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Monday, February 20, 2023

My Twitter Hacked

I tak kisah kena hack, sebab i pun jarang gila on twitter BUT!

I paling takut si jahanam tu guna my account to DM entahpape kat orang, scamming people and whatever musibat kan.. nanti orang curse me pulak padahal dah kena hack 😰



Please do not respond to the DMs or tweets 🙏

Please help spread it around twitter too, if it's not too much to ask :')

Sorry & thank you..


Mommy EEZ said...

what to do once our account being hacked? Me pernah dpt notification that someone is trying to change my instagram's password. but for your case terus kena hacked is kind of scary. Hope you can retrieve your account back insha Allah

Maria Elena Zarul said...

I already reported to twitter but the problem is...
the time they requested to change password, change email, was like 5am and masa tu kita mana la nak tengok email kan.. so by the time i checked my email, the password and login email was successfully changed. Even after reporting, twitter didn't do anything other than told me to change my email & password, which memang dah takleh la kan..
I've already followed twitter support's instructions, so now it's up to their side. From my side, i can only alert others about it and hope that they don't do anything bad with my account..