Monday, January 25, 2010

noob job

Just went through the 1st day as a SS.

is it just me ( i hope not! ) but i feel like this place is swamped with cars and more strange looking people.
strange coz they look fresh. ala ala freshie gitu. haha!
it was really cute when i arrived here, i saw a group of people ngan baju tuck in, kasut bertutup, with big bags, jalan-jalan heading to lecture hall, i assume.
comel je. noob je. =p

i was once them.

that was 4 years ago.
saya dari matriks pahang, di gambang gitu. kenal gambang? kalau anda kenal, anda best! coz lagu pahang pun best! haaha!!
anyway, from matriculation, our daily class uniform are collared shirts, slacks, baju kurung, or wateva exec-like, with kasut bertutup. kalau tak pakai pakaian apporpriate to class, kena saman, denda, or tegur. i don't remember actually why we were so scared of the pak gad then. skang, sume nak benci pak gad. boleh lawan lak tu!

anyway, dulu kat matrix, we were all prim and proper. we follow the rules and we avoid the pak gads. after class, ada uniform gak. wateva shirt u like, and track pants. not those kinds u see utpians wear. stylish sangat budak utp. tapi the kinds that are baggy, fluffy, and berzip di bawah. kalau panas, we dont wear shorts, we just fold the pants up!

dulu, we hand wash our clothes. sape yang pemalas and rajin cari 50sen ketul2 tu, use the washing machine. but i hand wash, believe me please!

we used to be active. every chance we have at leisure time, we would go exercise or do sports. also, we used to be so rajin nak gi masjid.

now kat sini, malas nak turun padang, malas nak gi masjid, all because malas nak drive ke sana.
bila nak masuk utp, punya la i packed all my prim and proper clothes from matrix, and all the gears to wash clothes and stuff only to get culture shocked at how skema i was and how lepak si budak uni.
malu dong masa itu.
dah la ngan kasut bertutup.

now, 4 years later, that time, those memories seem so surreal. dah la gang pun budak matrix, but sume matrix kedah, changlun. saya seorang si gambang.. tapi boleh ngam ngan diorang, wat to do kan? haha! sayang korang!
i remember we were so jakun bila gi JJ kat ipoh. tangkap gambar kat toilet, tangkap gambar kat rooftop, kat mana2 celah yang boleh nak camwhore and so much more! dulu nasib anis ada kete. best sikit! hehehe!
now sume la nak ada kete! its not a bad thing pun, dont get me wrong.
pakai baju nak gi class macam nak gi mamak. i have had that feeling of wanting to look nice when going to class, but then the thought of walking, sweating, and climbing up and down the stairs, and risking my butt crack being seen by people yang bermata suci, made me think 10 kali before i really do it.
in the end, what you see, is what you get. hehe!
i like wearing big shirts and jeans with slippers. ada masalah?

so yeah, final year, final sem. macam maaaaalas je nak start sem ni. i was having so much fun during the holidays, i can't even write about it! heh.

boleh tak nak cakap
aja aja faiting! sbb baru lepas tgk Full House?

ok fine. go peeps!
let's drive.


ask said...

awak memang skima

woody said...

lagu pahang bes..
idop pahang..

jessika said...

omg. i juge kmph. anda badge tahun bilakah?