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Saturday, December 24, 2022

2022 Recap

 The end of the year 2022, already 😊😫

To recap my year, i think i've done a lot, my kids have done a lot and i've challenged myself too.

We've gone to the zoo, nadrah, me & my mom went to windlab, we had our vaccines, met up with my friends, went on a nasi kandar 'roadtrip', my son kena sunat, he had his first ever birthday party with friends and families, my daughter's first sports day since she started, both kids have playdates with their friends, outings, and voting. 

It was fun πŸ˜„ alhamdulillah.

Of course we've had our hardships too, but alhamdulillah semua manageable. 

I have my list of stuff that had kept me occupied too, animes and dramas muahahahah!

My top animes! In no order, btw:

1. 86 - it's about war and teenagers having to fight against this AI war robots. A subtler version of Attack on Titans in my opinion.

2. Spy x Family - omg, i love this anime! So light & fun to watch, even my kids enjoy it (eventhough they don't understand, they can get the gist)

3. Mob Psycho - too bad dah habis but it's really really good! The fighting scenes were always amazing!

4. Summertime Rendering - mystery, thriller but not so dark. Life repeats when the MC dies kinda trope that i really like and it's interesting without being too heavy

5. Demon Slayer - no doubt! Top tier! The fighting scenes, the siblings, the friendships, the animation = chef's kisses muah muah!

Now for the dramas, more like Kdramas:

1. Glitch - serious best! Tak panjang berjela, tak merapek, no cliched romance stuff because it's hardly about romance, more about friendship.

2. Alchemy of Souls - Mudeokah!! Mudeokah! Hehehee.. It's funny, but also have all this family politics, romance, and mystery powers and whatnots and you can't help but love the main characters!

3. Move to Heaven - every episode = tears. Heartwarming and gives perspective on how many ways a person can die and the ones left behind. Best.

4. 25 to 20 - the best romantic comedy so far. I know people were angry at the end, but to me, it's a story. So what la kan. The characters were well acted, so in a way, i think the actors and actresses were the ones that makes the series. 

Itu je la kot. I'm planning to watch Under the Queen's Umbrella, but not yet la. Tunggu series tu habis. I was watching some movies, and i realised that watching a movie is almost about the same time length as watching a kdrama. No wonder i macam penat nak tengok series and why i'd much prefer watching anime. Huhu..

For me who love mystery, Agatha Christie stuff, and Sherlock Holmes stuff, i enjoyed Enola Holmes and Glass Onion; A Knives Out Mystery. I'm planning to watch Knives Out soon after watching Glass Onion. I didn't realise it was out since 2019! Aiguu..

Music wise, i've been listening to a lot of Jpop since the discovery of Fuuji Kaze. I have been looking for that kind of music for a long time, but it's not google-able. I've listened to Official Hige Dandism, Ado, Yoasobi, so now i got Fuuji Kaze related music to listen to like King Gnu.

I dah kurang sikit Kpop compared to last year. English music wise, my husband and i recently suka JVKE yang Golden Hour sebab the musicality of it. I love listening to classical music, so that song really πŸ’«shineπŸ’«. 

So yeah. Also, i managed to lose 7kg this past year. Fuh! It sounds so sikit, but i forced myself to take it slow and be patient because i want to make this a permanent lifestyle and not a phase. Working out, eating properly and making sure i'm not restricting myself to the point of having revenge meals, and alhamdulillah, i'm at a better weight and size now 😁 *pats myself on the back*

A lot of discipline and self motivation. But a girls' gotta do what a girl's gotta do. For the sake of my health and strength to carry my family on my shoulders, gittuuuuuu hehhe

May 2023 be better than this year, inshaAllah πŸ™Œ May Allah make us healthy and safe, keep us strong and happy with our loved ones, that all of us can overcome the economic crisis, and that we have enough for our basic needs, if worst comes to worst. 

Strange photo my son took with my phone

A blurry proof of me on the rock climbing, taken by my son

Another weird thing my son took

My failed attempt at making chocolate bread

A random car my son took


Salina@IbuAqil said...

Good bye 2022 and please welcome 2023..
Ibu doakan semoga segala yang baik2 saja untuk kita semua dalam tahun 2023 nanti..
In shaa Allah! ;)

ain.ya.nun. said...

Utk Kdrama tu, please watch Under the Queen's Umbrella! ;)
Kisah seorang Queen (Ommak) yang struggle handle anak-anak yang macam-macam hal. Haha.

Moga yang baik-baik saja untuk kita semua utk 2023!

Sii Nurul said...

Waa jarang nampak blogger minat anime!

Mommy EEZ said...

7kg sounds so sikit???? I wish i had that number to reduce my weight. Wish me luck! Baru nak berazam turun berat dan get fit this new year. I wish to focus more on rejuvenate myself since I'm heading to 40s (perghh seramsss). Wishing you and your other followers a happy new year and may Allah SWT bless our journey in this life and hereafter aaameeen.

Maria Elena Zarul said...

Amiiin! =D