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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saving tips!


*WARNING! Really long post but hopefully beneficial to those who wants to travel.

i love traveling and i think that's sort of obvious now. i siap buat tab kat tepi blog for all my travel rendezvous. ngah ngah ngah!!
the thing that i love about traveling is that i get to see different cultures, that feeling of amazement when i see how they are different from us, that awe when i see how Allah's creations, how different their sunrises and sunsets, how their timing are different, oh! the differences are what i love seeing and experiencing. =D

so in order to travel, i have to save up, see.
all of my eurotrips are all sponsored by myself. my parents only chip in by giving their euros/pounds/dollars yang extra from their old trips. 

here are my saving tips! Bismillah..

1. open up an extra account! *editted*
i started saving since i was a little girl, approximately 10 years old when i really really started saving. my parents had an account open for me, and every year, duit raya yang dapat i akan put half of my collection in my ASB. for halal savings, you can keep your money is Public Mutual, Tabung haji, CIMB Islamic, etc etc. let your money stay there, jangan gatal nak kuarkan until and unless you really need it.

2. discipline!
when i studied in matrix and utp, alhamdulillah my parents didn't have to fork out much money. in matrix we were given a sum of money for every semester, and when in utp, i was a scholar so i received monthly allowance from petronas. thank you petronas and government =') the amount of money takdelah banyak. it's just enough for paying my bills, petrol, food and stuff and alhamdulillah, i manage to save up. 

i break down my allowance/gaji into 3 parts: Responsibilities, Savings, Miscellaneous.

Responsibilities are my bills, rent, car maintenance, petrol, food, zakat, etc. these are where my money will go as soon as i receive my gaji/allowance. 

Savings are savings for travel and future family. it's best if you have a different account to transfer into when you receive your gaji or allowance. i have more than 1 bank account, fyi. ngah ngah!

Miscellaneous are entertainments, shoppings, unnecessary stuff that we just want and don't need. hehe!

now gaji/allowance being 100%, take 50% out for Responsibilities, take 30% out for Savings and the rest 20% for Miscellaneous. this is my percentage. you can change the percentage up to your affordibility =)
your Savings share must be the first to go. transfer it into a different account. ups to you. but this must be kept hidden from your gatal-spending-mood-swings. if you're putting it into a different account, don't make a debit card for it. just atm would be fine.

if your 50% share of responsibilities exceeded it's budget, padan muka. sape suruh tak jaga budget? ahahaha! kidding la. we all have that time kan. when that happens, take the extra money from the Miscellaneous share. whatever it is, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SAVINGS!

if you spend less than 50% of your Responsibilities share, then good for you!! you can use that up to reward yourself for your tiring month, or take your family out for a treat or put it into savings, it's up to you. it's best though that you just don't spend it too much so that you have more stock for the next month.

and all this requires DISCIPLINE! you can do it bebehs!

3. plan your trip early!
if you're aiming to go travel overseas, plan where you want to go. once you know where, check out their currency and try google for some travel stories online. i do this everytime coz i wanna know what it's like there. mahal ke tak, hotel senang cari ke tak, what kind of transport is cheapest and most convenient, food camane etc etc. every country is different, so google it out. jangan malas please.

my eurotrip costs almost RM10k (take note that i went to 3 cities in different countries). i saved every month and i did extra jobs such as tutoring, promoting via blog, and modelling. malu ok nak mengaku but yeah. sorry la kalau aku macam bajet la kan. aku buat sume tu sebab nak travel beb. hahhaha!
and this RM10k covers my flight tickets, hotels, transportation, domestic flights, tours, food, and shopping. itu pun ada extra about almost RM3k, which is an achievement for me okayh! i bought loads of stuff but still manage to have extras. and it's all because i planned early.

maybe to some "wah?!? bapak ah kau spend RM10k utk jalan jalan?! baik guna duit tu untuk feed orang orang miskin!" 

Surah Al-Hujurat, Ayat 13:
O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

it was after my first eurotrip with my best friends that i finally had pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and just don on the hijab. hehehee =)
the thoughts i have after seeing Allah's beauty.. ah itu different story la. hehe!

anyway, planning your trip early means you have to book your hotels early and try to ask for student price or seasonal discounts. some places, it's cheaper to take their domestic flights to cross countries, but some, it's cheaper to go by train. again, google about it. this part here, you need a credit card. heee..

it will be a great advantage if you have friends or relatives wherever you're heading. saves a lot of cost. so get in touch with your friends and family!!

*also, bring some instant food too like maggi, kurma, sambal, serunding, etc etc so that you can save money from food expenses. =)

4. get a good company!
choose your travel buddy wisely. you want to have a good time experiencing stuff, so better have your friends or family who has the same objectives as you do =)

5. jangan malas!!
this is your trip, so save up, discipline yourself, do your research, be careful and have fun!

so this is as brief as i can get, and i hope i didn't bore anyone to sleep.
if i did, GOMENASAI!
watashiwa only human des trying to help des!

good lucku dessuu!
happy saving!

ps: kalau ada silap dan salah, please forgive me!! and yeah i post 2 posts in one day. wassaaaaappppppp?

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy. 
Gambar sekadar untuk motivasi. ngehngehngeh =p


Noramanah Khalil said...

oh ye!sayalah oh ye pertama untuk entry ini..mekasih. peace.

merapu said...

will do the same thing.
thank you kak maria elena comel

Zharif Azis said...

one day , insyaAllah . i'll go travelling =)

Malissa Ali said...

Jealous akak bole berjalan-jalan!!!!!!

Nuwairani said...

already did the same thing. my trip to hokkaido last month. habis around 5k jugak.nasib baik ada ASB! hahah

Amirah Marliza said...

best. (: i'll practise it. haha

Mohd Sazli Cikgu Autocad said...


MaiZATuL ASniDA said...

waaa.. nak save jugak la. ASB.. nak buat la lepas ni. Thanks Kak~~

Nomad Melayu said...


Thanks for sharing :)

ReeneeRaaid said...


Unknown said...

ni saya tengah semangat kumpul duit nak jejalan nih.hehe

Rin Saharina said...

ni yg smangat nk saving.nak travel mcm kak maria jugakkk :D

Ami Manaf said...

like 'bout the responsibilities, savings and miscellaneous one. will divide my salary like that after this lor.. good sharing~

PEPIJAH said...

Shawl kite samaaaaaa!!!! Yeayyy!

indahhiasan said...

akak suke info maria..sgt2 berguna...=)

andinairvani said...

wow love the pic :)

Unknown said...

Alhamdullilah. saye dah ade ASB. kire dah saving lah jugak. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Kalau tak jawab dosa. Kalau jawab sayang :)

*ok gila chessy curi tagline orang. pfffffft

Seriously I like this post very much. I've just finished my SPM like months ago and I really want to travel

Though, I also worked for the past 3 months and my gaji semuanya diguna for shopping. Gila kan? Well not ALL but almost 80% of it. And yet I still berangan nak travel sana sini. How on earth am I suppose to save on travel when I keep spending them kan? 0.o

Ok like honestly I spend most of my time online so yea, I have to admit that I shop online. You know la, bila online just tekan sana sini. Tak payah nak belek-belek the racks and all. So it's irresistible tau. Tambah lagi with most banks boleh pay things online. Lagi la mendorong shopping online.

Then sometimes when I really like an outfit from an online shop, mula la teringat-ingat and everytime online sure bukak balik the item and tengok balik. I shall keep doing that sampai la it says "out of stock" or whatever. I should really stop this.

Honestly I tak tau how on earth am I going to survive time masuk college nanti. Sure I'll get broke by end of the week. HAHAHAHA!

Though from what I've read on this post, insyaAllah I'll try to adapt time study. Ewaaaaaah.

Well at first I only watched your youtube videos. Then you had your blog link with 'em so decided to click it. Honestly I admire you. Your fashion sense is much towards modesty and your sense of humor through writing and speaking pun kelakar gila babs. Above all you're very pretty.

I really like the way you dress. Tak ada la serabut gila just to cover your aurats. The way you dress looks comfortable la and I know that you're a new hijabi kan? Well me too actually. It has been a week :D

Woaaah I think I writer too much in here. Melampaus gilos betuls. HAHAHA! Oh oh oh oh, do check my blog too. Well my blog tak ada la sehebat mana. Ada 18 followers je tau. Sadis gila. But I mostly wrote about myself la. Well not mostly tapi on all of my post. HAHAHA! In short my blog is sort of like yours but minus the glams and famous. Ngehehehehe


Noor Fareeda said...

bestnyaaaaa travellinggg!!

zainatul abu bakar said...

thanks sis! appreciate it & gonna save up now,hehe

Quartzite said...

sys berjaya menaikkan semangat saya to be more discipline in savingssavings .ahahah

anakjaiman said...

i always put aside rm500, konon nak bajet travel la, tp at the end bila mak dah marah takde sape yg teman due to kawan-kawan semua tak de savings plus sista et brotha yang dah kawin, so tak jadi la travel, tapi rasa cuti 1 week tak lama lagi nak travel juga. thanks info kakak maria elena!

Heba Adam said...

Maria san mo nihongo o hanemasuka?
sugoi na!!!
Anyways thanks for your tips! we well i surely didn't fall a sleep ^_^.
Stay blessed and share more ,your definitively helping ^^

ary_lee said...

BTW, ary merancang nak pi bercuti gak.. Tapi ary tak merancang awal..
BTW, tips ni berguna..
EVen rasa dah terlambat ntuk percutian kali ni..
Tips ni boleh digunakan untuk percutian akan datang..
Thanks, Maria elena^^

iyka syafika said...

seriusly lps bce entry nie...iyka punya semangat nk menyimpan duet bertmbh tggi.thank u akak maria cute.

makhana said...

nak mnabung jgk lah =)

Unknown said...

nak jugak eurotrip. kena menabung dari skarang.huhu

Epal merah said...

tp ade ustat kate ASB tu haram ekceli?? betul ke x idk laa..

Aliff Haikal said...

good information ! :)

Miss Yuka said...

thanks for ur guide :)

Maria Elena Zarul said...

assalamualaikum all!

so so soooo sorry!! i forgot to mention that i was a kid when i had ASB (dulu tak banyak islamic banking skim). but now, in selangor dah diconfirmkan that it's haram due to the interest rate yang bercanggah. so you can place your wealth in islamic banking yang dah banyak dah sekarang =)
sorry sangat if i misled youuu!!!


Rezduan Bakar said...

Very good one. Saving 30% of your salary is a great amounts.

suzialfredshin said...

Thanks Ms. Mars, it helps a lot..indeed. Planned to Korea on September, after read this, ok..really helps a lot ! thanks :)

ZAELIS said...

dgn saving...sempat sampai Medan last month.. =) need more saving for KOREA trip =)

Nur Adibah Md Azman said...

Waaa, good info!!Thanks!

Hawa said...

siusly sgt bguna...thanks.sis.,,sis nak tanye..pernah tak eringin nak travel sesorang

(• ㉦•) Atiqah A. ☆ said...

seriously the best saving's advice i've ever read + it makes me feel more motivated to save! thanks kak maria! :)

Baby Bee said...

thanks for the tips maria...sekarang ni yang mampu pegi indonesia je..pasal murah kan..but what you said really inspires me to go to other pulak..alih2 baru nak bukak buku and kira boleh tak I save up like u...hope that one day I will..thanks for the tips yerk....

apricot pie said...

ahahha..mmg gmbr untuk mtvasi..nice one la kak maria.!..i pun suka travel,tp duit bnyk hbs untuk shopping je..yg 50% rsponsblties dah jd miscellaneous dah.! kena jd peringatan..

Anonymous said...

alorr, bab saving ni yang payah ni Maria. sangat-sangat. tapi apa-apa pun memang kena saving, untuk future. :)

annie abd ghani said...

Thanks Kak maria! sgt2 bermanfaat!

Unknown said...

terima kasih kak maria sudi share tips saving ! bagus utk motivate diri saya yg kdg2 suka boros T-T

Unknown said...

Good tips..:) nanti nak praktikkan jugak ler! TQ

SheStaticpulse said...

Such a gud advise... :-)

hohoho said...

mesti spm cemerlang ni kan sbb dpt biasiswa petronas.btw, spm kak maria dpt brpa erk?

nissa abidin said...

love the entry.. really informative..

meloveshim said...

Boleh saya tahu macam mana Maria perform prayer? Saya nak travel, tapi saya risau nak ambil wuduk dan tempat sembahyang sume. If you can share by making a post about how you did it, it's a big help!

afni+hafiz=dani said...

hi maria,

i nak mintak permission to share this point with my blog's viewer ok. such a good tip and really motivate me.

Ayna Al - Mohsi said...

Inspire me a lot. Thanks for the tips kak maria! :D

Raihan Ridzwan said...

sangat membantu.=)

Unknown said...

have u even been in japan??

Unknown said...

Nice kak maria..sgt suke tgk org travel sana sini..but dlm condition skrg still x bole coz i have a baby 2 months old..tunggu baby besar cket..bole pergi jalan2 dengan gembira n jayanya..Insyaallah ;)

Thrift Lifestyle said...

Nice sharing.
Something I use to do in the past when planning for travel.
But not anymore nowadays, when I travel, only need to pay flight and accomodation. Sometimes accommodation also free.
If want to know how you can enjoy the same benefit, subscribe to my blog list.

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ayong said...

Assalamualaikum kak Maria, seronok baca blog kak maria, especially post yg ni. i was just randomly go to older post and feel like reading this. In fact, it helps me a lot. I am having trouble in savings since i dont know how much exactly should i save. :')

Anyway, again. i am very thankful to you for writing this post. jzkk.

hana said...

Memang panjang...kena semangat tau nak baca...:) joking jee....saving is a must here everybody .next plan...bodek org bawak gi jenjalan...:)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

this is a true motivation, kak maria! i have always wondered the most effective way of saving money, but nothing seems to go right. your idea of opening an extra bank account is really brilliant. i'm so glad i came across this blogpost, because i can see how truly helpful it will be. i'm in my late teens (20 next year!), and i just hope i'm not too late to save up for the future. thank you for your wonderful tips!

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wan said...

bestnyaa travell!