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Friday, May 10, 2024

Kisah Boycott: To do it, or not

 I was listening to Ikim fm this morning, and they were discussing about boycott. (I can’t believe after 7 months we still need convincing whether to do it or not…)

I couldn’t listen to it fully since i was driving, and reached my destination before it even got to the conclusion.


Here’s my POV and understanding. 

Dalam kisah Mekdi, why i boycott is:

1) it’s not healthy & highly addictive

2) even though it is owned by Saudi’s company/Gerbang Alaf, halal, employed many Malaysians, they pay zakat and donated to Palestine cause, the major shareholders of McD, are the 4 most notorious-money-hungry investors: Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street & JPMorgan.

Who are they?

Takyah tengok semua. Tengok SATU pun cukup, inshaAllah.


Blackrock invests in weapons manufacturers, military contractors, and more, that has been murdering Palestinians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians.


One of the companies that they’re investing in is non-other than Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin tu sape? 

They are the largest weapons manufacturer, and have been supplying IsNAJIS with F-16 and F-35 fighter jets that has bombing Gaza, C-130 Hercules transport planes to support ground invasion of Gaza, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles for the Apache helicopters that has been dropping missiles over the people in Gaza!


Dalam kisah KFC pulak, why i boycott is:
1) Mahal
2) Yes, halal, employed many Malaysians etc etc… Their largest shareholders are Yum! Brands and Vanguard. Yum Brands ni is an investor of Isnajis companies. 
Yum also investor of Pizza Hut… They made an advert, mocking the Palestinians hostages (they call them prisoners but we know Palestinians were captured and jailed for no reason) for going on a hunger strike.

Oh, btw, Vanguard & Blackrock sekufu ye.
I’m not sure which one’s owned the other, tapi diorang ni sinonim la.

You faham tak?
You see who we’re dealing with here?

All these fast food chains that ‘comes from Amerika’, ‘owned by local companies’, while i applaud their ethics and opportunities they have been providing, sedikit sebanyak pergi kat these MFs.
Even if it’s satu sen, satu je pun, i’m not ok with that.

That being said, i takde la nak force anyone to participate.
I just don’t think it’s equivalent.
A Happy Meal to make a kid full, means a kid is being murdered in Gaza. And it’s not just Mekdi, Kepci, Coca cola, it’s the whole thing.

You can read here if you want to see who are profitting from the genocide.

This. “Franchisor often receives payment for providing training, equipment, or business advisory services… the franchisor receives ongoing royalties or a percentage of the operation’s sales.”
In case you’re wondering how the money goes to murderers.

All in all, I know i boycott bukan sebab emosi melulu. I do my research. I understand. And i will try my best to istiqamah. I have seen so many articles saying Malaysians ni boycott sebab kita ni Pro-Palestine sahaja. NO! It’s not ONLY because we’re Pro-Palestine! We are anti GENOCIDE. Then ada la yang cakap “habis genocide kat XYZ tu? Why ignore that?”. NO! No one’s ignoring that too. But to end all genocides, we need to successfully end the root cause of it: ISRA—L! The father of all setans. 
I boycott because i don’t want to make the contributor to the genocide get anything out of me, and i certainly won’t support those who are pro-isnajis. It’s not complicated.

In terms of livelihood, I get it, though.
It’s hard to get a job nowadays, so not many have the opportunity to choose where they can work.

Tapi kita ni jauh lebih kaya, lebih senang, lebih segala-galanya daripada diorang kat Gaza tu…

The faith of the people in Gaza while facing uncertainties, fear of being targeted & killed, after losing everything is far greater than ours. 
We know, Allah is Maha Kaya, Allah is Fair, Allah is our Provider, and to put our trust in Him. 
May Allah provide for those who chose to stand for what they believe is right, may Allah bukakan pintu-pintu rezeki untuk semua, may Allah accept our small acts as jihad.

Pasal mekdi kan… i bukan apa… dia nak sue the BDS, padahal i rasa dia patut sue Mekdi Isnajis sebab diorang yang buat palat. They should sue the isnajis franchise for the cause of sales drop, jatuhkan air muka, and do it ‘in their name’. Condemn the Isnajis punya actions secara terang-terangan, and then, perhaps then i would feel more supportive of gerbang alaf. 

If the local workers in these pro-isnajis companies sanggup, fight the upper managements to divest, and to make a clear statement that they cut or don’t have any ties with isnajis, just like how the staff in Google are fighting with their own company to stop Project Nimbus, and university students are protesting with their universities to divest. They didn’t leave their institutions, but they fought within them.
Yu naur?

Also, it’s high time we build and grow our own local brands and stuff. Local FTW!

Oh, i use these Boycott apps:

Sebenarnya ada banyak lagi nak cite, tapi setakat ni je la. Next post, maybe.

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