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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Takut nak bersangka baik...


I dah amik my daughter from school, then nak amik my son lak.

Masa tu takde parking so kena la double park kejap pastu mintak cikgu tolong hantar anak turun ke kereta.


Ada la seseorang ni ketuk tingkap. Mamat ni atas motor dia. Sebab muka dia macam abam keje restoren dekat sana, i pun turunkan la tingkap.

"Kak, kete akak bau minyak kuat kat belakang ni", dia kata.

Kita dengan bahalulnya..... keluar kete, pastu tengok kat belakang. Sebab teringat just the other day ada minyak leaking, so i didn't question this person's sincerity.

Bila keluar, takde lak bau...

"Akak baik check cepat cepat. Dah nak raya ni", dia kata. Kinda still hanging around, still on his motor.

"Oh ok. Terima kasih ek bagitau. Nanti saya check". Pastu i just went to the door. Tak masuk kete lagi la until dia belah dulu.

My daughter, the whole time, "Ummi!! What's wrong!!", jerit dia with her head out of the window.

"Nothing nothing", i said, wondering if there really was a petrol smell coz i smelt nothing.

Anyway, dah selamat sampai rumah segalanya, pastu tengok la tiktok jap and i saw this video: Hati2 di stesen minyak gais. Kes semalam 28/04/22. #beritatiktok #YOYnews ♬ Mysterious - Andreas Scherren

Naik bulu roma...

Camane ni.. Nak sangka baik orang pun takut dah..
Nak tolong orang pun takut..

Alhamdulillah i'm ok and my family's ok. Alhamdulillah we're all good. I feel so sorry for the people yang kena tipu, kena scam, ragut, samun etc ni.. i bet they all also were like me; thinking people are sincerely trying to help or something kan..😩

Moga Allah swt lindungi kita semua dari niat jahat, disakiti, disalahi orang..

Be careful people!😣

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Raya Tiba (tibe)

 Dah seminggu lebih dah kita beraya~ 

Memang kelakar bila fikir balik how unprepared we were this time 😂  Tapi it is our own fault.

Siapa la kita untuk menentukan sesuatu yang kita takde kuasa untuk tentukan? Macam mana la kita boleh lupa yang setiap yang berlaku ni semua Allah yang tetapkan? To be angry at the situation is to be angry at Him, isn't it? 

I already heard the rumours about raya being on the 1st March, tapi i macam "nyeh, tak nak percaya la..", when i should've just be prepared anyway kan 😞

But oh well! All things considered, it was all ok, alhamdulillah 😄

Lesson learnt though! 

This year raya rasa special sebab boleh beraya kat luar kawasan huhu.. After 2 years tak dapat beraya dengan suami punya keluarga, this year kitorang duduk dengan diorang lama sikit. 

Alhamdulillah sempat solat raya!
Walaupun terkontang kanting kot la semua, tapi everyone at the masjid were dressed beautifully 😍

Of course, aktiviti yang dinanti-nantikan.
Bribing each other.
Hehehe takde la.
"I lap you.. U lap me?"
"Yes, i lap u. U sorry me?"
"Yes, i sorry u. Tenkyu"

Second day raya pakai je kaftan ngan selipar sebab senang nak keluar masuk rumah.
Kitorang keluar pun bukan gi beraya pun. A lot of people went back to their kampung so kita beraya kat Taman Basikal 😂

Mari kita mengamalkan kehidupan yang sihat & bahagia~

And so forth and so forth~

We stayed at my husband's side for 5 days and then balik. Bila dah balik tu, dapat beraya with my side of the family pulak~

Hugging my adik, but he's bigger than me.
His heart is big too =')

This year raya memang ramai ek pakai hitam. Or is it because i pakai black too so i notice the colour more?
Anyway, it was a great raya celebration after a while kan.
I hope everyone had a good raya with their loved ones too.
There are people with unfortunate circumstances.. but inshaAllah, may Allah make it so that it will be rewarded and replaced with something better.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post *bow*. I would like to apologise if ever my posts in this blog of mine in the past or the near present has offended, hurt anyone.. Yang salah semuanya because of my own ignorance & lack of knowledge. Yang baik semuanya dari Allah SWT. 💛

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Melting the frozen heart

Have you ever felt so "dry" in your heart? Like you don't feel moved at all when watching islamic videos? You don't feel that closeness you once felt, or perhaps you've never felt it and wish to know what it feels like? Is it happening to you?

It is known that our iman goes up and down, and as there will be a time when we are at our best form in our ibadah, there will also be a time when we will be in a s l u m p

But let the slump not overtake you now... not now during these last few nights of ramadhan 🙌 

Disclaimer: i am not an ustazah, nor am i anywhere near that level. Just a regular person.

As usual, i am only speaking through personal experience, so my suggestions may not be the textbook type but nonetheless, it could be somewhat relatable and practical for you, inshaAllah.

Photo by Matt Foster on Unsplash

1. Try to cry in your prayers. 

In spirit of the last ten nights of ramadhan, we should try and catch malam laylatul qadar kan and perform solat tahajjud. I watched a few videos now and one of the things i remember is that when we do our solat tahajjud, having tears while making doa is recommended. 

Now, why should we cry when praying tahajjud? 

During the fardhu prayers, nak nangis masa doa tu boleh, but realistically, we're all probably have things we have to tend to and that's why it hasn't been told that we should cry when making doas at those times. Ok so, specifically tahajjud during ramadhan, because we have to break ourselves. Break our own walls, pour out our deepest darkest regrets and hopes, expose our vulnerability to Allah SWT, because at that time, when everyone is asleep, no one will judge you.

No one will stand behind you waiting for you, no one will be looking at you, recording you or whatever. It's that dead time of night when you alone can tell Allah SWT everything. Everything. Even though we all know Allah is All-Knowing, He knows deep in our hearts, our intentions, He knows us better than we know ourselves, but tell Him anyway. From what i understand, bila kita merintih pada Allah, bila kita open and honest with Allah, we automatically become dependent to Allah, acknowledging that He is Almighty, Most Loving, Most Merciful.

When we are completely honest with Allah SWT, we are honest to ourselves too. And how generous Allah is that even when He knows, He still would listen to us. 

But say you can't wake up for tahajjud, then try to appoint a prayer that you can absolutely pour your heart out. Maybe masa solat isyak? Or masa solat subuh? Masa tengah stuck in jam otw balik rumah from work?

2. Try to see the people who have less.

Look around you and can you see the blessings that Allah has given you, without you asking for them? For example amazing parents, caring siblings, money that comes easily, healthy family, abundance of food, job that you love, a home, people that are precious to you, and so much more. 

Look at where we are now. We are muslims in a country that practicing islam is very easy, we can dress like one without prejudice or fear, halal food is everywhere, masjid is everywhere. Isn't that amazing? Rezeki tu! We have clothes, education, shelter, means to live by, and so much more, and i am confident that you know that halfway across the world, our own brothers and sisters in islam are devastated, victimised, oppressed, abused just because they believe that there's no god other than Allah SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW is the messenger of Allah SWT.


So many things we should be grateful for, so take some time and look around. Observe your surroundings, your environment, your people, your condition. Your past, your present. Be grateful for the smallest details to the biggest things. The way your eyes are working fine, the way your limbs are working well. Take time to ponder.

Remember that memang tak rugi langsung nak bersyukur, because the more you are grateful, the more Allah SWT will give.

Whenever you see people who are doing laborious jobs, make doa for them. Doa that Allah SWT will bless them with strength, patience, strong faith, rezeki, protection and more. We never know when our conditions will change, so be grateful and also be mindful of others.

3. Think of your death.

If ever you've been in a near death situation, the fear that it could've ended there knowing that you could've done more in life for the sake of your hereafter, can be a motivation to continuously improve your life. 

If you've never had the experience, try imagining it. Emphatise with people who had had the experience or unfortunately did not survive the situation. Ambil pengajaran dari pengalaman orang lain. It could be from movies/shows you've watched, even from the tiktoks too. 

Honestly... this is something i subconsciously do from time to time.. it does make me become a more paranoid person. I don't highly recommend this but it could work for you kan. Because i sometimes do things recklessly, and i am sorta clumsy and aloof that imagining the horrific ways i could've K.O'ed forces me to be extra vigilant and careful. 

I want a death that is beautiful so that i can be resurrected in front of Allah SWT beautifully. (Amiiin)

In remembering that our death is imminent, that life is temporary, your core could be shooketh kan. When it is shooketh, maybe you can let go of that tightness in your heart and depend on Allah 💪

4. Let GO~

Whether by sedekah or wakaf, let go of the material.

I watched Marie Kondo few years ago and her principles are so much aligned with islamic habits. We need to let go of things that doesn't 'spark joy'. Cleaning out our closet is not as easy if everything in it has some kind of value to us. The more things you have, the less space you have for important stuff. 

The same applies with our heart. The more we fill it with unnecessary things, the less space we have to feel other things. I tell you, letting go of things is not as easy as it seems. Even more so the things that actually do 'spark joy'. 

Many years ago i learned and practiced to give the things that i do love away. My favourite baju, my favourite tudung, my bag, things that has high sentimental value to me, i gave them away. 

I actually cried the first time doing it! But i had to do it because i had so much stuff and because i don't want to be attached to worldly materials. I wanted to get rid of things that made me seek comfort from it rather than seeking comfort from Allah. 

The cleaning out part really hurts the heart and made me consider about the money i spent on things that doesn't benefit me or anyone (for example ada baju yang agak sexy. Nak sedekah pun segan!) and then regret. Regret for letting myself be swayed by trends, seeking reputation, and that superiority feeling tu.. 😣

Bila dah regret, then promise myself not to repeat my mistakes again. This is the kind of repentance that can melt a hardened heart, inshaAllah.

5. If you're always on social media, watch things that can move your heart. 

Find out what made you cry. Was it that commercial about father-daughter relationship? Was it the efforts of a teacher for their students? Was it the recitation of the Quran? Was it stories of trial and triumph? 

Once upon a time, i was in my cold heart state and what made me weep so hard was when i watched stuff related to parents. It made me realise how much i love and would do for my parents. Tapi i ni tsundere type so i never told them about my feelings for them. Even now it feels awkward to be all skinship and stuff.. So since i couldn't say it outright to them, i pray for them. And this can really make me weep. Thinking about their sacrifices, their pains when raising me, just remembering them makes my heart shooketh.

Find that thing for you. What melted your frozen heart?

And from that one point, try to take time to ponder on it. Why does your heart moved by that video/quote/photo etc? How does it reflect in your real life? Ask questions and maybe you'll be able to find a trigger and that trigger can be a starting point to melt the frozen heart.

6. Pray for a better heart.

Once upon a time, i learned about this. Pray for a better heart. I was confused at first, because what was said about it wasn't like "Ya Allah, please make my heart better & healthy", but more like "Ya Allah, please if i can't change my heart, please change it for me". I don't remember who said it... it was so long ago but it stuck to me.

The idea is, Allah SWT is Almighty and when He says "Be!", it shall be. Betul kan? So when it comes to our heart, what we are feeling and what we are thinking, sometimes are out of our control. Like how i am clumsy; it's not like i want to be clumsy kan? I just am. Then when we ask for Allah to change our heart for a better one, He definitely can. And we are no wiser to it. I mean, think about it ek. We can't even fathom Allah's true powers. It is beyond our capacity of knowledge and imagination! We can't even imagine what's going on in the ocean and the deepest space, so who are we to doubt Allah?

With that said, what's wrong with asking for Allah to change our heart to a better, purer, uncorrupted heart?

This is what will happen: when you pray to Allah for a better heart, tell Him why you want it in the first place. Tell him your problem with your heart. Maybe start with "Ya Allah, my heart is not easily moved by Your blessings. I am grateful but my heart doesn't feel the sweetness in submitting. Please change my heart, please guide me, pull me towards Your way, cure me....".

And as you're elaborating your wishes and hopes, try to imagine the state of the heart you truly want.

And repeat. And repeat.

And repeat from number 1 until here.

Itu je i can think of for now, unfortunately. Or fortunately?


Anyway, i really hope that this will help you in your journey towards becoming a better person. Nothing small goes away unnoticed by Allah. So if you're struggling with something, there's always google. Google for islamic lessons, go to Youtube and search for solutions in the way of islam. 

From my experience, every problem we have, whether personal, societal, semua ada solution dia in the Quran cuma of course, kita kena berusaha to find the answers la kan.

And when we do find the answers, make the effort to do something about it. Jangan jadi macam lembu. Bila dah diberi jawapan, diberi cara-cara, tapi tanak buat apa apa..

This is also a reminder for me. 
Sebab i pun.... haih.

Therefore, know that you noticing something amiss within yourself, and then you trying to do something about it is already an amazing thing! So keep it up and follow through. You can take it slow, but don't stop the progress! 💪

May Allah make us be able to become better servants to Him, that we can istiqamah with our good habits and actions selama bulan ramadhan ni sampai ke liang lahat, may Allah give us a beautiful heart, may Allah shower us in His blessings, and may Allah open our hijab towards His signs.


Take care people, and selamat mengejar malam lailatul qadar!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Simple acts of Zikir

 Manusia ni tak lari dari fikir about benda entahpape. Masa solat pun boleh fikir about what the next thing we should do after we're done with solat 😅

Astaghfirullah al azim... Tu letak tepi. I hope i boleh reach that level of khusyuk where i can remain unbothered about what's happening around me, and what my plans are for the day.... 

ANYWAY! Apart from our solat, we also can get bonus points by doing zikir! Zikir kan is an act of remembrance, so we don't need to be on our tasbih 24/7 to berzikir. Doa pun boleh.

And so i thought i could share some ideas on when you can zikir during our daily activities 😃

1. Waking up -> saying alhamdulillah when you succeeded in waking up to close that annoying alarm. "Wah! Alhamdulillah bangun on time!" gitu~

2. When leaving the house -> make a simple doa in your heart so that you can leave and return to the house safe & sound. Ask for Allah's protection.

3. When looking at yourself in the mirror -> make a simple doa so that what you're wearing tutup your aib. "Ya Allah, let the clothes that i choose to wear now is good enough to cover my aib & aurat~", and of course, saying alhamdulillah for making us look so fine 😉

4. When driving -> i always make this doa right when i start the car, as taught by my late grandfather:

source: here

Actually this doa can be made anytime you feel scared, anxious, worried, uncertain of what you're going to face. 

5. When parting ways with your loved ones -> bila salam dengan suami & anak when we part ways (pergi kerja, pergi sekolah), doa for them so that they will have a good & fruitful day, that they will receive beneficial knowledge, good news, and more.

6. When cleaning the house -> you can sing your favourite nasyid song while cleaning the house (switch the nasyid playlist on), or just zikir, or doa when cleaning.

7. When cooking -> when cooking, we always have to stir, mix and make something kan. So for example when washing the rice, wash it in anti-clockwise (the direction of tawaf di Kaabah) sambil selawat kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW. Masa ketang-ketung kat kuali pun, selawat kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW. 

8. When you want to sleep, but you can't sleep because you're watching something on your phone -> tutup phone kejap and then cuba doa in your mind 3 to 5 things you want to achieve the next day, or what you wish for from Allah SWT (from rezeki, to health, to doa for your parents etc). 

And more~~~~

Don't restrict yourself to the times you can doa. Doa je anytime. When doing menial tasks, even when doing hard jobs. Practice saying Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Allahuakbar, Lailaha illallah, MashaAllah, Astaghfirullah, at all times to the point that these zikir comes naturally to you in any situations. 

It's understandable that we may forget to think about our ibadah outside of the obligatory time because of work, family, and circumstances. But think, if we can spend 1 hour on mindless scrolling, then why can't we spend at least 5 minutes just doing the minimum zikrullah?

If you want a more precise doas, you can check out Yaqeen Institute for the prophetic doas during ramadan, or you can just google for daily doas.

Or you can just go to bookshops and look for buku himpunan doa, etc. 

This is my 'collection':

Allah says that when we remember Him, He will remember us. So in hopes that we will get His blessings 24/7, let's increase our ibadah just a little bit more in our daily lives, in small actions, consistently.

InshaAllah. May Allah bless us, protects us, provides for us, bring us to the Right Path, make us among the solihin and may our days be better. Amiiin~

Monday, April 11, 2022

Sedekah Bulan Ramadan

Now that it's bulan ramadan, kita pun mencari-cari tempat untuk bersedekah kan.
But the thing is, sedekah is not only in monetary form.

There are some people who can't afford to do give money as donations and charity, that doesn't mean other act of kindness are not sedekah. Before i continue, for my own sake, sadaqa & sedekah is the same, but being a malay, sedekah flows naturally to me more. Uhuks 😌

Now. Sedekah means righteousness, and the root word is sidq, which means sincerity.
There are 2 types of sedekah: Sedekah & Sedekah Jariyah.

Both are the same but the difference is in the longevity of the reward(s).
I shared this on twitter, a summary/basic idea of sedekah yang boleh kita buat masa bulan ramadan ni:

And here are some suggestions from other people =D

This is a video by Dr Omar about turning our 'extras' into rewards. 

So for my blog readers, if you want to donate, look around your home and gather the stuff that you can donate to others, may it be rewarded with barakah 💪

In case you're wondering where you can donate, try checking out your neighbourhood for the donation 'bin', or go to the supermarket and see if they have a donation collection there. Also, of course, google it.
If you have un-wearable clothes, try discarding them at H&M coz if i'm not wrong, they take anything at any condition. 
If you have good clothes to be given away, you can also consider giving them to rumah-rumah golongan asnaf.

I hope that you'll be able to part with your things in a way that will benefit you dunia wal akhirah. I want to do that too.

If you don't have things to donate, nor the money, don't worry. Allah knows. Sincere & good actions are also sedekah, so don't stress too much about it, and do with what you have & can.

May Allah bless us in this month, accept our deeds, rewards us multifold & place us among the solihin.
Amiiin 😊

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My 10 month-ish weightloss journey

 I've mentioned before about how i was working hard to lose weight in the blogpost, but in case you're too lazy to go back and read the whole thing (it was kinda filled when random stuff too..), in summary:

I hit my all time heaviest and it wasn't that the weight that bothered me. It was how unfit i felt during that time. I was just eating a lot, and i'm talking like the usual 3 meals a day, plus tea time and supper, and i was moving minimally. Mathematically, what goes in does not equals what goes out. That was how i gained so much weight.   

So that blogpost was in October 2021. I actually started my weightloss journey in May-ish 2021, but i started gitu gitu je sebab i didn't know if i could really do it. The motivation was there but the time and place was a bit woozy to me since we were in lockdown and all.

But i did it. I started.

Let's start with this.
Dec 2020, on my birthday.
If one could ignore that face, one would be able to see the bambam-ness in my cheeks.

August 2020
And when one could ignore this face too, one would notice how my arms and thighs looked bambam here. 

Before the pandemic, i was quite active. I would walk the kids to school and back, i would take them to the playground almost on a daily basis. Kalau tak playground, we would go swimming. It was an overall very active lifestyle la. But because of the pandemic and being quarantined from the world, i was more focused on adapting to the situation; ie the kids with their online classes, ummm.. stay at home.. and i did this. Basically keeping them occupied and doing what needs to be done 😅

I don't have any pictures, unfortunately fortunately. I was also not so active on social media... So i'm sorry for the lack of 'proof' photos, to show the progress and the 'before and after' 😔
I'll just continue this post with what i have la k?

So in May 2021, i started with doing zumba for 30 minutes. I pushed myself to do it everyday, on weekends if i can too. 

It wasn't easy. I was so unfit that after 10 minutes of the workout, i was dyingggg. I wanted to throw the towel in, but i persisted and then 1 day becomes 1 week, 1 week becomes 2 weeks, and then i've successfully committed to doing zumba for 1 month.

I did this type of workout from May sampai September for 30 - 35 minutes daily (weekends if can). Due to lack of equipments, zumba was my way of gaining back my lost stamina and strength. 

I wasn't even thinking about how many calories i was trying to lose or whatever. It was just "I MUST FINISH THIS WORKOUTTTTT!!!!💪💪".
When i'm done, FUH!
It was rewarding in itself!

I actually hurt my metatarsal because of the exercises i've been doing, but i didn't want to quit. I started using slippers in the house (beli kat MR DIY je), and indoor sportshoes. Alhamdulillah after a while, my metatarsal doesn't hurt anymore. But i still do wear my indoor shoes and house slippers now.

In terms of diet, i just ate my usual 3 meals a day but i cut off tea time & supper snackings. I also was more aware of what i ate & drank. 

I took measurements of my body and blurred this photo sebab i feel malu, but basically i also took measurements of my body parts once a month. Only from May till November 2021 though. I stopped taking them sebab macam unreliable.

Sept 2021
Squishy cheeks!

Actually, i have my Apple Watch to keep track of my fitness, but i didn't wear it when i started my workouts. I didn't feel comfortable wearing it. But i started using it in September 2021, and looking at my records, i was really slow huhu..

After the zumba cardios, i thought i should step it up a notch and started jogging around the playground. At this time, PKP or whatever was lifted so we were able to go out, and i just only took the kids to the playground & swimming pool. 

I also started skipping rope and controlling my portions. I ate as usual but i lessen my portion of rice a little bit. The rest is as normal. 

After 4 months of successfully istiqamah in exercising regularly, i also started challenging myself by going to the park with the kids (& husband kalau dia ada), and jog or run around. When the kids are at the playground, i would try to do whatever fitness workout there too, like push & pull-ups at the wall, jumping jacks, kicks, whatever i can think of. Main point was to not stop. I kept moving for as long as i can and i set my max at 30 minutes. If i could go beyond, i go on and do it.

Oct 2021
I was actually taking this photo because i thought i heard someone behind me, but not wanting to look so obvious, i took this photo as 'evidence' in case anything happen. Turns out, it was just my imagination~ hehehe! Stay safe people!

Came November, i stepped it up more.
I started tracking my food intake, stick to a workout routine and i bought a new fitness watch. 
I bought a Mi Smart Band 6, which cost less than RM200 and it was just the best size for me! What i love about this watch compared to Apple one was that i didn't feel pressured to 'close the ring', and to take a breather la and stand. I rimas
I like to do things at my own time and sometimes i don't want to wear my watch when i'm standing or breathing or walking, so don't tell me to do those things la kan just because you don't know! Hehehe..

I also bought a weight scale of the same brand, Xiaomi, so the watch and the scale connects to their app. It's convenient to be able to see and track my progress there. FYI, Apple also can do the same thing. My husband uses his Apple watch for fitness etc.

When i say 'lesser rice', does not mean only 5 spoons of nasi. I'm a carb-lover, so i made sure i ate just enough. How to calculate enough? Since i'm the one cooking anyway, i just kurangkan the rice servings untuk masak than the usual, and then cedokkan nasi for myself last. I cedok for my husband and kids first so that i only have whatever's left, which is less than before. Gitu la strategy nya. Calorie deficit gitu~


Oct 2021
Went to Trampoline Park & jumped around like cray craaay~
It was fun, but note to self (and others as well), makanan kat sana takde la sedap sgt, and takde la murah sgt. So with that in mind, consider how & when you want to eat. Water cooler diorang pun lemah, so maybe prepare a big water bottle.

Nov 2021
Went to KL Tower. Ingatkan nak pergi the park there, but it was closed, so we went around there je la. 
It was actually fun!
So many things to do with the kids 💜

Dec 2021
We went to Zoo Negara and it was a lot of walking.
Guess what though! I was not as tired as i would've been! I felt okay walking around and my sweat didn't bother me!
Honestly, i was just happy going to the zoo because i was happy to feel my own progress at the time. Hehe! My husband pun said "You sebenarnya nak datang sebab you nak get your steps kan?", to which i answered "Tak lah! I just want the kids to have some activity & quality time". 😋

March 2022
I ate that and a cake too.

I have lost a lot during the first few months, but then hit plateau for 3 months, tried reverse dieting, working out more, and counting calories, but to no avail. I was tempted to try whatever "diet supplements" or "weightloss coffee/tea", but i know those things will not be effective in the long run. 
Instead, i just go back to how i ate before which is regular plate sized food, 3 meals a day, 30 minutes HIIT workout + 10 minutes jump rope, and most importantly, i stopped measuring myself & weighing myself.

Tetibe one day tu, i just decided to go and weigh myself, and i finally dropped my weight again! Weehoo!
So i teruskan la routine camtu.

Now, we are in April, and tengah puasa~
Alhamdulillah sangat i have lost about 10kg so far, and i still have a few more to shed to reach my body weight goal.

Honestly, no one in my family see the difference in me in terms of bambam-ness, except for my husband & mom kot. Tu pun i talked to them a lot about it. Basically, me losing 10kg was not a visible change but for me, a lot has changed.
I am more mindful of what i eat, my portions, i was more active than before and i don't give myself excuses not to be active even when at home, i can feel my body getting stronger and my pain endurance is probably better la. 

Key is:
1. To be active. Move around even if it's just walking on the spot for 30 minutes. It makes a difference.
2. To be in caloric deficit, but not starving yourself.
3. Eat your usual. Nasi, mee goreng, teh tarik, whatever. Just be aware of what you're eating. If you ate more, then workout a little bit more. Or maybe, in one week, have a protein only day or sugar free day. Camtu la. 
4. Be flexible & realistic. 
5. Slow progress is progress after all. So be patient, continue and if can, improve on something like the weights you're using, or having better form & posture, increase reps etc.

So for anyone on a weightloss journey, i feel ya!
Be strong and be positive!
Don't think about it too much. Just Do It!

Masa puasa ni, moga ibadah kita dapat improve, moga kesihatan kita pun improve, moga segalanya dipermudahkan.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Ramadan Kareem!

 Selamat Berpuasa!

May this year's Ramadan is better than last years' and may we be able to improve ourselves, spiritually and increase our ibadah. May we have opportunities to kumpul pahala.


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Covid is still around, so be careful 😌