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Monday, March 2, 2015



It was a few days before chinese new year's holiday when mom, my aunt, nadrah and i went to Terengganu for a bit of a getaway.

My mom's got a friend who owns a B&B (bed and breakfast) inn at Kijal called Kijalena.
It has been so long since i've been to the beach, so i was so happy that my mom asked me if i wanted to join. OF COURSE MA, YES! AKU NAK TENANGKAN MATA SIKIT NI HA!
masa tu i was macam serabut sikit, sebab...

and i thought, it could be a good learning experience for nadrah. hehee =)

of course, a few hours of being in the car was boring for nadrah and the car seat was just crampin' her style. haha!

alhamdulillah we reached our destination and when i laid eyes on the view from the B&B, SUBAHANALLAH!

ok the picture wasn't doing the view any justice, and that fishing pole, well. perhiasan. haha!

seriously, it was so refreshing!
the air was calm, the water was beautiful - i could see the blue part and the green part, and it was in a kampung area, so it wasn't busy at all. it was just us and nature. =')

the moment we stepped out of the car, nadrah saw the swimming pool and immediately she wanted to swim.
she kept looking at the pool, and said "cim, cim" which means, swim, swim. -_-'

she got what she wanted. we went swimming.
the best thing about this B&B, is that the whole household is so unique. i pun tak reti nak explain. but the pool area, memang banyak tempat lepak. so while nadrah and i were swimming, my mom, aunty shikin (my aunt) and aunty nina (the owner of Kijalena) were chilling by the poolside. 

in case y'alls were wondering, this is where we stayed. this is the chalet, 3 rooms, each has its own toilet, there's wifi too. so donch worri. =)
the owners live in a house opposite of the chalet (in the same compound of course) with their family. they're all super nice!

so yeah! nice kan? =D
after swimming, nadrah and i went exploring.
oh ya, nadrah got a toy horse from aunty nina. because there was an actual horse in their compound.

jeng jengggg!
his name was something like cavalli? roberto cavalli? eh tu nama kain.
something like that la. hehe!

it's not their horse, but they're looking after it for a friend. 
so the orang kampung suka betul tengok the horse. they would stop their motorcycles and watch the horse eat or whatever secara berjemaah. hehe!
i would love to chill with the horse, but nadrah was between scared and amazed at it. she's like that with everything actually. wahaha!
she extends her hand to touch it, and the second i put her close enough to it, she withdraws her hand and lean back. takut.
ceit. there was a monkey too, and a guard dog (we didn't go near it. takut. haha!)

so now she knows what "hosh" and "angki" looks like in real life. good girl! 

then we went to the beach, and nadrah was so squirmish that i got so uncomfortable. her squirms made my tudung go everywhere. i was so worried my tudung would flip and fly or something. haha!
good thing there was a log, and we sat there. so nadrah can see the sand but they're not in contact. 
the sand was "geyi" to her! (geyi = geli)

good thing she didn't want to "cim" in the sea. gila apa?!
nadrah fefeeling kew tewwww~

baby, tak ponek lagi ke?
ummi dah pancit gilos ok...

memandangkan it's a B&B inn, not a hotel, so we had to look for dinner ourselves. not to worry! they have a pasar malam on monday nights, and mesra mall is just about 15minutes drive. it's all good!

that night was a monday night, and we all enjoyed eating our nasi kerabu and keropok lekor yang sedap gilos and tak berminyak. rindu pulak!

the next day, we went to kuala terengganu, which was seriously far than i thought, and got ourselves some keropok, keropok lekor and.. budu and all sorts la! we bought them all at the pasar payung.
after shopping, we went to the masjid terapung and that's where nadrah saw fishies chasing after food.
the fishes we're used to seeing are the ones in aquariam. so, no kejar-kejar la.
she got so excited everytime the fishes goes after the food she threw in.
kept repeating "pish, pish, pish, pish" sambil bagi ikan makan, sambil tengok my face, sambil tengok my mom's face. hahaha!

alhamdulillah =)
cantik masjid ni!

when we got back to Kijalena, of course nadrah wanted to swim.
but not after we chill at the beach jap ye sayang!
ololoooo~ so gadis melayu terakhir! hehehee!

tokmom, stopped taking pictures and get me a drink! - said nadrah.


we went swimming shortly after (since nadrah insisted), but we swam for like, less than 30minutes i think? 15 minutes like that coz nadrah got tired and she wanted the keropok the aunties were eating at the pool side.

that night, we went to mesra mall for dinner =)
mesra mall tu ok la gak, banyak kids. nadrah loves seeing kids so she was happy.
there was this girl around her age, and she was so sweet! kissing nadrah and smiling a lot. nadrah even played with a kakak who wasn't even playing with her! hahahaha! kelakar tengok!
and then there was this exercise machines display at the concourse, and the kids just took over the place. they were playing with the shake-lemak thingy and the treadmill. 

reminds me of my childhood. hehe!

we headed for home the next day after breakfast. 

my mom actually intended for me to get the writer's block out of me, but i got so tired coz nadrah.. was being like any other toddler yang 'nak kenal dunia'. 

i wasn't inspired to write after the trip, but i was inspired by the beauty of the sea. 
i felt so at peace when i look at the beach. 
all of my senses were remembering everything.
i've been holding on to too much of metal that i almost forgot what sand felt like. my eyes were used to looking at screens - tv screen, laptop, phone - that i almost forgot the colours of the sea water. my ears were so used to hearing noise, that i forgot what calm sounds like.
it was amazing.

i felt truly blessed that Allah allowed me to come here. it was a wake up call! 
i thought, Allah's creation is this beautiful, then Allah must be..Wow. the creation is nothing like the Creator, right?
subhanallah. subhanallah. glorified is Allah. glorified is Allah. =')

so, if you're interested to stay at this place, here's their contact number!

thank you ma =)
i love you so much.

thank you and all praise to Allah for this rezeki =)


farhanafarid14 said...

I adore nadrah since she was born. maybe bcuz I adore you, too! stay beautiful kak mars!

zinziemeewah said...

subhanallah cantiknya tmpat ni... tengok gmbar pun dh tenang n mendamaikan......

bolh bg tahu tak brapa rate semlm sewa chalet ni. blh buat bajet cuti2 malaysia :-)


Ardilla Noorezan said...

seronoknya kak maria! Saya pernah singgah Marang je tsk tsk :'( Okay next time kena pergi sini pula! Hehe

Unknown said...

Pantai is pretty! Seriously, I can't even remember the last time I spend at the beach. Sad student life.

takky said...

akak, tempat shoping budu tu nama ye pasar payang....
bukan pasar payung....
huhuhuhu ^^

Bunda_nora said...

Pemandangan pantai yang sangat menarik, Comel baby....salam singgah dari BUNDA...


Ungkapan "MashaAllah" sepatutnya digunakan untuk perkara yang menggambarkan keindahan, ketakjuban yang positif terhadap sesuatu perkara.sepatutnya jika berlaku atau terdengar sesuatu yang negatif , kita ungkapkan "Subhanallah..

نور ناجحه عبد الملك said...

kak maghia ! Saya orang Ganu and yes ! Terengganu sangat cantik. :) pantai kat ganu tak sama pantai kat pantai barat :D.

Syikin Maarop said...

Terengganu memang tempat yang bessstt utk dilawati.. :)

Farah said...

Cantiknyaaaa tempat ni....
And Nadrah awak sangat comel =D

Unknown said...

wow...cantiknya tempat nie
nak pergi bercuti gak la di sini

Unknown said...

So niceee :)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Its pasar payang btw..heeee. Wish I bumped into u kT trggnu... Dpt jmp nadhrah.

toruk makto said...

love your story,..keep it up!

farwizah said...

Welcome to ganu...1st time dengar..sya orang ganu ;)

nhhas said...


pasar payang ke pasar payung?


AiniHalim said...

beautiful place, beautiful baby..beautiful you..

Nurhilya Damiri said...
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wan muliani said...