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Friday, December 3, 2021

Nur Muka

 I had a bad dream last night. Tapi tak ingat.


I can't believe honestly, that i've been doing & selling Marzea products for almost 5 years now!

Before that, i had La Kayena & Shawlsuriy.

I seriously can't believe it has been that long.. Alhamdulillah =')

Compared to those years, i had super dry skin, and then suddenly super oily skin.

The super oily-ness would, to the point, make my scalp oily and it was such an uncomfortable feeling especially when wearing the tudung. I used to have bumps at the border of my hairline, really obvious blackheads on my nose and chin.

I used to use powder or the tinted foundation on my face too. So that the dry and oily parts, and my blackheads are 'blended'. 

Now that i am analysing my skin, alhamdulillah, i don't use any powder and tinted foundation anymore except for sunblock. My sunblock is the normal sunblock, no colour correction whatever and with spf 50.

Even if it's not the mask, i would still go out without anything on my face. I only use my skincare stuff (Rescue Toner, Mars Toner, Mars Face Oil, Mars Cleanser) when i feel like my skin needs it, which is not often lately, and my face is still ok.

I do have pimples once in a while, but at least i'm not suffering along with dry/oily skin. It's manageable and normal.

I used to don't touch my face willy nilly because i don't want to potentially cause pimples, but now i can touch my face, caress my face, even my kids and hubby can pegang my face without me going all "no!". It's no longer a taboo haha!

I'm so grateful that now my skin has 'settled'. It's stabilised itself already without much of outside help. I'm glad i can be less conscious of my skin and instead i can focus on other things. So 1 less problem la gitu.

I remember the younger me would try to get my hands on any skincare products that could make me look "better" and spent so much money to "balance pH" blablabla. I used to spend a good portion of my gaji dulu to go facials and buy skincare products...😓

If i could advice my younger self and any youngster who feels insecure because of how their skin is, i would tell them to:

1. Drink more water. Plain water. Not ice lemon tea, not teh ais, not coke.

2. Bila wash face masa wudhu' tu, wash properly. Sapu the water evenly around the face and niatkan "Ya Allah, berikanlah cahaya nur di muka ku" gitu. You could definitely word it better.

3. Don't stress about the skin. The more you think about it, the more you notice the smallest, most insignificant problems and make it into a problem. 

4. Always use sunblock. 

5. Don't use too much skincare products. Instead, keep it simple and basic. Treat skincare like a supplement for the skin. Give it just enough until it can function on its own without any 'help'. 

6. If nothing works, stick to 2 things: Rose water face spray, and sunblock. Through thick and thin, just use these 2.

The end.

If you want Marzea products (all organic ye, no essential oils, no paraben, no sulfates, no fragrance), you can get them at 😘

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