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Monday, October 16, 2017

Unique Holiday On A Cruise!

Want a holiday that's unique and memorable?

I bet a cruise holiday had never been on that list of "things to do before ..." kan because it's very rare in Malaysia.
Well now, put it on that list! Because it is now possible!
Costa Victoria is coming to our side of the world and they're promising loads of fun stuff to do on board!

I think it'll be cool to travel from one point to another in a cruise rather than by other means of transportation. Unique kan?
And then, on board, there are live show entertainments, dancing and cooking classes, and even play activities for the kids!

Oh ya, did i mention that kids under 13 years old can go on for FREE?
I know right!!

There are many destinations you can choose from too!
Just go to their website, link is >> here<<.

And in case you're wondering, the cruise is muslim friendly! Which ultimately means, halal food!! Woooohooot!
Being on the cruise, passengers will feel the italian aura because it's themed "Italy at the Sea". So expect italian cuisine! 

They are starting sail this November, so please do check our their website and book a cruising holiday for you and your family =D

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Let's talk about Education!

Assalamualaikum Moms!

Welcome to the Club!

So episode 4 is up since last week tapi i forgot to update about it haha and it's all about EDUCATION!

So here's a true story. Not too long ago, i bumped into my high school friend at a shopping mall. She was with her daughter and was just after taking her entrance exam for standard 1. Sekolah kebangsaan ok.
She said that the exam takde la susah, but just imagine this:
kids, all about 6 years old, sitting at tables arranged like dalam exam hall, and all have to listen to the examiner's instructions for each questions. So kalau diorang tertinggal or terlambat, they'll have to just do their bestest.
It sounds cute, but i'm nervous for my kids already! Haha!

What i'm worried about is that the changes that they have to adapt.
Right now, Nadrah is in kinderkaizen, a playschool. I love the concept of play-learning because it teaches application mostly.

Spot Nadrah =p

So bila nak masuk sekolah, suddenly it's all exam-based je, and i don't like that we study to pass a paper.

I dah go through all of those years of doing just that - study to pass exam, and i hardly remember the things i learnt. What made me really understood what i was learning, were the times i spent as an intern and when i worked.

Anyway, enough mukadimah, and here! Have a listen!

What do you think though?
You have same concerns as i do?
How should the education be so that our kids can live up to their fullest potential?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The kids baru baik sakit


Last week, and the beginning of this month, i have been hitting brick walls, and obstacles and carelessness.

My kids got Influenza A and for a week, it was so emotional for me. What hit me the most was when my kids wouldn't eat anything! Isaac at least minum susu dia eventhough tak makan.. tapi Nadrah.. she wouldn't eat! In one day, 4 bites je! Tu pun kena paksa. Pastu when she finally had like one proper meal, muntaaahhhhhhhh~

First visit to the doctor.

It was heartbreaking. She was so weak to the point that she just lay down on the floor, and watches tv the whole day. Nak pergi toilet pun tak larat T_T
You can really really see how thin she'd gotten!
I cried tau.

Mata dia bengkak due to one of her medication. I forgot which one, but doc said the ubat memang causes eye irritation and that it's ok. But still. Gambar ni tak nampak sangat, but if you'd look at her face to face, memang nampak macam kena tumbuk or kena gigit lebah.
Sedih tengok..

Here's the weird thing. When i dah set my mind nak bawak the kids pergi hospital, they somehow will become ok again. It doesn't happen to my kids je. Even my grandma, bila duduk rumah dia macam sakit sakit, tapi the moment everyone dah set nak bawak dia hospital, terus ok. Sakit dah macam takde dah! Magic betul hahhaha!

So that day yang Nadrah macam lemah longlai, i told my husband.. "yang... jom, bawak the kids to the hospital..", teardrop.

Pastu my husband pun "ok jom" je. I dah siap packing sume, and it was already like 9pm camtu. But! We ended up not going to the hospital, because the paediatrician won't be around late, and paling paling pun jumpa MO. So we stayed home the night, and planned to go and see the paediatrician the next day.

Tetiba la Nadrah & Isaac dah ada selera to eat. And they were both running around as usual!
Bahahaha! Husby and I were so happy, i sampai nangis bila Nadrah finished her food!
So emo. =p
Ni bila dah almost sihat.

Isaac tuuuuuu bersungguh betul! Bahahaha!

But memang bila kids sakit, i pun rasa sakit for them. And memang penat sebab kena pujuk diorang to eat ubat la, eat food, even had to force them to mandi or tukar diapers kot.

ALHAMDULILLAH dah habis episode diorang sakit ni! Nadrah sampai makan 2 round nasi, and can finish 2 small koko krunch packets in a day! I try to boycott Nestle products, tapi dah sebab anak suka koko krunch tu.. terpaksa longgarkan boycottism (if that's a word ehek!). Yes, i tried different brand jugak dah but dia memang dah kenal the taste.

I really hope bila i sakit nanti, my kids will look after me as how i looked after them.. 

Now that that episode has gone, now i'm facing a new episode and i am sooooo unsure of what to do next. It's like when i've passed one obstacle, and see a 10feet high wall that i'm supposed to climb, i want to climb it, but i don't see any rope, or another person to help lift me up, or anything for me to get over it. So i just hang around kat bawah tu and stressing about, sebab tak tau nak buat apa.

Have you ever, macam prayed for someone to just appear in your life, and assist you in every single obstacle you're facing, just so that you know what you're supposed to do, instead of wasting time figuring it out?
I do really wish i have that person, but then.. I would be dependent on that other person la kan? Sepatutnya i depend on myself.
And i think, i mean, i believe that that is what Allah wants me to be. My own hero.

What i learnt though throughout my kids sakit ni... how much the parents suffer when the kids aren't well. Imagine those yang anak ada penyakit kronik? I bet they also pray for someone or some petunjuk to help them go through the ordeal.. When the child is in pain, parents jadi macam mati akal tak tau nak buat apa. Unless they're expert in some medical field related to the child's syndrome. Tapi kalau tak, memang boleh jadi blur kot.

May Allah bless you with all His help and protection, inshaAllah!

Ok i don't know how to end this.
*salam tangan*

Saturday, September 30, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Kids & Safety


I was a bit toooooo emotional talking about this topic sebab i feel like i'm constantly being judged by the choices i made for my children.

Sorry ekkk!

This episode, we talked about safety.
These days punya kids memang lain from our time, and i think it's given. Newer generation kids are more advanced than us 80's babies, and they will face different challenges during their time.
And one of the things i rasa cam "sayang nyee.. my kids won't know what this feels like.." is being able to roam outdoors freely.
I don't think i'll ever let my children ride their bicycle on the streets by themselves. I used to, and it was such fun! I went on a lot of adventures with my friends on our bikes. So... it's kind of unfortunate that my kids will probably have to take uber/grab to have adventures with their friends bahahahhaa! (habis duit parents la hahaha!)

But yeah.

And don't get me started with harness ni!
Eventhough i don't have one for my kids, i do want to sometimes, to get one and use it for Isaac, because he likes to walk away from me instead of walking with me. Bahahaha
Nadrah is already old enough to know that she needs to follow me. =)

Here's our podcast for this week! Have a listen k! =D

So, moms...

Do you take your child(ren) to outdoor playground or indoor?
What safety precautions do you take when you take your kids out?

Share your experiences and wisdom! =)

Thanks moms!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Holiday on a Cruise!

Have you ever been on a cruise?
Seems like fun kan?

I haven't but i just recently discovered COSTA VICTORIA CRUISE, which is actually a leading cruise company in Europe and are now operating in Asia!
Best part?
They're muslim friendly!

How amazingly awesome is that?!

Without further ado, allow me to entice you even further with this 'cruising' holiday.

Like i mentioned earlier, they're from Europe kan. Italy, to be exact. So they are providing passengers with authentic italian flavour, "Italy at Sea". Mammamia!
Imagine having fettuccine beef aglio olip (which is halal) on board Costa Victoria with the family... Wait, did i mention that... KIDS UNDER 13 CAN GET ON BOARD FOR FREE?!?
(Let's shriek together, moms!)
So anyway, imagine having fettuccine beef aglio olio with the family, overlooking the majestic sea.
Sounds so breezy and a unique experience, wouldn't you agree?

There are many activities that can be done while spending your holiday on the cruise too because they have all sorts of facilities, like gymnasium, Spa, Saunas & Turkish baths, and of course they have onboard entertainments and live shows, like acrobatics show. AND, they also have italian cooking class! Kids can also enjoy dance class and play treasure hunts, so yeah, they'll be quite occupied =)

They have a night called Carnival of Venice, and that sounds fun!

I remember when i was in Venice, my family & i missed the carnival because we were too tired from all the baggage-carrying-searching-for-halal-food-and-cranky-nadrah-sebab-jet-lagged.. *sob*
I bet experiencing the carnival on the cruise will be super fun because tak penat. Hehe!

So there are holiday packages for 3 nights, 4 nights and so on. You can actually check out their itineraries here, where you can see the package destinations and cost!
Like this for example:

You can see they move from one place to another. We all can go off board and go explore in the cities, and then come back on the cruise.

The cruise holiday will start in November, so better start planning!!

Since sharing is caring, here's a list of travel agents to contact for booking:

Best Experience Tours
60 3 62015177
Chan Chee Kheong & Brothers Travel
60 5 254 1244
Hwajing Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
60 3 9200 2929
Jebsen Travel & Tours Services Sdn Bhd
60 3 2148 5583
Reliance Shipping & Travel Agencies
60 3 7726 4488
TLC Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
60 7 2362667
AF Travel Sdn Bhd
60 7 300 8081

You are most welcome! =p

Friday, September 22, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Mom & Depression


So today's our 2nd episode on AisKacang podcast (can download the app on your phone)!

And yes, we talked about depression after having our baby.
It's kind of sensitive kot sebab not many would wanna admit they are depressed, unhappy and having problems connecting to people (especially husband and child).

Kan kan?

Being a housewife meant i have to keep myself accompany. I've said goodbye to my social life years ago when i (with a heavy heart) realised that bringing my baby to social events or gatherings are not only physically tiring, but it's A LOT.

Stroller, food, toys, diapers, extra this and that, in case of this, in case that happens, oyemji.
Tu baru things. If the baby doesn't want to cooperate, memang penat la kena pujuk and stuff haha!

So my social life only happens online. 
Now i'm ok la but it took me a long time to come to terms with it.

I'm saying here:
Try, if you can, to find that balance in your life.
Kids shouldn't be treated like a burden, but we try to find the best way to make everyone happy.

Since i couldn't see my friends and stuff, i substitute it with going on adventures with my kids. Sometimes it's simple things like going swimming, playground or to my mom's house. Sometimes, it's going to parks, artsy places, and jungle gyms.

"Me time" is important. Once in a while, go for a massage ke, haircut ke, watch a movie.
I heard MBO at Starling mall in uptown damansara is super children friendly!
Can't wait to try that out, when there's a good movie!
And i watch some tv of MY CHOICE like twice a week. Kesian kan? Hahaha! My kids dapat watch everyday haha! I'm currently watching Chicago Typewriter (kdrama btw =p). It's light and ok la. I can't deal with drama and heavy shows.  

So yeah!

Hope you guys know that we're normal, going through the same stuff, but alhamdulillah, we're still able, we're ok and our kids are ok.
I wish all you moms the best!
I know some of you have harder struggles, dealing with disorders and special kids. I pray for you dunia & akhirat.

May Allah keep us moms strong in all aspects, keep us on the Right Path inshaAllah, and make our children soleh & solehah.
Amiiiinnn =)

Here's the podcast:

let us know what you think!
Share your comments at the website or comment down here =)

Take care moms!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

#UnitedMomsClub : Momma Dilemma


So my first podcast with sister Sue Anna Joe is up on Ais Kacang!
We've been planning for quite some time and alhamdulillah jalan jugak projek kita untuk collaborate.
Konon nak buat Youtube shoes dulu, but because of circumstances tak membenarkan, we just didn't go on with it.. =(
Oh well!

So our first episode on #UMC (United Moms Club) is about the dilemma we've all faced when we first have our baby (even when just after finding out we're pregnant!):
To work or not to work
That is the question.

So we've discussed about it, and you can have a listen here!

I really believe whichever path you have chosen, whether to pursue your career or to be a stay at home mom, there will always be rezeki.

We have to be creative to find the best way to juggle everything, but inshaAllah ada la caranya!
Kita in Malaysia ni alhamdulillah can hire helpers from our neighbouring countries!

Most of my best friends are working moms, and they have wonderful relationships with their spouse and children. That make it work, and i respect them greatly! Bukan senang nak pergi kerja, leave kids at nursery, sibuk think about work stuff, and then come home and pick up kids, clean the house, and cook.
Fuh respect gila!!

Since i am a housewife, i can only offer my point of view.
Truth is, the time when i decided to be a housewife, i was so so scared and nervous.
I didn't know if it was the right thing to do! My job was ok, my pay was ok, everything was ok. 
But i did istikharah for many many days, and the time i gave my resignation letter, the resolution and my instincts just gave me a sense of assurance that i was meant to do it and it was the right thing.

And now, almost 5 years later, i'm doing what i want and i have the freedom to explore and learn! Of course, with my kids in tow. Hehe! They're my handbags =p

There are so many housewives who are running businesses (including yours truly ehem ehem), doing tuition classes, doing pick up/drop off kids from home to school and back, planning events, and so much more! 

So my advice for all you moms or soon-to-be-moms, if you're facing this momma dilemma, i would recommend that you do istikharah as many times as you can, discuss with your husband, and do your best in whatever you choose at the end. =)

We only live once (YOLO! hahaha!), so the worst thing that can happen becomes the worst if we don't learn from it and try to improve the condition. 

Let me know what you think! Share your thoughts here or you can share it at the podcast channel!

ps: i have to improve my podcasting T_T"