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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Looking All Professional: A New Look

 I was looking at my blog the other day and i thought it kinda looked bloggy, like a heheeehuhuuu kinda blog that you wouldn't want to get caught reading while you're taking a 5min break at the office.

Kinda embarrassing, wouldn't it be, if when you're taking a break, and watching tiktok, instagram or whatever social media might look like you're 'wasting time', so you thought "hmmm.. meh la baca blog. At least tak nampak bazir masa sangat" tapi bila bukak blog, nampak cam childish nyaaaa~ 🙈😆

It was just a scenario i created in my head heeee..

Based on my blog's insights, my readers are about the same age as me, that's why i wanted to make it look more 'serious'. 

Manufacturers sought to partially pass higher costs to clients by raising output charges. In line with the trend for input prices, factory gate inflation eased to the softest since February.

- The Edge Markets

A random quote about the economy should be good too eh doncha think? 

A little break is good once in a while. De-stress a bit kan lepas dah pakai otak beberapa jam. Tapi to get back into gear is kinda hard. That's why social medias like tiktok, ig etc ni macam addictive, susah nak stop scrolling. It has that effect and subconsciously, you'll reach out for the phone for that dose of dopamine you get when your brain gets a little bit of stress.

To stop & kick back your working mind into gear, you need to consciously put your phone down, do something that requires physical movement, like walking and stretching for at least 1-2mins (kejap je kan!), and then inshaAllah, when you sit back down, you can concentrate on your work. But if you're reaching for your phone again to open something unrelated to your work, then slap yourself hard.

Heheh.. Kidding! Or am i?

Anyway, i hope this random new look is ok for the eyes. Take care! And thank you for reading my blog!

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