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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paris, mon amie~

now on to Paris, city of L.O.V.E.

i feel like wetting my pants now coz im watching Argentina vs Germany as im typing out this post. heh. let's just hope this will be the game to be remembered. hehee!

so from Amsterdam, we took the train to Paris, ma cherie. we had to take a cab to the hotel from the train station, and i lak, gatal nak try testing power my french. bear in mind please, that i'm noob in french.

me: excusez moi, nous voudroin aller Tryp Francois. ca va?
cab driver: oui oui.

took the bags into the boot.

in the cab,

cab driver: laksjalklkjalk sdajdasjlakjdak klaj skj?
me: ha?
cab driver: vous parlez francais ou anglais?
me: oh, anglais s'il vous plait. =B
cab driver: where are you from?
me: Malaysia.
cab driver: oh! Kuala Lumpur! i have friends there! it's nice!
me: hehee.. how about you? you local?
cab driver: no. i'm from Sri Lanka.

haha!! poyo je nak berusaha cakap french when he's not even a local. i should've known =p

anyway, i always try to speak french there, but the locals obviously know i'm a tourist (probably coz my french sounds very fake, who knows!) because it's fun to feel that you can actually strike up a conversation in a different language. rasa bangga. haha!
thing is, Paris is not like how it used to be. you would think they would snub us as soon as they hear us speking in English. it's not like that anymore. not so much anyway. i think the french people finally come to senses that it's easier to make business if they can speak english and of course at this time, they really really need foreigners to give them businesses. haha!

so Paris was wonderful! the weather was just ideal! it was sunny and cool breeze was bellowing. macam Cameron-ish but colder sikit la. best bangat!

because we arrived in the evening, after checking in and had our showers, we wanted to go out for a walk. but it was night-time already. then it was freaking cold! but oh well. we just braved ourselves and explore what was needed to be explored.

the next day, we went to De Louvre first! the line was long and we are not into all this history stuff, so we just walked around De louvre and guling-guling on the grass nearby. oh, there were statues everywhere, so best gak la!!

then jalan jalan around De Louvre, we found many parks, fountains, and more statues surrounding it. mana la tak romantic betul tempat tu? haha! clean, green, beautiful, artistic and above all, the weather was splendid! =D

after walking around in the park of De Louvre, we walked our way towards the Arc. it was a long stretch and i almost nak kena langgar masa cross the street, but alhamdulillah i was unscathed and tak kena maki. best gila!! hahahaha!! kalau kat sini, confirm kena glare. or the finger.

tengah jalan tu nampak left and right, big branded shops! we just walk past la. nak mati masuk kedai2 tu? takde duit, takde hope. haha! at the Arc, we took loads of pictures and studied the details of the monument. (monument ke? wateva la) gila precise and up to minute detail. camane tu? orang2 dulu kemain creative! what happened to that talent? gone with technology maybe. the Arc is freaking HUGE! cantik ada, freaky pun ada. coz dia ada christian2 thing. rasa weird.

where i almost got hit =p

De Louvre - check!
the Arc - check!

what is Paris without Eiffel kan? ahaaaaaa.. we went to La Tour Eiffel~~ oui oui!
my friends were so happy coz they bought god-knows-how-many eiffel keychains for a real good bargain. haha! good for them! so kat Eiffel tower tu, we took pictures of course and had crepes and ice cream. SEDAPPPPPP!!! ughh.. i miss it so much. rugi tak amik pics. i was too consumed with my food, i forgot to document it. haha! moi mistake.
dah makan, we got on a horse carriage which took us around Eiffel Tower! it was really romantic and the carriage driver was sort of cute. haha! =p on the carriage, we felt so "out there", but the people there just wave at us and gelak2 tengok. apa lagi! we pun wave back and i felt special! cewaaahhhh~~ hahaa! Nina and Amad are so lucky =D

after the carriage ride, we went on the grass and guling2 lagi. hahahaha! i swear, it is THAT NICE! while guling2 tu, take pictures, talk, and reviewed our merchandises. haaa.. life without a worry.. camtu la rasa dia! =B

we got on the cruise (mind you, not the cruise! cruise tour yang murah jeee!) around Paris. did you know that in Paris, there's a smaller version of the White House yang kat Washington tu? also, there's a replica of Liberty's torch in the city. these french people actually worship americans tapi ego nak admit it. weird..

masa on the cruise tu best la! it was like a shortcut method to see the whole city rather than walking or taking the train. heee..
on btw, Paris is not a cheap place to shop and eat! susah gak la kot. makan maggi and kurma in the hotel room to save money with the occasional crepes and ice creams. tu takleh nak tolak la. sedap nak mampus kot!

Notre Dame

the last day tu, we went to La Sacre Couer. not many people know of this place because it's not promoted like the Tower and De Louvre. but with relentless efforts, we found the place and climbed steep stairs to reach the bloody place. wee!
tengok ni.

all in all, Paris was wonderful and we faced no difficulty in finding places to go, eat (we found halal KFC!) and communicating. hahhh.. rindu!!

next: London!!


ask said...

jom guling2 kat ou.

Anonymous said...

if im not mistaken, the statute of liberty was given by the people of France to America. =)

Anonymous said...

if im not mistaken, the statute of liberty was given by the people of France to America. =)

Maria Elena Zarul said...

oh reaally? thanx for the info!

woody said...

cab driver: laksjalklkjalk sdajdasjlakjdak klaj skj?
me: ha?

kah3.. no wonder xpaham.. he's babbling his ass off

Maria Elena Zarul said...

tau takpe. hahhaa!! belit2 lidah dia bercerita and i felt like it was a mistake nak test my french power. haha!

Amierah Nabillah said...

I just went there! :DD Hehe! Champs Elysees :D

unknown said...

Akak reti ckp french eh? Akak blja dulu bru pergi or akak mmg dah taw french?

My teacher ada gtaw pasal kalau kita ckp english kat french, org french takkan pandang sebab diorg tak suka org ckp english. So, kena ckp bhse mlyu.

Ingatkan skrg still cmtu jugak, rupanya dah tak.

Ana Khadijah said...

oh.!Paris ....i wish to go there..
Paris de Love City is my dream..!!
sis,u're so lucky to go there..

a said...

Hahahaha your french is so funny! great pictures

Izzatul Shahira said...

Apa nama hotel u tinggal d amsterdam? Aaaand.Train tu you guna yang mana satu?

murahmurah shop said...

Maria jumpa kfc halal kat mana ye..aritu outstation ke paris, punya la mengidam kfc masa x tau pon ada yg halal..mana ye?

WANDAH said...

selamat berkenalan saya suka blog awak ni...waah jalan merata...ya...bestnya dapat tengok negara luar...