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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HFW 2 - Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!

the theme for today is "Celebrate Good Times".
the first thing i thought of when i read it, i had that song in my head. you know?

Celebrate good times, c'mon! it's a celebration~

lagu oldies. so what saya oldies. pakai pun vintage clothes. miau. hehe!

anyway, the theme meant celebrating Eid. this is what i wore to my friends' open house (his house is so beautiful!!). tadaaa~

Selamat Hari Raya!

yes, raya is gone, but Raya Haji is tomorrow!! be ready to stuff your face with meaty dishes, coz i know i will! haha!!

look at this picture. tak rasa cute ke? i was posing like whaattt and these two boys are posing THE SAME WAY! it's too adorable!! 
come on, you must think it's adorable too? kan kan kannnnn??

this dark turquiose/teal colour is soo pretty! it's actually my bridesmaid kurung i wore for my cousin's wedding. who says you can't wear a fancy schmancy kurung on Raya?

i wore this black shawl because i thought it would contrast with the baju, hence shows off my facial features. my face ni kecik but the features besar! hehe!!

okay the tak best part about this kurung is that it creases easily. it's so obvious but still you can't deny it's a nice pair of kurung. hehe! for casual or for formal, boleh jeee! =D
i pakai ni simple simple je. takde la versace or juicy couture. setakat kain beli kat kamdar and beading cousin buatkan. =)

so hope you like this! i ada cerita nak cerita kat you all, but it will have to wait after HFW's done! hehe! =D

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha!! 

ps: HFW is NOT a competition. it's just SHARING our opinions and styles on fashion with hijab. if you don't like what we wear, fine, hop on to the next blog. if you like it, good! don't compare each of us with the other. we all have different styles. =)

thanks for supporting us darlings!
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sue. said...

lawa je....tau...

NUR HazieRAH said...

yeah, it's adorable...

baju pon manyak cantikkkk... i like..

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

dear..selamat hari raya..
u look so sweet with that baju kurung err??

Anonymous said...

Selamat hari raya Maria!!! :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

thanks all!!!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

alamak alamak..

babes, is this BLUE or TEAL/TURQUIOSE??

am i buta warna!?!?!?!?!


stardust. said...

you have always been gorgeous since the first time i saw u at kmph! walaupn time tu u pakai tshirt ngan track bottom bile nmpk u tros cam " lawa siot pompuan neh". and i still remember the day u jd emcee for an event in kmph.ngehehehe.

keep u the good styles maria!

eeqa~ said...

hye! simple tp gorgeous lah maria oyh~

oh ye! pic shweet yang last tuh memang adorable. baru perasan posing dorang berdua same lepas u mentioned. :)

IFA Athirah said...

fuyo!!!cunnya!biru mnyala gitu!!wow!hehe

Merissa K. said...

hahahahahaha. muka As dengan that kid lawak expression sama LOL LOL.

and whose open house was this? Ismal buat muka vogue tak nak kalah! tee hee hee.

you is cantik maya. :D

love the kurung!


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

emma; eeee! selekeh gila kan i masa kat matrix? haha!! oh mc-ing tu, i pun takkan lupa. i lagi tinggi dari my partner tu. hahah!! pakai flats lak tu! btw, thanx ya! =D

eeqa, comel kan? hahaha! i tegelak tgk da pict. macam planning je diorg! =p btw, thanxx yaaa! hehe!

oh yes ifa, biru menyala! =D

tasha, i know righttt! it was gab's open house. cantik kan da house!! tasha, u know u is cantik too. =D

cik EPAL said...

so adorable!!! muehehe. turqoise suit you =)

cik EPAL said...

btw, salam aidil adha. jangan makan meat banyak sangat. hikhik

Haute Muslimah said...

You look beautiful mashaallah!

Adriani said...

comelnya gambar tuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!
cute candid <3

Fatin Liyana said...

comel kak maria as always la kan hee
ok gmbar last mmg adorable!
dak bang dak bang

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

cik epal!! thank youuu!! selamat hari raya aidiladha to u too! =D

haute muslimah, u is hot! hahaha! thank you ya habibi =D

yani! comel kannnn!! hehehe! =B

fatin~~ haha gambar lama dah. u nampak kot kan i wore this to your house! haha! and your bro mmg comel =p selamat hari raya!

The Hetzel said...

ok,gmbar tu mmg adorable!!!d boys look so cute.kebetulan or what?oh, i dah mula comment on almost ur entry n perhaps becoming more annoying kan? soryyy

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

kan kann!! it was not planned, completely coincidence! i tgk pun gelak gelak! hey hetzel! u comment la sebanyak u nak, i sumpah i tak annoyed pun la! i suka lagi ada la!! thank you so muchhhh!! MUUUAAHHHH!!
sayang kamu =B

Mizz Dayana said...

cute gyla! :)

NN said...

haha klkar plak gmbr last tu