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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Another book rant

 Last weekend i made it to MPH warehouse sale at Balakong.

It was the last day though, so i imagine there were probably more books on the first day and even so, there were loads of books there. I didn't buy much. I bought one Robert Galbraith's book (Troubled Blood), two books for my daughter (unfortunately it was only the 2nd and 3rd of a trilogy ๐Ÿ˜”) and stationeries. 

It was a good steal too! Buku yang bapak tebal tu dapat RM5 je! Yahoo! Tapi nak bacanya entah bila eheks ๐Ÿ˜….

Anyway, i actually thought that i would've bought more books. I was aiming for mystery and fantasy books. 

For the 2 hours plus i was there, i picked up random books that looked good (i'm a sucker for nice covers) and has interesting summaries, then i went to a corner and thennnnnnnn...

I check the reviews on Goodread. 


Imagine spending 2 hours plus surrounded by books only to end up with a Familiar Author because of the reviews.

Before going there, I had made a pact with myself:

1) Be unbiased.

2) Be adventurous.

I remember long time ago when Big Bad Wold just kinda started, i was very open to try any books. I depended solely on recommendations from friends, from the covers, the summaries, the prices and the first page of the novels.

Now, i regret to inform that i am dependent on reviews.. Sometimes when i am skeptic of the reviews, i would go google the books and see what the internet had to say about them. There were many Agatha Christie's books too but according to the reviews, the ones i chose weren't as good and the one that i actually wanted, takde. Ponek cari And Then There Were None. 

Am i... unadventurous?

Have i succumbed to the thoughts of others without even giving a new something a chance?


I just don't like wasting my time and money for a book that could potentially make me barf of boredom, disgust and/or annoyance. I've had read some books that i wish i could throw, burn or tear apart that i bought at Book Xcess. They are priced okay too kat sana. Tapi tu la. Bila nak adventurous sangat, pastu tak boleh nak enjoy the reading process, tak best gak kan?

And that's why i look for recommendations and reviews.

To save me the stress.

So far this year (up until today), i've already read i think about 10 books, TBR ada 7, and currently reading 2.

Not as many as those booktubers, bookgrammers and booktokers yang sebulan je boleh habis baca like 20 books and thick ones at that!

This much pun considered very amazing to my own standard. I used to read less books when i was younger, because i kept reading Harry Potter books on a loop.

Even so, i could always depend on reviews to make my choice. My hobby is reading books, not buying books and certainly not reading annoying books.

My tip if you're considering to buy a hyped book: go to Goodreads and check the ratings, and read the lowest ratings' reviews. Some of them would tell you with great detail why they hate the book(s) and if their hatred resonates with you, put that book down, it's not worth it. Unless you can borrow it for free, then go ahead and satiate that curiosity.

My absolute no-no are lgbt stuff, world building yang tak boleh nak brain, and romance yang takde motif, horor takde motif, mystery takde motif. 

Book rant #1


Dalila Zamri said...

setuju! sis akan baca review first dan fikir betul-betul sebelum bayar dekat kaunter..hehe..

Farah Zamora said...

Hi kak mariaaa! I hope you are doing great. I miss seeing you on social media. Glad to know that you are still updating this blog tho. Take care ❤️