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Thursday, June 3, 2010

almost a lady

i made cupcakes!!
lemon cupcakes!
it's low fat lak tu!
since my mom and my youngest brother are on a 'diet', i had to make healthy cupcakes and use low fat ingredients. no flour ok! sugar and eggs pun less than normal cupcakes.
so with these colourful cuppies, my mama and Arief can stay fat-free and happy! (exaggerate je..)

however, my elder brothers gave comments yang men-doubt-kan my womanhood.
icing too sweet (ok, i agree..), cupcake to sticky in the middle, no lemon taste, etc etc.

i was embarrassed, so i told my brothers that they can give them away to their colleagues and friends. i didn't want to bring any to utp, but i thought, well, biarlah orang jamah.. nice or not, they'll be the judge.

thank god Ins macam suka. rasa confident sikit.
As pun makan. ern pun.

haha! i may not be the best cook ever, tapi at least i tried! now i think i can improve more on my baking skills (coz cooking, is not my forte.. do not get me started!) and make my future husband and kids be healthy and happy! (tiba-tiba)

on a side note:

(i'm not ignorant, so i'm taking a stand now. let's just stop supporting Jewish stuff ok? takyah boycott, since its quite difficult to, but at least takyah la sampai contribute banyak sangat to them ok? peace.)

ps: Tun Rocks.


ask said...

congrats, officially a lady, mademoiselle.

rainbow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maria Elena Zarul said...

ask; im almost a lady. i will be feel like a true lady when i have accomplished my missions! =p

rainbow; baik baik! nanti saya ajar~~ tapi i buat dulu, pastu kalau u rasa sedap, then i ajar ok? heee..

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