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Chasing the White Maddoz

... is the title of my first ever book.

It was something else initially but i've changed it at the time of publishing it. Ehek!

Anyway, this has been a project i've kept a secret from everyone outside of my little fam (my husband knows but he doesn't know the content and even the gist of the story, my kids knew i was writing something but they weren't curious about it much), and something i had been working on for the past 2 years-ish.

It wasn't easy and i wasn't doing it full-time. I wrote little by little, and then i had to proofread and edit little by little, and finally i thought, dah la tu! Just publish je la!

I published it on a free website, because other than readers can read it for free, i would also appreciate any comments, feedbacks if necessary. I am an amateur after all.

I had to rely on thesaurus a lot and searching for words online, like "how to describe shaking legs", "what is criminal justice". Also, i had to do several researches before i could really make the story happen.

I never knew editting was a different challenge on its own too. It was harder than writing because i had to fact check, i had to make sure the timeline, places, names make sense. Not to mention the grammar, tenses, word structure etc etc... ughhh... that was the MOST difficult in my honest opinion... 

That said, i hope readers would find this book easy to read and entertaining with a sprinkle of interesting 😊😊

Thank you for your interest & time 😊

Disclaimer: The contents, characters, story was not based on anything in real life, everything is fiction and not inspired by any events that happened anywhere in the world. I thank Allah for the ideas and ability, and for allowing me the time, convenience, facilities to make this book possible. Everything good from this book is because of Him, and anything bad is due to my own inadequacies.

ps: cover illustrated by daughter

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