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Monday, September 13, 2010

Full of Belacan Raya

1st day of raya morning was how it had always been:

the men goes to the mosque while my mother and i prepare the food and lay out the table.
after eating, we take pictures and then we salam salam, ask for forgiveness and thank for everything.

Arief looked messy and unkempt that day and it was really annoying my mama. she kept on pestering my brothers to take him to a barber and get his hair cut, but in the end, tak dapat pun. we were so busy going around beraya at relatives' houses in KL area, in the end my brothers tak sempat bawak dia potong rambut.

on the way to Muar that afternoon, mama said "Arief, you're so belacan la!"

Arief is not so good in Malay see. so he asked "What is belacan?"

"SHRIMP PASTE!!" answered mama.


it sounded funny when it's translated in english kan?

Have a good Raya everyone!


perempuan telenovela said...

anda nampak chantek.!

dan abg anda nampak menyelerakan..

Maria Elena Zarul said...

kah kah kah!!!! dia dah single, kalau ada yang interested la *wink wink*


btw tima kasih for the compliment! =D

Unknown said...

comei pakai tudung :)

tp i pompuan la..hehe

Maria Elena Zarul said...

terima kasih banyak banyak wahai ct soleha! =D

Anonymous said...

mana funny nye..mmg la belaca shrimp paste org ko ni taktau ape2..abis tu nak pggl ape lg.ko igt ape mat salleh xde shrimp paste ke? ayayayyai..........

Jet said...

sudikah anda terima saya jadi kakak iparmu? HAHAHAHAHAHA

btw why are you the only one wearing blue? bajet spesel ye? HAHAHAHAHA.