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Friday, July 2, 2010


alrighty! there's a lot to type and too many to describe about my holiday since the last day of studying. so here goes!
to begin with, i went on this Eurotrip with my friends. My bestfriend from highschool, Nina, her bf, Amad, and her bf's sister, Sis. initially this trip was supposed to be just myself and Nina, but then Amad and Sis wanted to join us, so best la!! the more the merrier kan! and OMG, did we have FUN! heehehe!!

first stop: Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is by far my favourite place! yes, it is where drugs and prostitution are legal, but the locals are very subdued and civilized people. the city is clean and the greeneries were kept. they have large parks in the city and people there are just so healthy! you will see people cycling about, young and old, and they rely on public transportation to get around if not cycling or walking. that's why it's so nice there! not busy, not polluted, not congested. very pleasant!

so we bertolak from KLIA at 9pm and transit at Dubai airport and arrived in Amsterdam at 9pm. or something like that.. haha! lupa.
upon arrival, we took the train and headed to our hotel. it's near Red Light District! haha! the hotel was quite nice! and with 2 to a room, it was a comfortable stay. mind you, we got the rooms for such a good price! *credits to Nina's mom!*

Dubai Airport!

pretty kan? ni baru intro! hahaha!

we went to the outskirts of Amsterdam to see the windmills. it's soo cute! they make cheese
there too so to all cheese lovers, sila jealous coz i had a good time
tasting cheese samples of all sorts! muahahahaha!! rugi i tak beli for my dad. he's an extreme cheese lover.. cuma tak tau maa! too many choices!


cheese for abah! not..

at the village where they made their local crafts and these awesome shoes!

we went to the Sex Museum too. haha! terkejut? but yeah we did. i went there before but then, i was a younger and naive girl, so seeing what i saw, i was disgusted. hari tu, my friends and i were just laughing away. it was disturbing (penis and vagina everywhere kot!) but entah, when you're open to it, it seemed quite funny. =p nak gambar ke? haha!

we went on the canal cruise around Amsterdam too. basically naik cruise tu to see all the places we haven't been to yet and most likely won't cover. kira shortcut of sight-seeing la. but best anyway! we also walked around Red Light District during the day. things is, in broad daylight, the prostitutes won't be at the main road nye windows. they worked at small alleys. at night baru diorang stand by their windows. huahua! cool tau!

slanting houses

because in Amsterdam, everything is either walking distance or tramp ride away, we always had time to balik hotel, eat and go out again. bear in mind the sun is up from 4am to 11pm! so we covered loads of places in a day! we had ice creams, pastries, fries, and they were good! no nasi or noodles. rasa cam mat salleh gila! mmm.. sedap gila!!

you would think we ate at places yang tak halal kan? tut tut tut.. it's the modern days now! there are halal places everywhere! takde la nak darurat2 ke apa. senang je nak cari. just walk ahead, and left and right nampak je sign Halal. =D

we also enjoyed ourselves walking in the parks, and 1 in particular, Vondel Park, is sooooo cantik!! and nice and oh-my-God, hijaunyaaaaaa!! we walked ikut pintasan paling cepat pun rasa cam jauh nak mampus. it's THAT huge! dah keluar from the park, we walked to Hard Rock Cafe coz Sis collects clothes from there. hehe! i wanted to buy drumsticks, but it was above my budget. takpe, next time! =D

that night, we went to Red Light District! and masa tu la, the party started. gila sibuk la! it was a pasar malam, guys going up to the doors and bargaining with the girls, and on the streets people hanging out la, drinking la, reunion pun ada. haha! memang happening habis! it was fun!! oh, and there many types of prostitutes, you would not believe! ada kurus, ada tak, ada lawa, ada yang manly-ish, etc etc. haha! must-see siot!

lastly, we went to the Flea Market. it was soooo quaint, i rasa cam envious! why can't our pasar be like that? tapi i paham la. our country panas maa. kalau boleh orang nak beli what they need and then chow terus balik rumah di mana kipas or air-con is on. haha! it was filled with different aromas; pastries, breads, fruits, clothes, flowers, etc etc. uhh.. best sgt!

so yeah, this is pretty much the summary of Amsterdam. ada je lagi extra2 but just this pun dah banyak kan. hehe!!

I AMsterdam!

next: PARIS!!!


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best ke amsterdam?
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Maria Elena Zarul said...

like button kena buat sendiri. hehe!! merci!!=D

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ya allah..sgt cntik....beautiful flowers....

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