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Friday, January 8, 2010

wake up

Lately, one of the most discussed topics i've had (with friends, family, bf) are about freemasonry.

the other day, we watched the imaginarium of doctor parnassus.
gila siot!!
masonic symbols almost everywhere and the famous symbol, mmg hang buta la kalau tak nampak:
the triangle with one eye.

no wonder kids nowadays sgt outspoken, dressing and gaya cam americans, speaking speaking perasan americans, smoking and drinking like it's oxygen.

mind control is working la.

we have forgotten about Gaza, haven't we? the poor palestinians yg burned from the inside caused by the phosphorus gas. lupa dah? how those ppl kena missiles and all their shelter bombed? lupa?

you know what starbucks stands for, yet you have urges to have a drink there. tak ingat what their people have done? i'm not saying you berdosa kalau minum sana pun. it's just that an innocent thought, or craving, means you've forgotten.

if you guys yg baca still blur2, tak paham the hell i'm talking about, then watch the arrivals ok? kalau malas nak watch, then read it up kat ok? just get familiar with the symbols and NWO. tak susah pun. it's freaking everywhere!

don't be fooled.
don't be a tool.


woody said...

totally agree..
ur bf is good at this..
dats y us are supporting mapley since the very beginning..


Lya said...

ah the arrivals. brp kali my fren sruh tgk but tak tgk2 lagi. sedangkan friends season 1-10 dah beribu kali khatam. americanization ish2

.m.e. said...

tengok la lyaaaaaa!!!!!
u have toooooooo!!!

bonbon: heh. support mapley kena mengena meh?

edy said...

maria, check this out:

it's like vigilant citizen in malay.

ask said...

it's malay bon.
i always talk about malay/muslim issues.
ni nak emo ni!

woody said...

mapley and malay lain eh?
but we go mapley every night..
how come??

ask said...

kerja lain.
diskusi lain.

.m.e. said...

saya tak paham what u guys are discussing here. ehem.

ask said...

jom bon kite borak in the our world.

woody said...

joomm.. tp ak kat utp da, shet cmner?

蒜泥白肉Lynn said...