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Monday, July 5, 2010

self-pity? pffft. please.

ok, i want to take a detour from my Eurotrip experience, merci. =)

who would've thought, the one who was most quiet and stood strongest, was the one who got truly sick. when everyone else said they don't feel well, rasa nak demam, you senyap je. padahal you felt the same. dear Farhanilalala, you are such a strong person, and i admire you. =D

i rasa from now on, if i can manage, i'll try to shut up instead of going around telling how bad i got it. some had it worse and they don't even 'promote' it.

we should all be stronger rather than indulge in self-pity.

why should it be a competition? who's got worse than who. frankly, it just shows that we're selfish and ignorant and most importantly, ungrateful. we've had better than most yet we still have things to complain about.

i'm not going to push myself on to people for sympathy because i don't need it. i am strong, and i'll be stronger. so friends, let's just pop our self-pitying-bubble and build a grateful bubble.


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