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Thursday, February 16, 2023

My Problem With Face Mask

 I like wearing face mask. Best gak la kan.

But there's this thing..

It's so weird..

Once upon a day, i was at a shop with my daughter. She asked me where X item was and i told her "it's there" with a flick of my face. My hands were full. 

She asked me again, and here's the stewpid part.

I put the things off my hands, put them on my hips, pulled the mask down and pointed with my LIPS! my MOUTH! You know, that point with your mouth look? 

credit: here

As if i couldn't just use my 10 fingers to point, but i chose to use my mouth nonetheless..

It's strange..

And then my son ni, his voice is very soft. Many times i have to ask him to repeat whatever he just said. I realised i was doing this with him just the other day...

He was saying something and i couldn't hear him right. I said "Ha?", and he repeated it. Still couldn't hear him, so i bent closer to him, locked eyes with him and i TOOK OFF my mask! 

I was like why in the world do i need to take off my mask to hear better???

It was just so so strange. 

Here's another one.

I was looking for something at a shop. I couldn't see the name of the item at the top rack. And yeeeaapp. I squinted my eyes, like a normal person would, and TOOK OFF MY MASK!!

It was as if i could use all my senses better when i took off the mask or something. It's really weird 😅😶


aisha said...

hahahahahahaha kelakar... yeahh kita siap lakon semula muncung mulut .. u can also cakap je the X there next to what what instead of bukak mask and muncung mulut... u make my day..

Syazwani Izzati said...

Same here! Sometimes I have to mentally remind myself to smile with my eyes while wearing the mask else I'd look like I'm glaring at people T_T

Unknown said...

Just came across on my old blogspot and never thought you are still writing here! ;)

klaus said...

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