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Thursday, August 8, 2019

My 6yo Daughter is a Tween

Before i had kids, i thought having kids would be all fun and laughter.
Eventhough i have brothers, still, i thought MY own kids would be different.
They'll be the awesome-est, fun-est, happiest kids!

Coz they're MINE.

Until i had kids.


I mean, yes they are fun and happy and funny cuddly cute widdle wushumyumyuaiyuuuyuuu
and then when something goes wrong, EVERYTHING blows up.

Maybe it's just my kids, i don't know actually.

So yesterday, Nadrah had her gym class, and i purposely took her and isaac an hour and a half earlier because i knew she will sleep in the car, and if i had to wake her up too soon, she'll be cranky.


Or so i thought..

Then woke her up, went to her gym class, and she started behaving like a.. an irrational person.
aka cranky.

I tried talking nicely to her, and she just straight up being rude to me, so i gave her time off (like biar je dia tak layan dia). In the class, she started not participating with her friends, and i got annoyed.
The teachers and her friends cuba pujuk dia gak, and after almost half an hour, and dia still macam tu,
apa lagi.
Balik je la.

So we all went home~

Anyway, yesterday i wasn't feeling so well.
Tapi as a mom, we can't really do anything about that, can we? Still have to cook food, control kids, etc etc.
I was annoyed and tired, and when we got home, Nadrah was just entahpape.

Yes, that's how much she doesn't love me.

She made this and practically shoved it in my face.

Walaupun hati berkecai kecai, penat, sakit, annoyed, apa nak buat?
Buat dek je la.

Pastu sebab dia still nak lepas geram, dia gi buli adik dia.

Kids are just a big crazy mess to figure out. They can't control their emotions and they don't know why they're acting a certain way, and they don't know how to read social behaviours.
We parents know that, we know!
We understand that it's not their fault and still we have to teach them.
Over and over and over again.

You hear songs about people getting heartbroken from their partners kan. Probably because they haven't been hurt by their kids 😂

Nadrah is only 6 years old.

Already she's acting like a tween.
Macam mana laaaaa nanti bila dia dah teenager 😰
I'm scared for the irrational parts to come out on a different level.


Aneesah said...

Maria, I admire your courage mashaAllah for sharing with us. 😭 It's so true, no one can envision what it's like having kids until you have kids! Nak explain the experience pun susah.

I have to recommend some books by Dr Laura Markham, if you haven't come across them yet. I found her second book sold in BookXcess, the first one I baca online pakai AnyBooks app. I find her thoughts and methods refreshing — yes it's along the lines of Western "positive parenting" punya mazhab, but I think the points banyak yang applicable to kids in this age. So much I personally didn't know about emotional intelligence, pent-up fears and emotions, the importance of playing and having individual time with parents, etc.

Please do look her up if you have the time. I pray that our efforts towards seeking knowledge and help as parents will be fruitful!

wani ezryl * said...

salam and hi. usually when a kid acts this way, he/she just needs more attention from the parents. just hug her, despite of whatever she said. told her that you love her and don't ignore. ignore/scolding will only make the kid continue doing the same, previous stuff. hugging is the best way. we all can try this! :)

cheers! ^^

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yasmin ghulam said...

i love the way she drew the broken heart..she loves you worry!

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