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Monday, April 11, 2022

Sedekah Bulan Ramadan

Now that it's bulan ramadan, kita pun mencari-cari tempat untuk bersedekah kan.
But the thing is, sedekah is not only in monetary form.

There are some people who can't afford to do give money as donations and charity, that doesn't mean other act of kindness are not sedekah. Before i continue, for my own sake, sadaqa & sedekah is the same, but being a malay, sedekah flows naturally to me more. Uhuks 😌

Now. Sedekah means righteousness, and the root word is sidq, which means sincerity.
There are 2 types of sedekah: Sedekah & Sedekah Jariyah.

Both are the same but the difference is in the longevity of the reward(s).
I shared this on twitter, a summary/basic idea of sedekah yang boleh kita buat masa bulan ramadan ni:

And here are some suggestions from other people =D

This is a video by Dr Omar about turning our 'extras' into rewards. 

So for my blog readers, if you want to donate, look around your home and gather the stuff that you can donate to others, may it be rewarded with barakah 💪

In case you're wondering where you can donate, try checking out your neighbourhood for the donation 'bin', or go to the supermarket and see if they have a donation collection there. Also, of course, google it.
If you have un-wearable clothes, try discarding them at H&M coz if i'm not wrong, they take anything at any condition. 
If you have good clothes to be given away, you can also consider giving them to rumah-rumah golongan asnaf.

I hope that you'll be able to part with your things in a way that will benefit you dunia wal akhirah. I want to do that too.

If you don't have things to donate, nor the money, don't worry. Allah knows. Sincere & good actions are also sedekah, so don't stress too much about it, and do with what you have & can.

May Allah bless us in this month, accept our deeds, rewards us multifold & place us among the solihin.
Amiiin 😊

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