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Tuesday, June 14, 2022


 I used to think that i got my 'style' down.

On ordinary days, i wear t-shirt + cardi/jacket + tudung sarung + seluar jeans/palazzo. I call it my let's-go-get-up. I like it because it's practical, easy to move around in, easy to clean too.

On extraordinary days, i wear my superhero costume. Nah, just kidding.

I would try to dress up la with whatever clothes i have. I used to make it my mission to make my plain 'palate' of clothes and mix and match it to look less makcik than usual. But after a long time of not dressing up, i think i kinda lost my touch. I even forgot how i used to wear my scarf. Belit pun still macam tak kena... why? Mars, you was the one who made THE hijab tutorial that kinda changed the whole course of hijab-wearers now....? Bahahaha!

I can't believe i used to love being fashionable. I mean, i believe the 'love being fashionable' part, but i can't believe people used to care about what i wear. That was kinda cool, in a way. But that was all in the past that i will treasure. The reason i stepped out of that fashion circle was because i have higher purpose & priorities i put over that, i.e. kids. Being able to chase after my children and being stain-ready was more important 😂 

Anyway, last weekend i went out with my family for my mom's birthday. I tried my best to look ladylike to fit the hi-tea ambience.

It has been so long, skirt.. =')

I thought i looked dainty, in a 'me' kinda way.
But husband said


And i was like, "what?"

And he was like, "kain baju you ni macam langsir".
Then he proceeded to say "The feel je! Baju cantik tapi kain macam langsir!". Nak cover lettew..

But damage is done. I can't unsee my baju langsir 😂😂


Raz said...

hehehe dulu u hijabista famous

Maria Elena Zarul said...

a distant memory~~ hehehe!

bib2426 said...

nice langsir actually..still cantik & sopan la mars! =')