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Thursday, November 30, 2023

May Our Efforts Count for Something

 I really admire the people in US, UK, even in Spain, South Korea, Pakistan, Australia who have been marching for Palestine.

If i'm not wrong, US & UK had their 7th weekend protest, and their numbers are still in 5 figures. The Pro-Palestinians (and it's a lot of them alhamdulillah) are practically fighting their government to ceasefire and stop funding the genocide with their tax money.

Cynthia Nixon was outrightly calling for ceasefire, to the point of making a hunger strike in front of the rumah putih. 

Source: Al Jazeera

Not all. Not all mat saleh are bad, not all jews are bad.

Our real enemies are: Zionists, Settlers, IDF/IOF, and of course Setanyahu.

In reality, anyone can be bad regardless of religion. Muslim pun ada perangai cam setan, walaupun tak se-setan setanyahu. Setanyahu tu memang bapak segala setan.


As Malaysians, i follow the news as closely as i can. Since kitorang takde nak protes-protes, solidarity march every weekend, or send our military troops like Yemen, we have to show support differently. I pun nak berjihad, and i want to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, etc etc.

Secara simple-nya, i see 2 ways:

1. Learn more about Islam. 

Akidah, fiqah, etc etc. Sebab makin lama, makin ramai akan curious pasal islam. And being a born and raised muslim, there are so many things i take for granted.

I saw so many people, non-muslims, who started reading the Quran, and their understanding of Allah's Word is so much better that i jadi malu. 

Malunya i ni tak boleh fikir cam diorang ni.. They see Allah's Words with fresh eyes, so with that, they see and understand it in ways i didn't! Subhanallah..

So, i sendiri tengah prepping myself, learning as much as i can so that i can teach my kids, and if suddenly ada someone tanya i pasal islam, i can answer them confidently. 

And hopefully, with learning, we can also implement the teachings in our life. Cakap tak serupa bikin tak guna gak kan.

May Allah bless us all with ilmu yang bermanfaat. Amiiin~

2. Save money (or things) to sedekah.

We all have seen the devastation, the destruction of the Gaza city. And the lahanats already started massacring Jenin.

The cost for rebulding will be... fuhhh... i rasa they need like billions kot. Imagine nak rebuild hospitals, schools, universities, homes and homes, markets... BANYAK GILA WEH! 

That's why we need to prepare to give. 

InshaAllah, with our portion of rezeki, we can help them rebuild their life faster.

In the meantime...





(i tak tau if i'm allowed to doa like this btw... So jangan la ikut i sangat ek. Tapi i tengah marah, geram & benci diorang sangat2!!)

Ya Allah! You are The Provider, The Most Gentle, The Provider, The Most Loving, The Most Generous, The Wealthy, The Most Merciful and Most Forgiving...

Please forgive the oppressed for their lackings, but elevate them in status for being patient, please provide them comfort, food, and shelter, please give them warmth, and protection from the harsh living conditions & weather now, please soothe their hearts, give them good health, and give them their dignity. Bless them in multi folds, bless them with abundance & barakah.

Help the orphaned, Ya Allah... The crippled... Help them Ya Allah...

Ya Allah, let them win. Help the mujahideen to win against the oppressor. Help them gain victory. Help them in their mission to liberate their people.


If you have any other suggestions on what we should prepare for, share in comment!

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Free Palestine

 Palestine in my heart.

I've been posting stuff on instagram, sharing & reposting things that would be useful information for people who are still unaware, forgotten, and fallen for their lies.

Coz, let's be real. There are still a lot among us who are either not supportive of any Palestine movements or don't want to be involved in the cause.

But it's ok. I do whatever i can anyway, not just for others, but for myself too because i had forgotten at some point.. This time, i hope (may Allah help me), that i can continue to remember them. 👐

For the past month, i came to a conclusion that UN is useless, arab nations are twisted, and yemen is brave.

In the case of UN... Israshits had bombed UNRWA schools, UN refugee camps, UN staff, and still, they just... do nothing.

If you wanna know the 'WHY' they're not doing anything despite the many meetings, many throwing words here and there, read this. It's just stupid nonsense, in my opinion. The israshits were already proven guilty of illegally occupying, committing war crimes, using banned weapons, but still the UN's not gonna enforce their legal power on them. They're not prosecuting their baby setanyahu. 

And oh my goodness... the lies, the propaganda, the stupid 'evidence' the israshits been planting... it's a disgusting joke at this point.

But in spite of all this, there are some good things.

I've seen people (non-muslims) reading the Quran, people rewiring their perceptions about Islam, and about the indigenous people whose lands they are occupying (the mat sallehs la). For us non-mat-sallehs, it's being free from their ways, uninfluenced by their superficial standards, and being closer to our own religion, culture and history. Lies and hypocrisy being exposed. Allah bongkarkan segalanya and the chosen ones, with His Permission, will see the truth.

While, alhamdulillah, our country memang pro-palestine which means our tax money doesn't go to the israshits' pockets, we still need to do our best in not giving them even the bare minimum through boycott. But i know, ada je yang tegar tak nak boycott. Takpe la diorang tu. May Allah help all of us in our efforts to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

I've been telling my kids about this too, because who knows, maybe by the time my kids dah besar, diorang yang akan perjuangkan mereka yang oppressed. If something like this happens in their time, i hope they can look back at the Palestinians, and see how the world tried to save Palestine from genocide. They may have better solutions, better knowledge, and better order implementation before it's too late. And most of all, hope they are free from corruption. InshaAllah, amiiin~

I tried to teach them about 'self-defense' too. When is self-defense ok, and when it is not. The difference between defending and attacking. The difference between standing up for yourself and revenge. It isn't easy, to be honest 😅 Their sense of justice is still not matured yet. Huhu.. tapi tu la. Kena la ajar so that diorang tau the difference. 

So yeah.

Itu je la nak cite... May Allah help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I hope that the children can grow into amazing people, that they can rebuild their lives in peace, and that they can have the freedom they deserve in their homes, their lands, and may their victory come soon. Amiin~

credit: AlJazeera

Thursday, October 19, 2023

How not to feel down in this crucial times

 If you're going down the pits because you're feeling so hopeless, angry, geram... and then you're wondering why the Arab muslims are not doing anything, the neighbouring countries, the politicians, why are they not fighting for Palestine... and then you're getting so emotionally drained because you see all these madness and massacre, happening right now, to the people in Gaza, and you're stuck behind the screen of your phones and computers, unable to do much but cry...

Stop it.

Here's how to keep your head and heart straight.

1. Don't look for influencers, celebrities, or whoever with fame/power

Don't wait for them to say "I Stand With Palestine", dan sewaktu dengannya. Some of them may know about the war, some may not. Maybe it will take time for them to learn it. Some of them have been fed with lies for so many years kot. So biarkan diorang. Kita boleh educate/teach them, tapi jangan burukkan diorang k. 

2. What can you do with what you have? Share information. Spread awareness.

It's not just by saying "I Stand With Palestine". Give information. 

What information? 

- The history of Palestine and Israel

- The truth about what Israelis have been doing

- Call out those who spread lies, debunk them and give proof of the truth

- Share organisations that are sending medical, food, water supplies to people in Gaza & Palestine

3. Educate.

Educating your children, your family, friends, peers. Those who are reachable, around your space. Teach them.

This will take a while because we can only hope that our loved ones can be on the same side as us, but in the end, it's up to them. So to educate is to be patient.

Teach children basic human rights - sedekah, helping people, being grateful etc etc, so that they themselves know how to act with kindness, how to provide help and assist those in need. InshaAllah when their time comes, they will know how to differentiate lies from truth, how to fight with intellect, and how to use technology to their advantage. 

4. Don't expect immediate results.

Don't. You doa, you donate, you share awareness, but don't expect results. Don't expect anything from the Arab muslims, don't expect anything from our government, just don't. Don't expect for anyone to give you results. Don't think "Today i donate RM 1mill" (subhanallah, alhamdulillah kalau betul lah), and then expect esoknya duit sampai kat diorang pastu diorang dapat makan ayam goreng terus. 
No. Just do whatever you're doing, and don't expect results.

The problem with us is that we like to see tangible results. We, as much as we believe in the Unseen, believe easily when we can see the fruit of our efforts. It's natural to hate the enemies and wish for their downfall but that's not up to us. Our prayers should be directed for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and not for our enemies. Don't waste it on them. Remember, what you pray for others, the angels will pray that for you

5. Watch educational & spiritual videos.

As a muslim, believe in Allah's Plan and Timing. Bila-bila saje Allah nak hentam diorang, it will happen. We have no right to ask Allah to speed up the process. We are not capable of seeing the future and know the best outcome. So believe je. Kalau tak boleh, i suggest you watch islamic videos that talk about Palestine and ajak doa sekali. Takyah tengok debate-debate between pro-israbish and pro-palestine. It'll only make you mad.

Yaqeen Institute have videos yang uplifting & encouraging. Watch them k?


Please don't underestimate the power we hold as muslims. Our belief and faith for the Almighty, our doas, inshaAllah akan sampai. Jangan remehkan doa kita. Sekecil kecil doa kita, mana tau, doa itu lah yang akan spark the change. 

Don't lose hope, don't get depressed and sad, don't give up, don't shut off. 

Keep doing what you can, no regrets.

May Allah balas our efforts with mercy in the Hereafter. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Demi Palestine

 I wanted to say that "I've stood with Palestine since 2012", but it's not something i could be proud of. 

As much as i had put in my effort into talking about it, donate or whatever it is, Palestine is still not free.  

I don't know if anyone feels the same, but i had felt so helpless sampai tak tau apa nak buat. Depress sorang sorang. While we're here worrying about where to eat, and how much prices of food have gone up, they're worrying if they can see their kids grow up safely.  

It is sad and heartbreaking to see those videos and pictures of the Palestinians. It was never easy to look at, because it is real. Sometimes i feel so guilty for being so carefree over here in Malaysia, that i don't know what to do with myself. Nak trade places with them? Maybe I'd say "Yes, i'll trade", if Allah did ask me if i wanted to, but if i really really have to go through it, i think i pun tak mampu... I probably beg Allah to put me back where i came from. 

I had wished to be the richest person in the world so that i could just buy off Palestine from the Zionswines. I had wished to be so fearless like John Wick so that i could assassinate those musibats. I had wished i had the ultimate power that i can just telangkupkan every single swine so deep into the earth that nobody could bury them out.

I wanted Power. I wished for it. Because it had been years. Years. And it's like there's no improvement. 

So rasa cam, there's no end to it. There's no end until i become The Hulk. 

I was wrong. I am Powerless because there is the Ultimate Power that we need to turn to: Allah. 

From the wise words of Angeline Tan, "Allah tak pernah abaikan kita".

Apatah lagi mereka yang di-oppressed. Mereka yang dianiaya. Mereka yang dizalimi.

Allah tak abaikan mereka, and as helpless as we feel about our lack of influence, effort, ability and money, Allah's Power is All Encompassing and Knowing - melitupi segala-galanya! We gather together, and collectively send our prayers to Allah to save our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and for Him to deliver His Ultimate Judgement and Justice upon the evil, that is Power. 

We should not underestimate the power of our prayers, and we should trust Allah because His Plan is the Best. 

If you're in that phase where you feel like giving up because it's too frustrating or depressing, i urge you not think of the future (when will it end? who will step up? etc etc), but do it with the thought that Allah's Power and Knowledge is beyond our comprehension, and when He wills it, Palestine will be victorious. In the meantime, let what ever efforts we put in be counted for something in His Eyes. 

Nanti bila dah mati, Allah can say "You did so-and-so for the Palestinians. Here's syurga for you". Wahhh.. Amiiin!

That time will come when Palestine will be free. For their victory, for their families to be able to return to their rightful homes, for them to live safely and freely, for them to have abundance in food and water. They deserve the world.

I know this post isn't much. I can't articulate much about the evilness of Israelis and their mental defects.. i only want us to not give up and continue to support and fight for Palestine. 

Sunday, October 1, 2023


We were in the car, talking about how my phone case was peeling off my screen protector.
Husband was suggesting this and that, I was like, uhuh, yeah, ok.

And then i opened my phone and was just looking at a video, and then, keluar ad for a phone case, which 'coincidentally' solves my problem!

me: omaigah yang, look at this.

Showed him the ad.

him: oh good la. At least the phone was listening to you.

me: ?

him: since the kids don't.

ps: of course, i laughed at his frankness 😂. i mean, where is the lie? memang takde huhuhuhukhukhuk
pps: i already did whatever i could so that the phone doesn't 'listen' to me, but guess it might have bypass something or some app... ugh.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Komputer Si Adik Was Threatened

 The other day, ada kekecohan kat rumah my mom.

This is the story:

So my mom's house ada helpers. Now, before anyone assumes the worst, my parents dah 💫golden citizen💫 and my uncle, who's also a golden citizen is living with them, so dengan masalah kesihatan masing-masing, it was best to have helpers to essentially help around the house. And mind you, the helpers begged to stay with them k. So takde bad vibes or whatever k. My mom takes care of them really well too. Ok?


The helpers are indonesian, and our language, while they're almost the same, they're also still not the same. There's the accent, the 'same word different meaning', and there's the sentence structure yang sorta different. 

So that day, my brother was at my mom's, and X came to him, asking him where my younger brother's computer was.

My brother ni pelik la but he didn't think much of it. He said, "Dia bawak dengan dia la kot". Then, she saw my brother's computer. "Ini komputer si adik ya?", dia tanya.

Bro said, "Tak. Ni saya punya". 

X ni pun gelabah la. Tercari-cari computer adik dalam bilik dia. 

Sebab tak jumpa, dia pergi tanya Y, "Eh, mana komputer si adik ni?"

Y tanya balik, "Loh. Napain kamu cari komputer si adik?"

X jawab, "Kok ibu (my mom) suruh bersihkan komputer adik".

Y pelik. Nape ibu suruh bersihkan komputer?

Y ni sensible sikit, so dia cari my mom and then she asked. "Ibu ada suruh X bersihkan komputer adik ke?"

Mom was like, "Ha?"

X came and said, "Iya kok. Ibu suruh saya bersihkan komputer di bilik nya tu".

Mom was baffled.

"Saya suruh bersihkan comforter bilik adik".

X angguk, "Iya".

"Comforter la. Selimut yang ada isi tu".


Mom was astonished. Also a little bit grateful that there wasn't a computer in my bro's room! Sebab si X ni tak tau comforter, pastu dia ingat it's komputer!

When my mom, X, Y told the story to me, my brother and i laughed sampai nangis! Sebab muka si X kemain innocent! And my mom pun tegur dia, "lain kali bila tak paham, tanya dulu!"

sikit lagi nak jadi camni 😂

//Ps: the conversation was not accurate, but the gist remains the same.//

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

One Thing I Learnt From My Business

 Alhamdulillah, i was blessed with the opportunity to do online businesses in clothing and skincare.

Of course, there were loooooooooots of lessons, but here, imma be real and share one big thing i discovered about myself.

I had never done any sort of business bigger than a Yard Sale when i was a teenager (it was really fun!), so to have a real business that required real non-negotiable prices, material, labour, packaging etc etc's costs were really new, and harder. And then there was the marketing part of it......... fiuh!

It was a HUGE learning experience, being my own boss.

But if there's one thing about me that i come to discover was that i am not the leader i thought i was.

All my life, i thought i was a good leader. 

I can delegate tasks, i meet datelines, i strategise and manage, BUT...

I'm not a good leader. And the number1 reason is that I'm such a people pleaser.

Me trying to lead and then wondering "Was i too b*tchy?" 😑

I felt bad 'boss'ing. When i have to inconvenient someone, i felt bad. I used to wonder if my staff hated me because i asked them to do something else that day... padahal it was in line with their job scope 😣

Even when they do something super wrong, i still would talk to them gently, laugh it off, or do it myself (to avoid confrontation)... I also micro-manage so that i can lighten their workload 😓 

It was actually during PKP Covid 19 time tu when i realised this bit of myself...

That time when the business had no choice but to halt, i had time to reflect on my business and that led to me realising how i was as a boss.

And i kinda sucked at it. I'm too nice.

My husband and i talked about this and this is our conclusion:

My strength is executing. Give me a task, and i will do my best, and i will try not to inconvenience anyone while at it. If i believe in an idea, i will do it even if it requires learning it. I will experiment, research, practice, etc, whatever it takes to make the idea happen.

So if you want to start a business, know that you need to be a boss to your team. Being a boss doesn't mean you have to be mean, angry or strong all the time, it just means you need to learn to teach your staff/team members to do their jobs that meet your standards, and that would sometimes require you to be stern and unlikeable. It also means to give them the trust they deserve so that you, as a good leader, could use their efforts and strengths to grow your company. 

And so forth and so forth 💪💁

Just know the difference between being a good leader and a nice person. YOU CAN DO THIS! (If you're doing this la...)