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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh ibu

today, in the afternoon, i went to OU with my dear mamadom.
kita pusing-pusing jale-jale cari make, then jale-jale window shopping.

we went into this kedai bernama Promod. oh, did i mention? tengah sale.

--> off topic jap.
of all the words that i like, apart from love, miss, all jiwang ones,
SALE is one of them too.

oh sale.. jangan la stop..

ok. back to the topic!

masuk si Promod tu, well obviously the clothes were on sale, and i got a wee bit excited coz it is by far the best sale as compared to Zara, Topshop, etc. i bought a simple top.
ibu too was excited. she was holding up clothes, putting them against me, and some on herself.
she took a cardigan. it was nice! i liked it but i thought it was too pricy.

ma: eh, nice ek dis cardigan!
saya: nice! tapi mahal la ma.
ma: eh, its your size!
saya: i know. apasal ni ma?
ma: nak tak?
saya: eh, takyah la. mahal. ena can just buy online if i want it.
ma: ala, tapi ni material very nice. u can wear it to the movies.
saya: kalau mama nak sangat ena pakai, mama belikan la. ena takde duit.
ma: ok.

pap! she took it to the counter and bought the cardigan for me.

ma: now u have to pay me back.
saya: AMBOI!!! mama yang nak beli for me! apasal kena bayar lak? if i knew u wanted me to pay it back, ena tanak that cardigan!
ma: hey! listen to me! u pay me back by waking up in the morning and doing all the chores i tell u to do. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
saya: haven't i been doing that?? i always do the chores..
ma: but u don't wake up in the morning. and not all chores u buat.
( i think dia secretly loving this moment. muka dia macam tgh "muahahahhaaha!!" )
saya: .....

ibu saya blackmail saya dengan menggunakan satu kelemahan saya: clothes.

dum dum dummmm~


ask said...

good job auntie.
job well done.

thepinklover said...

kalau kat fb dah like byk kali.

.m.e. said...

oh suka ya dgn punishment saya ya?! hahaa!

iLLy said...

my mama does that to me too.

woody said...

i like the "you dont wake up early in the morning"..

edy said...

giler lah!

was that a trick, or treat?

trickr treat?


Azhani.Azizan said...

terbaik lah mama!! hahaha

.m.e. said...

hahahaha! yes, she is terbaik =p