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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

rainbow cake

AND so i'm home today. i had wanted to make a rainbow cake for a long time now. so i thought why not today? heheee.. lately i realised i've been able to do a lot in a day. literally, i can do so many things in a day!

it's just that i had this revelation;
i always had time to make excuses for not doing anything, but in reality, i do have time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. how can it not be sufficient enough? it's our mind. it's our personal setan yang make us give ourselves excuses. we do have time. we CAN have all the time in the world, as long as we know how to manage it. i'm going to live to the fullest as i can!! MARIA BOLEH! malaysia pun boleh~ (apa hal)

ok! back to my cake!
i bought a cake mix this time and kononnya nak buat rainbow cake but i tak cukup moolah to buy more colourings and ingredients. so 4 colours pun cukup la ya =B
oh, instead of using eggs with the mix, i used SPRITE since it works just about the same as eggs except it'll be less fatty la kan. kan? =b

pretty in't it? (ke buruk? demmm..) =B

so ini lah hasil kerja ku pada hari ini. btw, frosting pun low fat so that my mom & brother can eat em. haha!
maybe baking will be a new hobby. wanna bake something chocolate next. oh, it has to be low fat too!

have a COLOURFUL day people!


perempuan telenovela said...

mawu sikit..!!!

Maria Elena Zarul said...

boleh boleh

woody said...

sprite? seriously?
never in my baking life used a sprite b4...
btw, that rainbow cake if u do it properly might become cake lapis.. but dunno bout the taste of sprite..

ask said...

cool nya.

Lizzie Chuckguire said...

nak damn hungry..hihi

Ernie Azera said...

ala ala i nak chocolate!!!

kula said...

waahh.. lepas ni masakan melayu plak ke? haha

Maria Elena Zarul said...

hehee.. nak chocolate? boleh jeee. nanti i buat for u k? =D

kula, masakan melayu kena gi class memasak dulu kot! ahha!!

2beerla said...

Can't see anything! What a joke.