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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Komputer Si Adik Was Threatened

 The other day, ada kekecohan kat rumah my mom.

This is the story:

So my mom's house ada helpers. Now, before anyone assumes the worst, my parents dah πŸ’«golden citizenπŸ’« and my uncle, who's also a golden citizen is living with them, so dengan masalah kesihatan masing-masing, it was best to have helpers to essentially help around the house. And mind you, the helpers begged to stay with them k. So takde bad vibes or whatever k. My mom takes care of them really well too. Ok?


The helpers are indonesian, and our language, while they're almost the same, they're also still not the same. There's the accent, the 'same word different meaning', and there's the sentence structure yang sorta different. 

So that day, my brother was at my mom's, and X came to him, asking him where my younger brother's computer was.

My brother ni pelik la but he didn't think much of it. He said, "Dia bawak dengan dia la kot". Then, she saw my brother's computer. "Ini komputer si adik ya?", dia tanya.

Bro said, "Tak. Ni saya punya". 

X ni pun gelabah la. Tercari-cari computer adik dalam bilik dia. 

Sebab tak jumpa, dia pergi tanya Y, "Eh, mana komputer si adik ni?"

Y tanya balik, "Loh. Napain kamu cari komputer si adik?"

X jawab, "Kok ibu (my mom) suruh bersihkan komputer adik".

Y pelik. Nape ibu suruh bersihkan komputer?

Y ni sensible sikit, so dia cari my mom and then she asked. "Ibu ada suruh X bersihkan komputer adik ke?"

Mom was like, "Ha?"

X came and said, "Iya kok. Ibu suruh saya bersihkan komputer di bilik nya tu".

Mom was baffled.

"Saya suruh bersihkan comforter bilik adik".

X angguk, "Iya".

"Comforter la. Selimut yang ada isi tu".


Mom was astonished. Also a little bit grateful that there wasn't a computer in my bro's room! Sebab si X ni tak tau comforter, pastu dia ingat it's komputer!

When my mom, X, Y told the story to me, my brother and i laughed sampai nangis! Sebab muka si X kemain innocent! And my mom pun tegur dia, "lain kali bila tak paham, tanya dulu!"

sikit lagi nak jadi camni πŸ˜‚

//Ps: the conversation was not accurate, but the gist remains the same.//

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

One Thing I Learnt From My Business

 Alhamdulillah, i was blessed with the opportunity to do online businesses in clothing and skincare.

Of course, there were loooooooooots of lessons, but here, imma be real and share one big thing i discovered about myself.

I had never done any sort of business bigger than a Yard Sale when i was a teenager (it was really fun!), so to have a real business that required real non-negotiable prices, material, labour, packaging etc etc's costs were really new, and harder. And then there was the marketing part of it......... fiuh!

It was a HUGE learning experience, being my own boss.

But if there's one thing about me that i come to discover was that i am not the leader i thought i was.

All my life, i thought i was a good leader. 

I can delegate tasks, i meet datelines, i strategise and manage, BUT...

I'm not a good leader. And the number1 reason is that I'm such a people pleaser.

Me trying to lead and then wondering "Was i too b*tchy?" πŸ˜‘

I felt bad 'boss'ing. When i have to inconvenient someone, i felt bad. I used to wonder if my staff hated me because i asked them to do something else that day... padahal it was in line with their job scope 😣

Even when they do something super wrong, i still would talk to them gently, laugh it off, or do it myself (to avoid confrontation)... I also micro-manage so that i can lighten their workload πŸ˜“ 

It was actually during PKP Covid 19 time tu when i realised this bit of myself...

That time when the business had no choice but to halt, i had time to reflect on my business and that led to me realising how i was as a boss.

And i kinda sucked at it. I'm too nice.

My husband and i talked about this and this is our conclusion:

My strength is executing. Give me a task, and i will do my best, and i will try not to inconvenience anyone while at it. If i believe in an idea, i will do it even if it requires learning it. I will experiment, research, practice, etc, whatever it takes to make the idea happen.

So if you want to start a business, know that you need to be a boss to your team. Being a boss doesn't mean you have to be mean, angry or strong all the time, it just means you need to learn to teach your staff/team members to do their jobs that meet your standards, and that would sometimes require you to be stern and unlikeable. It also means to give them the trust they deserve so that you, as a good leader, could use their efforts and strengths to grow your company. 

And so forth and so forth πŸ’ͺπŸ’

Just know the difference between being a good leader and a nice person. YOU CAN DO THIS! (If you're doing this la...)

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Muzium Negara

 I haven't been to the museum in agessss!

Actually... i think i've never been there. But then, maybe i did cuma i don't remember. 

The other day we went there, though, and nothing was familiar to me. So... entah la ek πŸ’

Tiles from goverment of Pakistan <3

Nak masuk museum was only RM2 per adult. Kids free. 
It was ok la. Banyak history Malaysia (duhh kan), artifacts, but it was smaller than i expected. It looks huge from outside kan, tapi bila masuk, secubit je rasa haha =p

We went there pun sebab i nak rasa adventure sikit with the kids. We got on the MRT, and then turun kat museum, jenjalan sikit, and then went to the opposite of the museum, which is KL Sentral. 
Asyik pegi shopping mall je kan... sekali sekala do something different, but still convenient enough heeheee πŸ˜‹

It was a simple family outing tapi penat la jugak jalan banyak. Good thing the weather was good that day, so when we walked around, it was comfortable enough.
Though.. from the looks of my kids, i could tell they weren't that excited to go to the museum. They're not interested yet, is what i think la (hopefully in the future, they'll come to appreciate the country's history). But they enjoyed the process of going there; naik train, jalan-jalan and exploring.

Till next outing. Entah ke mana pulak ek...?

Monday, July 17, 2023

Growing Pains

Kesian budak budak...

Kena go through growing pains...

I dah πŸ’«grownπŸ’« dah, so takde growing pains, but i do have πŸ’‹back painsπŸ’‹... same but not the same 😐.

Kesian budak budak... sakit gigi sebab gigi nak cabut atau gigi nak tumbuh...

Kesian budak budak.. kecik.. kena tengok atas kalau nak cakap ngan mak bapak.

Kesian budak budak.. asyik kena beli baju baru sebab baju makin senteng.

Kesian budak budak.. kena gi skolah.

Kesian budak budak.. kena hafal sifir.

Tu la..

Sape suruh tanak dengar kata mak?

Kalau dengar, confirm takde kesian. Huhu..

I have never of this show.
Saje je.

(random post sebab bosan ehek)

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Is Blogging Dead? (In Malaysia la)

I wondered, and then i googled, and then i found that, No, It's Not Dead.

But it did lose a lot of readership since many have switched to Instagram, TikTok and maybe Twitter? Twitter tak sangat kot. But then, i don't know.

Anyways, i was looking at how bloggers are like nowadays. I have been blogging for a really long time now. Although i did step out for a while - instagram punya pasal, but now i think blogging is my thing

So back to my google research. So many bloggers in Malaysia revolves around parenting, reviews (food, fashion, beauty & health products), traveling, entertainment and recipes. Interesting ek... I also wondered about why blogging isn't a thing anymore in Malaysia. Those were the days when bloggers were abundant, and people jump from blog to blog.  =')

Those days were good, to be honest. But of course, times have changed, people have their own ways to express their creativity, personality and stories, and i too have changed.

Instagram and Tiktok are thriving because of how short and instant they are. You don't like it, you skip it. You can opt to read their lengthy captions, or watch them talk about it. Consuming media information is faster, easier and more visual. 

I, however, love blogging because of how unchained i am to whatever happens here. I'm not bothered about what's trending and i write because i want to. When i was an influencer, i was put in a niche, a category: parenting, review, blablabla, and i made myself to fit into those categories. I needed to have a niche because i needed those readership. 

Now, i don't care about it. I don't want to be forced into writing or sharing about something i don't care about. I don't want to put pictures if i don't want to. Sounds selfish but i have my aib to jaga and my family's.

Sometimes i do wonder why i'm blogging when i know not many read it.. Just to put it into perspective, back in 2016, 2017, i had up to 120k people visiting my blog a month (even i was shocked 😧.. tengah skodeng my stats). Year after year, the numbers trickle drastically to 4 digits, 3 digits and now... well, paham paham je la πŸ˜‚

But i write as if i'm talking to someone, and it's strange, even to me.

My blog isn't a diary for me. It's not a journal too. It's more like a place for me to share since the things i share here aren't usually a topic you can talk about in person. So yeah.

Ok bai. 😜

Monday, June 5, 2023

Why Are Ticket Prices For Adults So Expensive?

 It is so baffling to me..

I admit that i have some weird relationship and understanding with money, value & worth.

For example, the other day i was explaining to my husband that Twinnings (the tea brand tu) is too expensive for its worth. And then he said, "Ok what beli RM 20ish (tak ingat the price). Padahal beli teh tarik or teh kat kedai pun satu cawan boleh up to belas belas ringgit".

And i was flabbergasted.

I mean, he kid me not.
Thai Iced Tea from Absolute Thai (is just a random pick fyi), pun dah RM 12.
But is worth the RM 12? In my opinion, no. It's just a regular teh ais, lain sikit la kot sebab dia pakai powder kan. So maybe Twinnings yang RM 20++ for a few packets is worth it la kan.

Anyway, back to ticket prices.

It was Cuti Sekolah kan recently..

And like i said, the ticket prices are so baffling. And again, maybe it's my weird perception of value and worth that i don't understand why it's so.

For example:

Kat Zoo Negara, adults' tickets are RM 27 more than kids. What i don't get is, why? Why do adults have to pay that much more?

Ok, wait, here's another one:

Adults' ticket is RM 20 more than kids.

Another one:

Adults, RM 20 more than kids for citizens. 

I've been to Zoo Negara & KL Bird Park, and some other similar parks, and I don't remember being treated with more privilege or anything. When there's an activity, they're always targeted for kids. As a parent, i wasn't offered a fan or a place to sit. Never. Not even a complimentary tissue to wipe my sweat. 

Perhaps i am being entitled but is it our physical size that makes us have to pay more? because we breathe in more air and take up more space than kids?

Why can't our tickets be the price of the kids'? Can't it be the same price? 

Jap. Let me ask my husband.


He said something along the lines of 'because maybe it was made for adults first, and then maybe the attractions grew into a family activity, and then maybe these places offered 1/2 price for kids just to get the crowd in and then they got stuck."

They have already formatted their prices that way and no one is making a progressive change. And people like me only use our voices to question and complain. Honestly, i also don't know how i could make a change with this. I even googled it but no result. πŸ˜‘

Unless you have a better reason and explanation for this, please do share. Till then.. Compain and rasa tak puas hati je la kot. Huhu πŸ˜…

Monday, May 22, 2023

No, Thanks


This heat, right? 😏 


*tengah writer's block, or blogger's block? ehek =p