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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My 10 month-ish weightloss journey

 I've mentioned before about how i was working hard to lose weight in the blogpost, but in case you're too lazy to go back and read the whole thing (it was kinda filled when random stuff too..), in summary:

I hit my all time heaviest and it wasn't that the weight that bothered me. It was how unfit i felt during that time. I was just eating a lot, and i'm talking like the usual 3 meals a day, plus tea time and supper, and i was moving minimally. Mathematically, what goes in does not equals what goes out. That was how i gained so much weight.   

So that blogpost was in October 2021. I actually started my weightloss journey in May-ish 2021, but i started gitu gitu je sebab i didn't know if i could really do it. The motivation was there but the time and place was a bit woozy to me since we were in lockdown and all.

But i did it. I started.

Let's start with this.
Dec 2020, on my birthday.
If one could ignore that face, one would be able to see the bambam-ness in my cheeks.

August 2020
And when one could ignore this face too, one would notice how my arms and thighs looked bambam here. 

Before the pandemic, i was quite active. I would walk the kids to school and back, i would take them to the playground almost on a daily basis. Kalau tak playground, we would go swimming. It was an overall very active lifestyle la. But because of the pandemic and being quarantined from the world, i was more focused on adapting to the situation; ie the kids with their online classes, ummm.. stay at home.. and i did this. Basically keeping them occupied and doing what needs to be done 😅

I don't have any pictures, unfortunately fortunately. I was also not so active on social media... So i'm sorry for the lack of 'proof' photos, to show the progress and the 'before and after' 😔
I'll just continue this post with what i have la k?

So in May 2021, i started with doing zumba for 30 minutes. I pushed myself to do it everyday, on weekends if i can too. 

It wasn't easy. I was so unfit that after 10 minutes of the workout, i was dyingggg. I wanted to throw the towel in, but i persisted and then 1 day becomes 1 week, 1 week becomes 2 weeks, and then i've successfully committed to doing zumba for 1 month.

I did this type of workout from May sampai September for 30 - 35 minutes daily (weekends if can). Due to lack of equipments, zumba was my way of gaining back my lost stamina and strength. 

I wasn't even thinking about how many calories i was trying to lose or whatever. It was just "I MUST FINISH THIS WORKOUTTTTT!!!!💪💪".
When i'm done, FUH!
It was rewarding in itself!

I actually hurt my metatarsal because of the exercises i've been doing, but i didn't want to quit. I started using slippers in the house, and indoor sportshoes. Alhamdulillah after a while, my metatarsal doesn't hurt anymore. But i still do wear my indoor shoes and house slippers now.

In terms of diet, i just ate my usual 3 meals a day but i cut off tea time & supper snackings. I also was more aware of what i ate & drank. 

I took measurements of my body and blurred this photo sebab i feel malu, but basically i also took measurements of my body parts once a month. Only from May till November 2021 though. I stopped taking them sebab macam unreliable.

Sept 2021
Squishy cheeks!

Actually, i have my Apple Watch to keep track of my fitness, but i didn't wear it when i started my workouts. I didn't feel comfortable wearing it. But i started using it in September 2021, and looking at my records, i was really slow huhu..

After the zumba cardios, i thought i should step it up a notch and started jogging around the playground. At this time, PKP or whatever was lifted so we were able to go out, and i just only took the kids to the playground & swimming pool. 

I also started skipping rope and controlling my portions. I ate as usual but i lessen my portion of rice a little bit. The rest is as normal. 

After 4 months of successfully istiqamah in exercising regularly, i also started challenging myself by going to the park with the kids (& husband kalau dia ada), and jog or run around. When the kids are at the playground, i would try to do whatever fitness workout there too, like push & pull-ups at the wall, jumping jacks, kicks, whatever i can think of. Main point was to not stop. I kept moving for as long as i can and i set my max at 30 minutes. If i could go beyond, i go on and do it.

Oct 2021
I was actually taking this photo because i thought i heard someone behind me, but not wanting to look so obvious, i took this photo as 'evidence' in case anything happen. Turns out, it was just my imagination~ hehehe! Stay safe people!

Came November, i stepped it up more.
I started tracking my food intake, stick to a workout routine and i bought a new fitness watch. 
I bought a Mi Smart Band 6, which cost less than RM200 and it was just the best size for me! What i love about this watch compared to Apple one was that i didn't feel pressured to 'close the ring', and to take a breather la and stand. I rimas
I like to do things at my own time and sometimes i don't want to wear my watch when i'm standing or breathing or walking, so don't tell me to do those things la kan just because you don't know! Hehehe..

I also bought a weight scale of the same brand, Xiaomi, so the watch and the scale connects to their app. It's convenient to be able to see and track my progress there. FYI, Apple also can do the same thing. My husband uses his Apple watch for fitness etc.

When i say 'lesser rice', does not mean only 5 spoons of nasi. I'm a carb-lover, so i made sure i ate just enough. How to calculate enough? Since i'm the one cooking anyway, i just kurangkan the rice servings untuk masak than the usual, and then cedokkan nasi for myself last. I cedok for my husband and kids first so that i only have whatever's left, which is less than before. Gitu la strategy nya. Calorie deficit gitu~


Oct 2021
Went to Trampoline Park & jumped around like cray craaay~
It was fun, but note to self (and others as well), makanan kat sana takde la sedap sgt, and takde la murah sgt. So with that in mind, consider how & when you want to eat. Water cooler diorang pun lemah, so maybe prepare a big water bottle.

Nov 2021
Went to KL Tower. Ingatkan nak pergi the park there, but it was closed, so we went around there je la. 
It was actually fun!
So many things to do with the kids 💜

Dec 2021
We went to Zoo Negara and it was a lot of walking.
Guess what though! I was not as tired as i would've been! I felt okay walking around and my sweat didn't bother me!
Honestly, i was just happy going to the zoo because i was happy to feel my own progress at the time. Hehe! My husband pun said "You sebenarnya nak datang sebab you nak get your steps kan?", to which i answered "Tak lah! I just want the kids to have some activity & quality time". 😋

March 2022
I ate that and a cake too.

I have lost a lot during the first few months, but then hit plateau for 3 months, tried reverse dieting, working out more, and counting calories, but to no avail. I was tempted to try whatever "diet supplements" or "weightloss coffee/tea", but i know those things will not be effective in the long run. 
Instead, i just go back to how i ate before which is regular plate sized food, 3 meals a day, 30 minutes HIIT workout + 10 minutes jump rope, and most importantly, i stopped measuring myself & weighing myself.

Tetibe one day tu, i just decided to go and weigh myself, and i finally dropped my weight again! Weehoo!
So i teruskan la routine camtu.

Now, we are in April, and tengah puasa~
Alhamdulillah sangat i have lost about 10kg so far, and i still have a few more to shed to reach my body weight goal.

Honestly, no one in my family see the difference in me in terms of bambam-ness, except for my husband & mom kot. Tu pun i talked to them a lot about it. Basically, me losing 10kg was not a visible change but for me, a lot has changed.
I am more mindful of what i eat, my portions, i was more active than before and i don't give myself excuses not to be active even when at home, i can feel my body getting stronger and my pain endurance is probably better la. 

Key is:
1. To be active. Move around even if it's just walking on the spot for 30 minutes. It makes a difference.
2. To be in caloric deficit, but not starving yourself.
3. Eat your usual. Nasi, mee goreng, teh tarik, whatever. Just be aware of what you're eating. If you ate more, then workout a little bit more. Or maybe, in one week, have a protein only day or sugar free day. Camtu la. 
4. Be flexible & realistic. 
5. Slow progress is progress after all. So be patient, continue and if can, improve on something like the weights you're using, or having better form & posture, increase reps etc.

So for anyone on a weightloss journey, i feel ya!
Be strong and be positive!
Don't think about it too much. Just Do It!

Masa puasa ni, moga ibadah kita dapat improve, moga kesihatan kita pun improve, moga segalanya dipermudahkan.

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