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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Book rant

So i was in a reading slump kan.

Finally, i decided to leave that book that i was supposed to read till the end, and start a new one. 

I'm not one who reads things halfway. Jarang gila it happened. In fact, i think this is the first time that i decided to DNF the book. Usually, even if the book annoys me so much, i would still read it till the end. In hopes it'll change my mind. Some books do have better ending than the beginning, that's why i gave some books the benefit of the doubt. But some really disappointed me.

If that book does disappoint me, i will really want to get rid of the book ASAP.

It does not have a place on my small shelf. I will not want to see it, and i don't want the books' presence to linger around my home. That's why i keep a small pile of books with me and why i really try to finish my books. They're my investments and i'd like to be rewarded with a good trip, adventure and memories. ecewah!

I shared my books on the shelf on igstory once upon a time... ok wait let me just share a photo la.

This is it basically. I have another place where i put my other books that are more... business, self help, blablabla related ones, but we're not talking about that.

So here's my novels area.
Not a shelf, coz it doesn't fill a whole shelf. Just one level.
Over the years of me buying books, i try to get rid as much as well.
Especially the ones that doesn't "spark joy" and the ones that annoys me to no end. I can name one of the books that really made me feel like throwing it off my balcony: Evelyn H**o and her seven dwarfs (not the actual title coz mana tau ada fan dia kat sini huhu). I was so happy when i was able to sell it to someone who'd probably enjoy it more than i did.

But see, punya la i baik hati sanggup habiskan buku yang annoying nak mampus, tapi buku yang i punya usaha nak habiskan ni, entahlah. Mungkin i'm not in the mood to read that specific genre ke, atau sebab main character dia so whiny...
Who knows.

So now i'm reading about Queen of Hearts. Hopefully it can drag me out of this slump coz i have a lot more books to finish huhuuuuu..

I don't know why i'm venting so much about books 😶
Dah lama pendam kot.

Oh, and i don't want people to think that i am a book collector. I'm not. I read and i care for my books, except when they start to annoy me. Hehe!

Ok then. Since cuti sekolah is gonna start soon, i'm thinking about what to do with my kids.....


Hannysa Yusaa said...

Now I'm curious buku apa yg annoying nak mampus tu xD My recent one was Dorian Gray. Eee, stres baca. Nyah kau masuk my short list of DNF. Some tips nak let go of buku2 yang tak spark joy? I'm such a book collector --"

Maria Elena Zarul said...

Hahahaha!! Sape suruh annoying kan? =p My tips is to be heartless. Buku tak terbaca atau don't spark joy don't deserve a space in your home! Hehhehe!! So just either give it away, trade with someone ke, donate (or sell) to library/book cafe, or sell it. Itu je la i can think of =)