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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 My daughter has so many notebooks..

She would ask for one whenever she sees a notebook that she "needs".

I pun terkadang tu beli for her because the notebooks look cute and stuff..

Honestly though.. i pun notebook hoarder. I bought myself lots of notebooks of all shapes and sizes, "in case" i "need" them 😅

But i haven't bought any for the a long long time because i made a promise to myself to use all of my notebooks until they're all used up. I'm glad i'm holding on to my own promise.

However now i'm seeing the mini me buying notebooks and stationeries from her school bookshop, and it's just.. familiar 😂  There's a difference though: I use notebooks to write stuff in it, whereas nadrah use them for her drawings.

I hope she grows out of it and stop hoarding notebooks soon 😌

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