Monday, October 5, 2015

Smooth Criminal with Scholl


So here's my review of the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File!

Do you have calluses on your feet?
You know, those hardened skin around your heels.

Well, i do.

It's not something to be ashamed of, in my opinion.
It's normal to have those kan. It shows that we've been carrying loads around for some time (Ehem. Nadrah. Ehem.) and maybe because we're not wearing the right shoes. Ihiks!

So anyway, i've tried this electronic foot file, and i'm liking it!

And Here's Why!

1. It's easy to use.

2. I don't have to use so much strength to scrap off the hard skin.
3. The manual foot file usually make my skin uneven and sometimes i terluka kan kaki sebab i scraped too hard. This electronic one is seriously lemah lembut- it's not so rough, so my skin evenly cleaned.

4. I don't have to position myself awkwardly to get all the hard skin smoothened out (like i have to with the manual kind) because the roller head yang gerak. Not us. Muahahaha!
Trying it out on my husband's foot.

Trying it on the other foot.
Sayang, sorry la, tapi kaki you ni.. bau stokin..

5. The habuk-habuk senang nak dibersihkan because THEY DON'T FLY EVERYWHERE! Wooot! I was expecting the habuk to fly around and land on the scarf, but takde! The roller head is detach-able and can be cleaned easily. Economical like that.
Can you see the habuk? Ihiksss!

Obviously i had the first dibs on this, so when my husband told me his concerns (he was worried it might be too rough), i was like
"Sayang, serious tak sakit."

Serious, tak sakit.

It was even fun. I could file my feet the whole day, while watching tv, while reading, while eating. I would! But just a few seconds is enough of course. Bahahaa =p
All you need to do is turn it on, use them at those calluses or corns on your feet, and then rinse with water.

Smooth skin, i tell ya! The name of the product really does reflect their results.

In case you're wondering, they work on batteries, the normal AA ones. It's also an ergonomic gadget. How thoughtful, Scholl! =')

So i recommend the Scholl Electronic Foot File to all of you yang tak kuasa nak kikis susah susah dengan kaki sebelah terangkat kat muka, pastu nak cepat.
Our feet is really the strongest part of our body, because it carries the whole body plus whatever load, daily! That's why we need to take care of it. Manjakan dia once in a while. Tapi sebab nak gi buat pedicure kat luar sometimes takde masa la, tempat tak tertutup sangat so nanti aurat ternampak, pastu geli sebab orang pegang pastu macam macam la songeh kita kan, so apa susah-buat je sendiri kat rumah!

Right now tengah ada promo kat for this product. You can get 5% off when you use this promo code: SCHSOU
Cepat cepat guna k!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Skincare Routine!


So, here it is!

I shared my skincare routine on Youtube daaahhhhh!
I hope it helps. Does it?
Entah la ek. Dah orang request, kita buat je laaa.

To be completely honest, i had this one really bad skin period.
It started when i was working as an engineer. I believe it was because of the environment. I was either in the office (air-conditioned and fully carpeted), or the manufacturing area (dusty and had flying particles/debris). My skin was rough, clogged, dry like crazy, my pores were obvious because i kept pressing out the blackheads, and pale. 

Despite eating healthy and regular exercises, my face was clearly showing otherwise.
It really annoyed me! So i thought that i should do facials every friday during the long lunch hours. 
And i did.

But after 2 facials, i didn't want to do it anymore. It was too much of a torture, both on my face and my money.

Then i thought of changing my skincare products.

Seriously... OH BOYYYY!!
I tried 'em all! The cheap ones, the expensive ones. GILA.
The expensive ones like dermalogica, clinique, even murad, did not do any good on my skin. 
The 'experts' (more like just good salesperson) told me that i should use so-and-so product because my skin is so-and-so. And me being me, i was too lazy and was in a rush to see immediate results, went ahead and spent a lot of money on it.

I'm not the kind that would try in a short period of time. When i try a new product, i will use it for as long as i could, just to make sure that i'm not hallucinating the results.

They all turned out to be huge disappointments. So then i tried the cheap ones. Lagi teruk for some reason. T___T

gambar masa nak kahwin, 2012. Even with makeup, you can still see the acne scars on my forehead. And those pores. Yeah. I had minimal makeup because i just didn't want to clog my already clogged pores. And because i just prefer this kind of makeup. Ihiks!

And then came the i-thought-was-the-right-answer!

Fuh! It was the rave at one time, remember?
And i was raving along with it. Bahahaa!

I tried all sorts of collagen. Not that many la. I just tried a few brands. And yeah, some did work! For a while. Hmph.

I remember taking this one collagen drink, and after two weeks, my skin did feel better and all. And so i continued on. But after a month, ok.. Apasal my skin cam.. back to kusam?
Takpe la.. Try je lagi. Maybe hormon tak betul sekarang.

After 2 months, 3 months. 4 months - eik? Vat iz diz??
Tak guna punya 'collagen'... It was only short term thing. Wuuuaaaa!!
Not only was my skin became dry again, i got all sorts of unwanted side effects and that was the end of my 'shortcut'.

So i got so annoyed at how much i've spent just to look 'radiant', 'young', 'fair', and blablabla.
After years, yes, YEARS, of all this wastage, i decided to go back to basic.
I know for a fact that my skin do not jive with cream and gel cleanser. For my dry skin, they made me either oily like crazy, or drier like crazy.
So i avoided those. 
I need toner because after my skin dries (after washing with cleanser), my skin feels weird- like tight. You get that? I do. After the toner only my skin feels lighter.
I know i have to wear moisturiser because to put on sunblock without it, makes my skin sting.
I found Shu Uemura oil cleanser to work best with me because of this one time when this lady gave me a sample packet for me to get rid of my makeup with. It's an oil cleanser, but it serves as a really good makeup removal too. The after feeling after washing up-that was when i knew.. i found THE ONE. Drama gila. Bahahhaaa =p
I tell ya, that one bottle cost a LOT. I think it was RM300++, but i've been using that one bottle for more than a year now, and there're still more. I think next year baru beli new bottle kot. 
The other products, simple and basic je. Alhamdulillah, using these products and with this routine, my skin is way better, and my pocket money pun bigger since i don't have to spend so much.
Now, my advice is, just get a good cleanser - for all you dry skin-ers. Oily skin, acne-prone skin, i'm so sorry, i don't know what works best for you...
Whatever your skin type is, I hope you don't have to spend so much on your skin care products. It might take time for our skin to heal, but the slow way is (sometimes) the best way.
Unless you have a big budget, then go ahead! Face treatments and dermalogists can provide you with good solutions.

Here's my most recent vainshot *muntah kuning*
Sorry, but just nak show, i ni memang irregular-makeup-wearer, but i believe in good skincare. I am happy being barefaced and all, and i am grateful to Allah SWT for making it easy for me. 

Anyway, without further ado, here's my Skincare Routine video! Enjoyyyyyyyy!

Sorry muka kuning.
The lighting was off, but i was too lazy to do anything about it.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Give Up!


Ya know, i believe we all have some ambition or goals that we wish to achieve but we hold ourselves back because we're:
1. scared
2. lazy
3. not prepared (financially/mentally/physically/etc)
4. worried for others
5. blablahdeblah

For some reason, to reach one goal or ambition, we can come up with so many excuses, kan?

I'm like that too. Serious, you're not alone.
And i hate that self-doubt-excuse-making side of me because it hinders me from achieving so much!

But then... sampai bila nak macam ni kan?

I didn't realise this, until i've done it: i finished my masters eventhough i was sooooo not into it.
fiuh! glad that's out of my chest! =p

I started my masters program when i was still working as an engineer. I was handling projects and so i thought it would've been awesome if i studied Engineering Management (masters), and then perhaps i can be a certified Project Engineer or Planning Engineer with higher salary and position. Career-driven sangat.

It seemed as though i had my future figured out, except.. I resigned right about the time i got married. Which meant.... MOTIP SANGAT NAK SAMBUNG MASTERS KANNNNN.

I continued studying anyway, since i don't have anything (or anyone) holding me back. And at the time, i was just 3 semesters away. Didn't seem hard kan.

Pastu, jeng jeng jeng! I got pregnant! Alhamdulillah ='D
We were so happy sebab our boring lives will be filled with the sound of joy, that is our little babyboo, Nadrah. Awww... Comel je bila ingat that motherhood was easy. BAHAHAHA! (it's not, incase you're wondering).

There were many factors that made me grew so reluctant about completing my studies. One of them is the fact that i wasn't working anymore, and the other, was the fact that i had such a bad vomiting spree while pregnant. I had so many alah, it was crazy. The rest tu.. benda tak best la nak cite sini. Ehehee =p

Masa pregnant, tengok suami pun nak muntah. Teruk betul. (pastu anak muka macam abah dia kan.... saje je nadrah..). The only time i was ok was when i went to South Africa with my family.
Balik je dari holiday, sambung muntah spree. yaaaaaayyyyy..... (sambil nangis).

So anyway, i extended one semester when i gave birth sebab
1. Nadrah was that infant yang takleh pisah from me, plus she was feeding like one to 2 hours gap.
2. I couldn't drive without nodding off sleeping while driving (husband didn't want me to die so soon. awwww..)
3. it's almost an hour drive to class!
4. blablablablaaahhhhhh

See? So many excuses.

In that few months free of classes, i thought i would be happy, but instead i had this crazy burden on my shoulders and this nagging feeling because i felt guilty.

Punya la i tanya my family and friends about you know, nak sambung ke tak? but in the end, my game-changing moment was because of this:

If ever my kid(s) think that they should quit something halfway just because they're 'not feeling it', or whatever, all i have to do is show them my degree and masters certificates and tell them that
"I spent 4 years of my life studying chemical engineeering when i hated chemistry since i was in school, and spent 2 years studying engineering management when i'm only managing you kids (and my business), and guess what. You'd think i regretted them, for taking away my years, but NO. They're the best decisions i've ever made because i proved myself that i can study crap, get good results when i'm not a genius or a quick learner, really learn something out of my comfort zone even when they're difficult, tak susahkan my family, AND i finished them! Maybe you don't believe this is the right path for you, but Allah knows, and you just gotta have faith, be patient and perservere, no matter what your setan tells you. OK? Gi sambung whatever you're doing before i gigit your back."

That's a good speech, if i may say so myself! It's completely the 'spur of the moment' thing. haha!

So yeah. Now that i've completed my studies, i'm grateful that i didn't give up too soon. I realised that kita ni, mudah sangat lupa our ambition and goals once it starts getting difficult. Sure, maybe my certs are worth nothing, but it wasn't meant just for the career, it was for my own personal gain, and i've gained a lot of skills.

When you're just about to quit, your excuses will sound very convincingly legit.
Just don't.

You can take a break, but don't quit.
Patience, perseverance, faith - they're the real recipe to success. All those bumps and trials you face, they're nothing compared to the victory when you've finished what you started!

Have faith in that!

And I believe the recipe for success is shared by many. Take P1 as an example. With perseverance, patience and faith they can overcome all challenges that may come in their way, they fought through and challenged themselves to be the best in their category!

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You may also check out their #ReadyToP1ay video hereeeee:

Conclusion - You can do it. You always do, so just do it ok?

(sounds like an advertisement pulak. bahahaha!)
Ok la, hope this helps ya! muaah!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nadrah in Pajamas


Mars, did you just? Did you? Change the... header?

*imagine Kourtney Kardashian's facial expression*
Yeah. I'm like, totally excited about it.
It's like, totally, me.
Know what i mean.

I'm no artistic person, but trust me to try new things and sharing them like nobody's business when i know it's so completely utterly noob.
And that's the thing about me:
I don't care.
I just like trying new things. And here's the product of me experimenting on adobe illustrator, because it might be useful in future, who knows, and i'd like to be able to at least do some basic stuff. It's sort of fun too actually.. Why didn't anyone teach me how to use it long time ago?!

Oh ya.

Nadrah has just started school this week.
It's a long story, but basically, husband and i agreed that it's for the best.

Nadrah ni, agak gangsta la. And by gangsta, i mean independently strong-willed little explorer.
She's got a lot of energy that just watching her pun can make us tired. (seriously, everyone said that..)
And all this while, we took her to the curve punya kids zone's play area, because it's the only place where she likes. She didn't quite like the one in ikano yang kat atas sekali tu.

A few weeks ago, I took Eva (my cousin's daughter) who's a year older than nadrah with us to my mom's house. Nadrah and i go there on daily basis anyway, and since my cousin lives in the same condo as us, i thought, hey, nadrah needs a friend to spend her energy with, so why not!

And fuhhh!! I tell ya, it was like a hurricane in the house. The girls would play with each other, and then suddenly both are screaming. Then one of them starts crying, and the other runs away.
Or they'll both fight and grab for something.
But the screaming and the crying and the MESS!
It was incredible.
A work of art.


That was when i realised that nadrah had sharing issue. She doesn't know how to share. And to make her understand the concept of sharing wasn't easy. Coz she's only 1+years old!! Haha! Nak cerita panjang panjang kat dia pun bukan dia paham sangat!
We explained to her already, siap demo lagi.

"Ha, like this ok nadrah? Understand?"

Yeah right. Pffft!

I thought she'll get it soon enough. But after a few weeks of having eva over, she still couldn't share. I think partially it's because my mom's house is still like a comfort zone, so she knows she can still get her way.

And that was when i realised that nadrah kinda needs to learn how to social. At the play area at the curve tu, she usually just push her way to where ever she wants to go (which is the slide where she gets to swing at the bar before going down the slide), or just weave herself around the kids. She can play with kids, but she doesn't know how. She just stares at them. How can they not be confused with her?
Kesian. Baru setahun lebih hidup kan. HAHAHA!

Because nadrah ni suka pergi walk up to kids randomly, in hopes they will just accept her and play with her, i thought she needs to at least get used to it. Perhaps she'll learn how to "break the ice" or whatever la. If she's not like that, i think i wouldn't even consider sending her to playschool.

Alhamdulillah last week when i sent her over to the playschool for a "test drive", she was excited to see so many kids that she didn't even said goodbye to me. Buat dek je and sat at a chair as if she knows the place so well. That was why i felt confident that she'll be ok in playschool.

Btw, before anyone nak melenting ke apa, the school is near my house je, and it's just for 4 hours. To Nadrah, it's like 15 minutes.

Now baru second day. So far, so good. The teachers already confirmed my hypothesis on nadrah, so i hope they are well equipped and physically and mentally prepared to handle nadrah and the rest of the children. Huhu! But i'm so grateful that she likes going to school. Oh ya, eva pun sama skolah! Hehehe! I can imagine what they're up to in the school together. =p
Lagi dia tau eva ada, lagi semangat dia nak gi skolah dia!

I hope that nadrah will learn things i can't teach her and that she'll have some childhood fun with her peers. Eventhough i don't remember my preschool days, but i guess i must've learnt some things there. I mean, i had learned to use the potty. That's a really good thing.

because i don't have the picture of her in her playschool. =p

*title of this post is inspired by Bananas in Pajamas. And because nadrah is in her pajamas in this pic.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Home Makeover!


Alhamdulillah dah setahun dah our little family been staying on our own =')
It has been awesome!
We have more privacy, we get to decide and do things together, we have activities together, and i have more freeedoooooommmm! (hijabis, you get me kan? ihiks!)

Our lil condo unit is seriously a rezeki yang tak disangka kan.
It was my tokwan's before she moved in with my family. So with the condo being vacant for no reason, she decided to give it to us!
Alhamdulillah syukur! =')

I love how it was. The walls were grey and we had a brick wall too.
But then, this year, i thought, well.. Nadrah's toys kind of took over our house, so i felt the need to repaint our home to make it look more spacious. The grey walls were starting to make me feel claustrophobic!

Here's the video of our home makeover!

So there! At the end of the painting job, i was surprised by my own ability to choose an appropriate colour for our house!
A new look! I chose the colours! Me! Mom, did i make you proud? hehehheehe =p

As i mentioned in the video, i got contractors and their quotations from!
All we need to do is just search for any kinds of services we need, and then bam! Quotes come in!

Very easy, fast and efficient.
In case you're wondering what other services they have, just scroll down on their website and you'll see this:

I really find convenient and awesome because we have the POWER to CHOOSE!
sebab we may get more than 1 quotation, so we get to compare their prices, services, and quality.

(our previous contractor wasn't the best.. nak buat camane.. masa tu kita amik je apa yang orang rekemen..)

I had met 4 contractors in one day, and asked all of them about their services, their painting skills, and i even asked them for their suggestions on colours. Out of the 4, Leong from SRL Renovation was really helpful and i chose him for the job. He helped me choose the colours (i have the colours in mind, but sometimes the colour we choose from the catalog is either too dark or too bright than in real life) and he had the Momento expert, which was a plus.
I got a really nice feature wall now! Leong and his team were really awesome because the colours came out really nice and the feature wall, i'm in love with it!

After the house was done with painting, i had cleaners too to help me clean up the house.
And yeah, got them at too! One of the criteria i asked from the cleaners when enquiring for their services, was to have a laminated wood floor detergent. I had spill marks which couldn't be cleaned using normal ones, and alhamdulillah, one of them had them. They came to my house (a bit late because they said they got the wrong address), but they cleaned in exactly 2 hours. Very punctual and they managed to clean everything, even parts i forgot to tell them to clean! They did a great job at a great price (only RM65) - i would totally hire them again.


I hope this helps! 
Coz in all honesty, it helped me a lot.

Go and check out k! Use code "peliks" to get RM30 off your hired job!

(You're welcome!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Salam Raya

Assalamualaikum and good morning!

So, rasa cam dah lama tak blog. Rinduuuuu~

Sekarang sudah pun beberapa hari lepas raya aidilfitri.
Apa cite korangs?

Kita orangs okays jers.

this is, alhamdulillah, our third year beraya as a family - myself, husbeng and nadrah.
this year, beraya ngan family aspidos dulu, baru dengan mine.

i was talking to a friend yesterday and it just got me flasback-ing to the first raya after i 'berhijrah' and then to the first raya i had with aspidos's families.

first raya lepas i berhijrah, i wasn't that aware of the mahram & non-mahram thing, and went ahead with salam and hug all relatives i have. it didn't occur to me that i had to jaga not only my aurat, but my skinship with others.

so, when i realised this important fact, i tried to implement it by avoiding salaming my uncles and cousins who are my non-mahram. it wasn't easy, i tell yah.
we're so used to salaming each other and stuff, that when i tried avoiding it, it looked as if i was avoiding them. my bad though, i didn't know a subtler way of not accepting handshakes, so i say my "Selamat Hari Raya!" and run off quickly in a circle. because i don't know where else to go coz sometimes during these raya visits, we just can't run off to bathrooms, or whoever's rooms every time someone comes in, get what i mean?

it was so awkward in those early implementation phase.
but alhamdulillah now, all my cousins and uncles are aware of my principles, so they don't extend their hands anymore.

and then there's my husband's side of the family.
i wear tudung all the time when i'm at my in-laws. actually, even at my parent's house i pakai tudung. it used to be hot but i've gotten so used to it that kalau tak pakai, rasa cam rimas. haha!
so anyway, the same thing happened with my in-laws. i mean the uncles and cousins part. i was the first menantu ever kot dalam level anak buah for the uncles and aunties, so i guess they weren't aware of the no-salam prinsip i have.

again, it was awkward at first, but alhamdulillah now, semua dah tau je.

no matter which kampung we go back to, either mine or aspidos's, i have to tutup aurat all the time, except kalau dapat bilik.
and in those early days, people would tell me that it's okay to take of my tudung and wear short sleeve tees because we're all family.

i'm just telling you that, yes, it's hard at first to taichi the handshakes, the hugs, and people's perception (if they have any) of you.
the handshakes especially sebab bila uncle kita yang kasi duit raya, mesti diorang expect kita salam kan? ada yang memang dah tau and kisah pasal mahram/non mahram ni.
tapi ada yang tau tapi tak kisah, and ada yang tak tau.

just do it anyway.
try to stop yourself from extending your hand for a handshake.
try to take the duit raya without handshaking your uncles or male cousins.
try to wear tudung and long sleeve tees (and long pants/skirts duhh) anyway when it's hot and pedulikkan apa orang kata.
try to wear shoes everywhere so that you're in your socks all day.

how i did it might not be the best way:
i take the angpow, put my hands behind me, bow my head and tell them "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin, *insert awesome speech on forgiveness for my faults etc*".

so far it worked.
but i bet there are other ways to do it. i think i saw videos of it too!

i know this post should've been up before raya, but you know how Ramadhan is.
Instagram was the way to go. hahaha! =p

it doesn't have to start during raya though. anytime pun boleh start all this no salam thing. so there's always time to change and stick to your principles.

inshaAllah you'll do fine, and inshaAllah it'll get easier =)
All the best!

our most appropriate family photo. ada lagi actually, tapi photos dari phone tak sync lagi ngan computer. wuuuu..

baju baju yang sepatutnya kita pakai masa sil kawen, tapi tak jadi. so jadi baju raya je.
me, head to toe in La Kayena <3


May Allah accept our ibadah during Ramadhan, and moga kita istiqamah! inshaAllah!