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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bijak Berinternet


tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang.
bahahahaha =p

since the internet has blossomed into a 'click and share' portal, every information we need is just a click away. sometimes, some things bukan kita cari pun, tapi sebab orang share kat media sosial kita, kita pun dari tak tau, jadi tau.

for example, i don't have plants at home (yet), and then my mom shared with me about how diapers can be used for gardening!

and then there are stuff people share online that are complete lies and scams.

i remember one time there was this news about how this insect can 'buat rumah' kat badan manusia. it turns out that it was photoshopped!! and the worst part was, ramai yang percaya benda tu!

kalau bab agama lagi la. ramai betul nak share hadith, sunnah atau ajaran agama tapi tak check kesahihan benda tu. yang kelakarnya, ada orang letak gambar syeikh mana entah pastu letak quote satu, pastu kata orang tu yang cakap quote tu, padahal tu rekaan semata mata.

so, while it is good, this 'click and share' habit, sebab boleh share banyak info yang berguna dan bermanfaat, tapi kalau kita tak berjaga jaga, info yang tak benar, palsu dan fitnah boleh membinasakan diri dan pembaca.

it's good then, that we all equip ourself with knowledge and practise caution on what we share online, and we need to know what our rights are as users of the internet (based on Malaysian Law) and what we need to stay out of.

ok, here's a site when you can get all your needed info!

here's where you'll find your info -->
video chat pun kena ada batasan y'alls! know your limits here mkaaay?

you'll find tips on what to do too if you encounter whatever online.

And not only that, MCMC wants to reach out to all of you out there in regards to online security and safety precautions through its Facebook page here -->

There are several topics and tips shared there, so it is always good to furnish ourselves with new info every now and then right?

Some interesting info like:

About what people think of 'learning' or believing the things they see on Facebook 

And a few other interesting tips from protecting your machines to malicious software to safeguarding your own digital presence.

so i encourage you all to read up and get educated on what you can and cannot do when you're in the internet. remember, internet is a world without obvious barrier, so you need to protect yourself, mkaaaay?

stay safe!


Mek Onie said...

aip aip chip

Unknown said...

Good ! :)

Unknown said...

indeed !

Siti Zalipah said...

Betol tu, kalau info tu tak tahu kesahihannya, lebih baik jangan share, takut ia akan menjadi fitnah.

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skulluv said...

sebab tu jarang click button share ni.

tim87 said...

100% agreed with u sis! thaks for info ya! =)

eima said...

aku jarang share or forword ape2 dr whatsapp or fb ... sbb kadang tu not useful pun aku or org lain ...

Bashtiah said...

Thanks for sharing! I just found out about the minus (-) when you mentioned it. Ha-ha.. Will be checking it soon. Thanks!

nhhas said...

hahaha... baru jer kita orang blajar/table kan KDB ni kat Jepun dua minggu lepas.

Unknown said...

setuju.. sahihkan maklumat sebelum kita share..
tq for the info,sis...=)

Azura MZaki (SihatCantik4U) said...

Totally agree with you

wan muliani said...