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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blue like the ocean

Assalamualaikum earthlings!

i went to Puchong yesterday with my younger brother, Arief.

Arief is an intelligent boy who likes to ask questions and sometimes i get annoyed with his ridiculous questions.
often i just tell him to google it himself since he's always in front of the computer anyway.

but since we were in the car at the time, i couldn't answer him that now could i?

at first he asked me about my job, which i answered patiently.
and then he asked me why the sky is blue.
hmmmm.. quite tough there coz it has been a while since i've been in touch with the science in normal life.
i answered him with the basics.
"coz of the atmospheres la. kan there're layers of atmosphere, so as the light from the sun reaches the earth, the only colour that we see is blue."

"oh ok" he said. in my head i was like "phewwwww!" glad he didn't press on the question coz i really forgot about the physics of it. muahaha! =p

and then he asked me
"then kak ena, why is the ocean blue? when we were on the plane, i saw the ocean being green and brown most of the time. but the picture taken by astronaut of the earth shows that it's blue. why?"

*krik krik*


it's true kan? when we're near the sea or flying over it (macam superman), the ocean is not blue as how the picture of the earth is.

c'est interessant, mon petit frere..

i said "i think the astronauts lied. they photoshopped their pictures!! curse them for feeding us with liessss!!". anda, kalau anda percaya saya dramatic macam ni memang nak kena.

i was just kidding!

i told arief that i don't know. i never thought of the differences of the ocean colours from bird-view and from outerspace view. nyahahaha! so we just made a pact to research on that when we get home.

nak tau the answer? dont care. imma give it anyway. ahak!
1. Some of the sunlight is reflected off the surface of the water, reflecting the colour of the sky 
2. Some of the sunlight penetrates the water and is scattered by ripples and particles in the water (this tinges the appearance of the ocean with the color of the particles). In deep water, much of the sunlight is scattered by the oxygen in the water, and this scatters more of the blue light. 
3. Water absorbs more of the red light in sunlight; the water also enhances the scattering of blue light.
thank you Mr Google! full stuff right >here<

ha amik kau. a 15 year old boy asked a simple question and a 25 year old "engineer" me didn't succeed. hahaha! so what's my point here? i'm no genius! peace. =p

okeh, may i have some chillpopia?
why, yes please-ness!

Green Henley Tunic top from ThePoplook \ Printed shawl i scored for RM 5 at KL vintage festival (so much win!!) \ Jeans from jalan mak joyah \ Vans shoes \ blablabla =p

an unnecessary vain shot of me. bengahahahaha! =p

anyway, today is Mother's day! i know many voiced out that mother's day should be everyday, and to that i agree too, but to have one day where everyone everywhere bersepakat to treat their mothers, i think that is just awesome. but again, mothers should always be celebrated and treated specially everytime =)
aaaaaaaaaaaaannd not forgetting our fathers too! 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! 
may Allah SWT bless all of you for being awesome. =D



yui said...

nice entry =p

eh kenapa xletak sekali gambar arief tu? hehe

Hafwa said...

hahaha... budak-budak memang curiosity dia tinggi..
he is a smart boy...

nhdaughter said...

hepy mother day kak maria elena... eh ? kroh kroh kroh (Y)

Nazrul Ashraff said...

haha.. arief so comel boy. one boy umur 10 tahun pernah tanya

apa itu graviti

and I was like =.='

takkan nak terangkan secara sains. haha.

Fazlinil Irma said...

bagus soalan arief.. nti tanya lg soalan pelik2 kat kak ena ye.

so nti kitorg pun dpt ilmu bila kak ena awk share dlm blog.


Eiqa Roslan said...

hahaha sabar jelah.. btw , your fashion is damn pretty .. =)

Ms Yunis said...

one word -

hilarious! =D

The Traveller said...

ini adalah hari saya bertemu anda kan? hihi..

shafiq zulhilmi said...

ngeeee..kantoi dengan arief si budak kecik xD

fiphylia said...

wallah superb! hahaha gotta admit, i'm laughing all alone here for reading this entry..
following you, hit back me kak ena :P

Kc Kasedah said...

;) hihi

Zharif Azis said...

whoahhh tak sangka nya soklan mcm tu leh kluar dri mulut org yg berumur 15 tahun O,O

kasut tu comel lah kak maria =)

tiRia jeZsy said...

Assalam.. rajinnya adik tuh tanya macam2.. confirm dia tuh bijak.. ^^
BTW, nice entry.. baru tau.. hehe

Cetul^ La La said...

casing camera sama!!! hehehe ;p

Aleda Boyd said...

hi maria! surprisingly, I'm also back to square hijab and my way of wearing it is slightly different from u. but, nonetheless, u look great! have a nice day!

Fatindn_ said...

ouh begitu rupenye .. tak penah terpike pun sebelum nie .. bijak-bijak .. hehe

Eiya Farihah said...

soalan killer! hahaha xDDD

Jannah Salleh said...

tak prnah tpikir pun soalan mcm tuh.agaga :)

Halo Hasta said...

hihi, arief is a brilliant kid ;D

✿INA AINAA✿ said...

hehehe...ena pun kalau ditanya mcm tu, tak terjawab den..berpeluh hingga melimpah ke ladang gandum.. cantik and happy mother day to ur mom... May Allah bless

Amirah Shaharuddin said...

hye maria..i got the answer in lecture class.easy answer but we never think as an engineer

Habrah Jasmine said...

saya nmpk awk dekat LowYat :D seronok dn tersgt excited, hehe :P

The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualaikum Elena,

Arief reminds me of my youngest son. He's nine. When I fetch him from school, the minute he entered the car he will start...bla bla bla...

Now his brother is fetching him, he said mom, I must buy ear plugs...

Kids, especially your own are joy in the heart and pleasures to the eyes ( Maher Zain )

Laila said...

I'm with you, mother's day should be all days of the year.
I liek the colour of your outfit, the green is so beautiful
And the post was so interesting abput whay the ocean is blue or not :) Thnaks for sharing!


sista said... your tunic...harus di cari.(^_^)

Nina Johari said...

atas meja tu beg ke?


kak maria, pernah jumpa arief sekali. Yes, dia memang banyak sgt sgt cakap dan bertanya. hehe.

Narcolepsy said...

canon power shot s100 mcm camera saya. saya suka. camera tu tutup jerawat ahahaha

duajiwa satucinta said...

jam kita sama!!!

hanashumaira said...

dulu cikgu kimia saya kata sebab kandungan garam dalam laut tu menyebabkan warna laut tu berbeza..adakah cikgu ku auta semata2..

unidentified said...

you dont have to publish this please!

i read your post about dr hafidzi and talk about palestine

so i"m trying to give a shot

jom boikot jom!boleh google inminds utk info about what we should boycott or not
i believe if u are the one yg promote boycott ni,mesti ramai gak follow
then u"ll get pahala melimpah2 mcm ladang jagung dan puf!*xjd coco crunch tp

(and now i"m trying to write in english hereeee haha)

unidentified said...

oh btw boycot or not will not effect the facts that u are cool=D

i'm just trying to promote what i believe as a little effort that we can do for our borthers and sisters we love in plestine

Sha.Az said...


Hari Ibu yang jatuh pada hari Ahad, minggu ke-2 May adalah haram di sambut kerana sambutan hari ibu adalah sambutan sempena menghormati mother of church. So, sebelum mengikut apa yang satu dunia sambut ada baiknya kita fahami apakah yang disambut sebalik tarikh itu.

Mar_yam said...

kak maria elena....salam perkenalan...maybe org akan kata saya ketinggalan sbb sye bru je kenal kak maria pn sbb kwn saya cerita tentang akak...sye dgr cerita tentang akak dlu akak mcm mne...skrg pulak akak mcm mne...alhamdulillah..saya seronok dgr cerita pasal akak...smg penghijrahan ini Allah permudahkan...ameen...

p/s:psst2..lawa tudung yg akak pakai..cara akak mengayakan pn cantik gak..sbb sopan,menutupi dada....smg kita sama2 istiqamah dlm melakukan kebaikan :)

Anonymous said...

Salam.. Maria Elena... Salam perkenalan... Saya mintak izin nak letak blog Maria kat blog saya ehyyy, kasik halal ekkk... :)

Murnyani said...

Buat lah tutorial tudung ni :D comel >.<

Aina Syafiqah said...

Assalamualaikum,K. Maria~


Farina said...

Anak-anak sdg mmbesar ,, selalu tnya soalan2 yg x terfikir oleh kita,...
anyway,, cantik gambar tu kak Maria

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