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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Takde geng.

 Wow january 2022 almost over dah??

Takde story sebenarnya..

Rasa cam i have been doing the same of the same things as usual.

Oh but lately ni, rasa cam casted away 😂

Husband and kids are gamers. I think last week? Or 2 weeks ago? They discovered this lego star wars game and now all 3 of them are playing it together.

While i do all the chores.

I don't play games sebab pening. Somehow i can get motion sickness from watching them, apatah lagi bila main kan.

Not that i don't try. I did. 

But it gets so annoying when i get into something, pastu kena stop sebab i have to do something else. I think women get me on this part.

So yeah.

I takde geng.

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