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Thursday, July 15, 2010

London bridge fell down already rupanya..

ok ok. London lak!!

so we had to take the train from Paris to London right, and we were confident that it was at 2pm. We took off from our hotel to the train station at 12pm and arrived at the station about 10 mins before 1pm.
We walked calmly towards the counter and we got the shock of our lives!
The counter person, after they interrogated us about our reasons nak gi UK, bla bla bla, said that our train's at 1pm.

i looked at my friend, Nina, she looked at me. we were both panicking silently. so after that 1st counter, we ran with our bags to the next counter. and the next one, and to the next one. banyak ok counter!! nak scan bags la, nak ni la, nak tu la.
pastu one of the guards said "why are they running? they already missed it."
amboi, kau relax la. memang la kitorang gelabah! we thought we were early and the ticket already stated that we have to check in 30 minutes before time of departure. apa tak lari?!?!

so when we reached at the last counter, panting like crazy, orang tu cakap
"oh, im sorrey, but you cannot go in ze tghain."

i cakap la we still have time, it's not 1pm yet!

pompuan tu cakap
"you 'ave to come 'alf an hourgh before ze departugh time, see" tunjuk kat tix.

i said ok. so how?

she said something to her colleague and the guy said
"you can go on ze ozer tghain. zer is a lot of space. many!"

really?? what time is the next train?

"tghee feefteen"

FIUUUUUUUHHHHHH!!! alhamdulillah! nasib baik ada next train yang tak full and nasib baik TAK PAYAH BAYAR LEBIH! woohoo!! save pocket money!
so we hung out at the tempat departure train. takde benda sgt la nak tgk or do. we were quite bored but well lepak je la.

so itu pre-London.

London was a different case. there's only 1 thing you would think of when you're in London: SHOPPING!
shopping is like mad there. they have Primark yang jual all those clothes yang up-to-date and looks-like-topshop-forever21-cotton on tapi murah nak mampus and with their summer sales. omg. u can pening kepala kat sana coz you wanna shop but you have a baggage weight limit kat airport. how?? hahaha!
so buy what we need je laa~~
it was cold there too. colder than Paris and Amsterdam. but it was sunny. haihh.. best..

this is our shopping bags. on our 1st day in London!! gila kan? percaya lah bahawa saya punya shopping bag yang tu, the left one kat bawah. tu je. =B

apart from the shopping yang kita jakun sangat, the food there is also cheap!! i mean the desserts la. the main courses are normal mahal type but the desserts.. imagine Marks & Spencers that we all think is high-priced shop, sana is like tesco kot!! they sell food and its cheap! like pavlova, 2 boxes of meringue (each contains 8 pieces) costs 2pounds, that digestives yang kat sini satu RM12.90, kat sana 70pence!! 70 sen kot!!!
mmg if i stay there, debab i jadi. makan desserts je!! yummmmmm.. look at the strawberries!!

so we did all the normal tourist stuff. we took the train and went to see places la. Big Ben, Madame Tussauds, Oxford Street, Baker Street, Tower Bridge (because as the title said, london bridge fell down already), and we went to see the Queen.

walking around was soo pleasant. people there are not sombong and they don't look down on us asians.

apa lagi ek about london? all i remember was that we did a lot of shopping there. though i did not buy much then, one can't help but rambang mata tengok all the sale signs everywhere. hahaha!! BEST!!

london, jumpa lagi ya! =p


bellabelon said...

woahhhh waaa bes gle mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

yaya said...

love the last pic!!.. hahaha.. lawak gila

Maria Elena Zarul said...

heeee.. mmg best!!! =D
thanx yaya!! obama mmg penyibuk sikit. hahaha!

anith said...

i really love primark!!!
murah tp cntekkk!!!

Umairatul Afiqah said...

rindu primark!! :'D

unknown said...

Wow bestnya dapat g london. Cita2 mmg nak g london. Ntah bila dapat pergi..

a said...

"you 'ave to come 'alf an hourgh before ze departugh time, see"
Hahahaha that was funny, I hope I can visit th UK someday <3 thanks for sharing

k said...

Hahaaaa sangat betul! Primark is so best la..and they have good size range jugak which doesnt make me feel left out :3 anddd I got a pair of Matks and Spencers jeans for £5 jeeeeeeeeee dkt sannnaaaaaaaa! Menyesal tak beli 10pasang, haha. Extremely time you go, buy food dkt Asda pun okay jugak, t kira macam Giant kita la tu, but quality dia still great. I miss UK, and this post made me happy :3

Unknown said...

hey..i went there in the same month as you.i stayed there for a month and jalan2 visiting my friends. it was a great experience when u travel outside of your country.and now im thinking to go to london again.everything is soooooo cheap in london.really miss every moment while in london.

Az imah said...

besttt gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Unknown said...

thanks fr sharing kak maria peliks. i want to there as well. i hope everything will go well. nohilang2 brg & all. pictures are compulsry heheheknangan mesti la