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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Love Song

 I finished one bottle of perfume already, yahooo! Hehehe.. It was already just a centimeter away from finishing anyway..😛

I bet everyone by now dah perasan kan that radio stations keep on playing the same songs on shuffle. To the point even my daughter in her seedling age realised it too. 

And the songs, a lot of them are love songs or heartbreak songs.. angst.. but where are the songs that sings of wonder? Songs about menial boring stuff like washing dishes? Songs about stress that feels like stains that doesn't come off? 

Anyway, the point is, banyak songs with the same themes la sekarang.

Since i've been married ni, i've already settled with the 'falling in love' phase. I've passed that. I had felt heartbroken, i felt that pain and stuff. Dah.

But where's the love songs about the love we've settled into?

I want to hear songs about love evolving from butterflies to comfort, from nervous malu malu kucing to 'eh, bulu hidung you dah makin menular la' 😂😂  this kind of love, where? 어디?

I asked my husband, "Yang, you rindu tak that feeling when you're falling in love?".

He was driving at the time, mind you, so he was like "hah?"

So i explain la.. "Ala, rasa butterflies tu sume blablublublub"

"Tak. Sebab i'm still in love", pantas dia menjawab.

ECEWAHH! It was so sweet that we had to high five each other 😂

Now, the point is, people assume that falling in love is the only relevant type of love worth singing and writing about, but the love that stays, that settles, is also fun and amazing. 

Being married was truly a non escapable situation where two have no better options but to learn to love each other in ways that are really unexpected. I never expected to love the way my husband looks when he half-sitting-half-lying on the sofa, and i bet he never expected to love the way i melatah or look at him when i'm silently questioning him. 

I'd love to hear artists articulate that. 

Good luck to all recently married couples and may Allah bless your marriage, till Jannah (gitewww).

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