our braincells!

So anyway, my cousin and i were talking about he/she, and i admitted that i don't know how i should react to transgenders. The pondans, the pengkids, i've met nice ones, and i've befriended some pengkids too in the past.
I have nothing against them, but i know i shouldn't be encouraging too.

Then there're these people who say "It's between me & God", "i was born this way", or whatever, well.. Yeah. It is between them and God, but we can't just let them think it's not in their power to change.
Because we all have this fight with nafsu.
I do. I've got lots of fights with myself! It's like a tag-team wrestling match, where i'm alone on one side, and all my nafsu on the other and they're changing places but sometimes they come 2 at a time. We win some fights, we lose some. But no matter what, the fight must go on. We'll get a break once in a while though, don't worry. Allah is Kind =)

Regardless of our level of piety, we all have battles with our inner demons.
No one's perfect but that doesn't mean we won't learn from our mistakes. We can continue becoming a better person, that's for sure.

Now, with the western media through movies, tv shows, music and social medias, they will make LGBT seem interesting or a trend, who knows kan. I've been wondering how i'd explain to my kids when LGBT would be a norm since it's becoming so even now..
But all i have for now is: 
These people are struggling with their sexual orientation and identity, and all of us who don't have that to go through should be grateful. Allah tutupkan aib luaran kita, you know? We all sin differently. Fitnah is a sin, gossiping, lying, cheating, stealing, zina - just because there's no physical proof that anyone do them, doesn't mean they're non-existent. So who are we to judge? Instead, what we can do is pray to Allah to make it easy for them and give them the strength and hidayah.
That's really what we should pray for everyone.

It's not a good speech or whatever, i know heheee.
Oh well.

I wish you all the best, my dear readers.
We all have wrestling matches within us and that's where good company always help. =)
Our friends and families are usually our supporter, so if you can choose your company, choose well.
And may Allah give us victories in our fights, may He provide us good people, and help us on the road to Jannah.


*LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender