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Thursday, January 26, 2023

New New Resolution

 Haritu i kata i nak brave la hape benda entah lagi kan for my 2023 resolution.

Sekarang i nak reconstruction on my resolution.


I'm screaming all of this in my heart and mind btw. That's how strong this mission shall be to me this year! InshaAllah!

No more buying all these stuff until i have finished the ones i already have. Aiguuuuuu..

I tengok my perfumes since before kahwin pun tak habis habis 😳 good thing they still smell good. And as for minyak angin, i buy yang konon kecik2 boleh letak dalam bag, in case sakit badan or kepala masa gi grocery shopping. Lah? Dah berapa tahun dah ni pun tak pernah i tergerak nak pakai minyak angin masa tengah jenjalan. Pastu ada jenis roll on lak. Jenis organic la. Jenis kids-friendly. Bau pun nak πŸ’₯varietyπŸ’₯..

And don't get me started on my stationeries and ever-increasing memo pads πŸ˜‚ I already stopped buying notebooks because i still have some untouched ones, yet to be used, but i shifted my spending attention to memo pads pulak because "they're small and useful". And yet. I hardly finished any of them stacks.


I'm in the saving money mode but i sometimes "accidentally" buy these small stuff and the things i already have are just cluttering my space. So 2023! I shall make space in my closet, my cabinets, and declutter my mind. I'm gonna go by Maria Kondo by the end of this year. Hehehe 😝

That said, if that thing has been sitting there for more than a month, just why?

Jeng jeng. Something to ponder upon. Hehe!

Friday, January 13, 2023

Scones for 1

Have you ever just want to eat scones, but just one (or two) without breaking bank?
I love scones but i don't want to eat it everyday, which would happen if i buy a packet from the bakery, kan? Or have one at some coffee shop that costs a lot.. I just want one to satiate my craving, that's it.

So if you also like scones, here's how i make one!

1. Get Yogurt. Just a small cup yogurt would suffice. I always get the one with berries coz it tastes nice and i don't need to add on sugar or whatever. But if you want plain ones, sila kan. There's no right or wrong way to do it. (Whatever brand yogurt does not matter. Me though, i take whatever's cheapest)

2. I usually take 3 teaspoons of yogurt. If you don't like to keep count, just a palmful of yogurt should be good.

3. Use self-raising flour kalau nak senang, about the same amount, and then mix it. If it's still wet and gooey, add bit by bit of flour. Kalau takde self-raising flour, just use normal flour pastu tambah like a bit of baking powder & salt. (the tip of your teaspoon's worth)

4. Use your hands to mix them up. It is for you anyway kan. Nak malu apa heheπŸ˜‹

This is how it should look like. The flour and yogurt can gumpal together, and the mix should feel dry but still cold (because the yogurt from the fridge kan huehue)

5. Add stuff. Sugar, cinnamon, berries, whatever. You are free to add any filling(s) you want.

Here i added raisins and sunflower seeds. 

The self raising flour i've been using.

6. Dah gumpal, put a bit of butter on the top. You can completely cover the whole thing in butter, but i don't. I just spread the butter on the top with my finger.

7. Put in your Airfryer, set it to 200degC for 10mins.

Takde parchment paper tu pun takpe. It doesn't crumble.


The Result:


After 10 mins, you get a scone for yourself!

This is how it looks like inside πŸ’‹

Of course, this scone takleh lawan the ones bakers make. It's not buttery, nor crumbly but fluffy at the same time, but like i said, it's enough to just satiate that craving, especially when you just want 1 piece.
I usually eat it with marmalade jam and butter, or peanut butter, or cream cheese. 

A warning though, this scone tak sedap sangat bila dah sejuk. So make it when you wanna eat it. Don't need to make a lot and save them in the fridge, coz even after heating it up, the magic is gone. πŸ˜” Proceed with care.

Hope this works for you too! 😁

Monday, January 9, 2023

Lower Back Pains

 Is real.

Seriously. I never expected the pains to be this painful, but yeah. I'm in my 30s, my body *hurts* when i sit too long, *hurts even worse* when i sit on the floor a bit too long.

Just my back la for now, alhamdulillah.. Oh, and my feet too. Still, alhamdullillah.

So my advice to all young ladies, in your YOUTH, sit on your butt, not your back. Don't slouch and learn to put your weight on your butt when you sit, not at the pivot of your spine when you slouch.

Please read the article. It's from Harvard. (UUUuuuuuu~ fancyyyyy~)

My lower back pain started when i breastfed my kids. They took too long and you can't exactly sit up straight while the baby is dangling off the tits kan.. Lenguh la tangan tu..
So i used to slouch when i milked them and now, years later, my lower back couldn't hide its pain that it sometimes become unbearable. Not unbearable la.. Bearable but painful gila πŸ˜…

Whenever it hurts though, i always wonder "how do people get through this? Moms especially?". Me, only 2 kids and this i have to live with for the rest of my life. How about the moms with more kids? All those times i had to sit on the floor to fold the clothes while watching tv, or cutting my toenails, but then, those who had to sit longer because they have more clothes to fold? How painful their backs must've been..

So i try not to complain much. Even when my husband said his back hurts, i just gave a look of concern and gave some words of encouragement like "Yang... you dah tua..."..

But i can't bring myself to tell him about my pains.
It just felt unfair to those who have it worse.

It also reminded me of Victoria Beckham when she said she doesn't smile because she doesn't want to show how *good* she has it. It felt unfair to other designers.

I felt that. 

Let's put in effort to take care of the body while we're still young so that we can grow older gracefully and can still do fun stuff! πŸ’ͺπŸ™Œ

Btw, Marzea is on SALE, so grab them quick coz sale ends by end of the month!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

CRAZY SALE at & Resolution

 2023 is here!

And because of that, i'm making a SALE for all Marzea products 😁

Just click on the photos and you'll be redirected to Marzea's website 😍

Books for Korean Learners, face and hair products~

Even tools and pin!

Usually a new year would mean 'a new me/you', but instead of thinking of making a new version of myself, i approach a new year's resolution with the intention to do more, do better, and be braver. 

Being brave ni has always been my 'thing'. I'm such a scaredy cat, i tend to doubt myself, but i have so much i wish to do. 

These are the things i want to be braver in:
1. Making decisions. I do decide a lot, but when it comes to big things, i always taichi to my husband because i'm always second guessing my own judgement.

2. Trying new things (that don't cost money heheeee). I have tried several new things last year, like making bread (and i turned out disastrous despite my husband's praise. He's only saying it. πŸ˜’). This year, i want to try things i can do fr free online. Haven't thought about it yet.. But yeah~!

3. Facing challenges. I ni.. when i think about the obstacles, difficulties that could result in doing something unfamiliar, it puts me off from trying. So i want to push myself to be interested enough that the challenges won't demotivate me.

4. Letting my kids make their mistakes. And hopefully learn from them. I think i'm borderline a helicopter mom. I tell my kids what to do, and even though i told myself i should stop, dia dah jadi habit. Haih.. This year! No more! They will have to figure things out themselves!

5. Taking in criticism. Like points 2 & 3, i memang takleh kena criticised or confronted. My heart macam takleh.. My husband tegur sikit pun i dah merajuk. But this year, NO! I shall kuatkan hatiku! I mean, i used to get so much hate (zaman hijabista dulu uhuk), but i guess after a while, my heart got soft sangat. Now nak kena kuatkan balik. 😀

To my readers, i want to thank you for reading my blog πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ˜Š
Honestly, i thought that i will start instagramming and stuff again too but i think i'm very much comfortable sharing my stuff here, on this peliks.blogspot. 
I started out as a blogger anyway, ihiks!

I hope as my readers, you too somehow got some benefits? maybe? I don't recommend or review stuff because i don't want to 'influence' people to spend. Serious. Kalau i ada cara or hacks to save money, ha. Yang tu i boleh share. Nak spend money ni... takpe la kot kan? Hehe! If you have any questions or anything, just leave a comment 😊

Also, happy shopping!

Saturday, December 24, 2022

2022 Recap

 The end of the year 2022, already 😊😫

To recap my year, i think i've done a lot, my kids have done a lot and i've challenged myself too.

We've gone to the zoo, nadrah, me & my mom went to windlab, we had our vaccines, met up with my friends, went on a nasi kandar 'roadtrip', my son kena sunat, he had his first ever birthday party with friends and families, my daughter's first sports day since she started, both kids have playdates with their friends, outings, and voting. 

It was fun πŸ˜„ alhamdulillah.

Of course we've had our hardships too, but alhamdulillah semua manageable. 

I have my list of stuff that had kept me occupied too, animes and dramas muahahahah!

My top animes! In no order, btw:

1. 86 - it's about war and teenagers having to fight against this AI war robots. A subtler version of Attack on Titans in my opinion.

2. Spy x Family - omg, i love this anime! So light & fun to watch, even my kids enjoy it (eventhough they don't understand, they can get the gist)

3. Mob Psycho - too bad dah habis but it's really really good! The fighting scenes were always amazing!

4. Summertime Rendering - mystery, thriller but not so dark. Life repeats when the MC dies kinda trope that i really like and it's interesting without being too heavy

5. Demon Slayer - no doubt! Top tier! The fighting scenes, the siblings, the friendships, the animation = chef's kisses muah muah!

Now for the dramas, more like Kdramas:

1. Glitch - serious best! Tak panjang berjela, tak merapek, no cliched romance stuff because it's hardly about romance, more about friendship.

2. Alchemy of Souls - Mudeokah!! Mudeokah! Hehehee.. It's funny, but also have all this family politics, romance, and mystery powers and whatnots and you can't help but love the main characters!

3. Move to Heaven - every episode = tears. Heartwarming and gives perspective on how many ways a person can die and the ones left behind. Best.

4. 25 to 20 - the best romantic comedy so far. I know people were angry at the end, but to me, it's a story. So what la kan. The characters were well acted, so in a way, i think the actors and actresses were the ones that makes the series. 

Itu je la kot. I'm planning to watch Under the Queen's Umbrella, but not yet la. Tunggu series tu habis. I was watching some movies, and i realised that watching a movie is almost about the same time length as watching a kdrama. No wonder i macam penat nak tengok series and why i'd much prefer watching anime. Huhu..

For me who love mystery, Agatha Christie stuff, and Sherlock Holmes stuff, i enjoyed Enola Holmes and Glass Onion; A Knives Out Mystery. I'm planning to watch Knives Out soon after watching Glass Onion. I didn't realise it was out since 2019! Aiguu..

Music wise, i've been listening to a lot of Jpop since the discovery of Fuuji Kaze. I have been looking for that kind of music for a long time, but it's not google-able. I've listened to Official Hige Dandism, Ado, Yoasobi, so now i got Fuuji Kaze related music to listen to like King Gnu.

I dah kurang sikit Kpop compared to last year. English music wise, my husband and i recently suka JVKE yang Golden Hour sebab the musicality of it. I love listening to classical music, so that song really πŸ’«shineπŸ’«. 

So yeah. Also, i managed to lose 7kg this past year. Fuh! It sounds so sikit, but i forced myself to take it slow and be patient because i want to make this a permanent lifestyle and not a phase. Working out, eating properly and making sure i'm not restricting myself to the point of having revenge meals, and alhamdulillah, i'm at a better weight and size now 😁 *pats myself on the back*

A lot of discipline and self motivation. But a girls' gotta do what a girl's gotta do. For the sake of my health and strength to carry my family on my shoulders, gittuuuuuu hehhe

May 2023 be better than this year, inshaAllah πŸ™Œ May Allah make us healthy and safe, keep us strong and happy with our loved ones, that all of us can overcome the economic crisis, and that we have enough for our basic needs, if worst comes to worst. 

Strange photo my son took with my phone

A blurry proof of me on the rock climbing, taken by my son

Another weird thing my son took

My failed attempt at making chocolate bread

A random car my son took

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Another book rant

 Last weekend i made it to MPH warehouse sale at Balakong.

It was the last day though, so i imagine there were probably more books on the first day and even so, there were loads of books there. I didn't buy much. I bought one Robert Galbraith's book (Troubled Blood), two books for my daughter (unfortunately it was only the 2nd and 3rd of a trilogy πŸ˜”) and stationeries. 

It was a good steal too! Buku yang bapak tebal tu dapat RM5 je! Yahoo! Tapi nak bacanya entah bila eheks πŸ˜….

Anyway, i actually thought that i would've bought more books. I was aiming for mystery and fantasy books. 

For the 2 hours plus i was there, i picked up random books that looked good (i'm a sucker for nice covers) and has interesting summaries, then i went to a corner and thennnnnnnn...

I check the reviews on Goodread. 


Imagine spending 2 hours plus surrounded by books only to end up with a Familiar Author because of the reviews.

Before going there, I had made a pact with myself:

1) Be unbiased.

2) Be adventurous.

I remember long time ago when Big Bad Wold just kinda started, i was very open to try any books. I depended solely on recommendations from friends, from the covers, the summaries, the prices and the first page of the novels.

Now, i regret to inform that i am dependent on reviews.. Sometimes when i am skeptic of the reviews, i would go google the books and see what the internet had to say about them. There were many Agatha Christie's books too but according to the reviews, the ones i chose weren't as good and the one that i actually wanted, takde. Ponek cari And Then There Were None. 

Am i... unadventurous?

Have i succumbed to the thoughts of others without even giving a new something a chance?


I just don't like wasting my time and money for a book that could potentially make me barf of boredom, disgust and/or annoyance. I've had read some books that i wish i could throw, burn or tear apart that i bought at Book Xcess. They are priced okay too kat sana. Tapi tu la. Bila nak adventurous sangat, pastu tak boleh nak enjoy the reading process, tak best gak kan?

And that's why i look for recommendations and reviews.

To save me the stress.

So far this year (up until today), i've already read i think about 10 books, TBR ada 7, and currently reading 2.

Not as many as those booktubers, bookgrammers and booktokers yang sebulan je boleh habis baca like 20 books and thick ones at that!

This much pun considered very amazing to my own standard. I used to read less books when i was younger, because i kept reading Harry Potter books on a loop.

Even so, i could always depend on reviews to make my choice. My hobby is reading books, not buying books and certainly not reading annoying books.

My tip if you're considering to buy a hyped book: go to Goodreads and check the ratings, and read the lowest ratings' reviews. Some of them would tell you with great detail why they hate the book(s) and if their hatred resonates with you, put that book down, it's not worth it. Unless you can borrow it for free, then go ahead and satiate that curiosity.

My absolute no-no are lgbt stuff, world building yang tak boleh nak brain, and romance yang takde motif, horor takde motif, mystery takde motif. 

Book rant #1

Monday, November 14, 2022

Tetibe Gayat

 When i was young, younger than now.. i was thrilled at being at high places. It gave me some kind of boost of adrenaline. I was daring, courageous, i was a hero in my mind for being able to step on a higher ground. 

But i don't know whether it was lack of exercising this 'feeling', but i became more and more scared of heights. I was confused by this sudden fear. 

Years ago i went to Kellie's Castle in Ipoh. It was just a regular building but the highlight was the open roof. 

Photo source: here

Photo: here

So you see how this brader can manage a skip on the open roof?

I couldn't even stand straight when i was there. 

I was bending my knees to lower my gravity's center, walking like a crab towards the other side (which has no railings ye...). However, from the middle tu, i was army crawling ok. My husband, then boyfriend uhuks, walked like normal tau! siap berdiri at the edge with his toes betul-betuuuuuul at the side!!!!

I dah laugh-cry dah masa nampak dia berdiri situ. Seriau gilaaaaa!! TAPI muka dia mak aiiihh.. lekk je. Siap offer tangan nak bawak i tepi tu. I dah la army-crawling kan, ngan air mata turun tanpa segan, tapi gelak macam orang gila. Apa la masalah i...

But it was a tell-tale sign. Of the future me.

Yesterday i went to Next Gen kat OU and there was a small rock climbing section, only for big kids and grown ups. 

I did PKN ok. I was a champion at all this climbing stuff. I was.

And i knew i had changed, but i still needed to challenge myself to see how far i can take myself from fear. I went at the 'beginner section' and as i was climbing, i was ok. I went straight up to the top, not even bothering about how high i was because i was focused at my strength. I tapped the bell at the top, and now, all i had to do was let go and swing down. 

I couldn't. I looked down and my legs became jelly. So i climbed down a bit, looked down, the man down there said "Lepas je kak! Takpe! Lepas je!", but i shook my head and climbed down a bit more.

I looked down again, and there he was still "Lepas je kak! Takpe!". So i listened because my jelly legs couldn't move anymore and i let go. And i screamed like an idiot while descending. The funny part was, my legs tau pulak nak push the wall bila i got close to it! My reflexes from the PKN days were still there, alhamdulillah.

Bila my butt touched the ground (because my legs gedik), i was shaking. A bit teary too. But i was determined to try on the other side, the normal rock climbing section with those rocky bits.

I climbed again, focusing on my strength. I think i only did 3/4 of it because bila i kena move my feet to a small rock, i caught a glimpse of how high i was and again, my legs became jelly. My arms pulak not strong enough to pull me up. Thus... I was stuck. I wanted to finish the climb and kept trying to pull my leg up to another rock but dia tanak dengar. 

So i was at the wall, my arms shaking dah tak boleh tahan and then.. i let go. 

I fell and this time i landed on my back (gently & softly). The tears just flowed and my arms and legs were not mine. 

I was like this.

I don't remember what happened, like how my harness and helmet got off, but i gained consciousness when my daughter came to me and hugged me. I macam 'eh??', but she kept saying encouraging stuff but i was laughing je and crawled out of the rock climbing area. My daughter knows when i'm scared shitless, seeing the many times i go into panic mode. 

And now, i think i know where my fear lies. It's not being at high places. It's the fear of free falling and fear of other people free falling too. I cannot stomach seeing my kids go to the edge of ANYTHING even if there're railings, safety stuff, whatever, JUST NO.
I just panic. Tears, dropping on my knees.. it's a whole drama. 

I guess as we all get older, we become more hypersensitive to things that can harm us and our loved ones, so it became like a traumatic response. It catches up on us without us knowing.
So be careful la ya yang daredevil sangat tu. Remember your loved ones if you don't find your life that precious k?

Ugh. Gerun.