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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Palestinians in Malaysia

 Bukan Palestinians saje, Syrian pun ada, Iraqis pun ada, Afghan pun ada.

They’re seeking refuge in our country. Malaysia.

@mikhailhanafi made a great video explaining the refugee situation in our country. Go watch it HERE.

Here’s the brief summary + my own experience:

1. Malaysia tak bagi rights to refugees. No rights to self determine (work), no rights to education, and healthcare.

2. I wrote about my experience back in 2015, and i’ve also personally talked to NGOs (MSRI being one of them), and some amazing people who have been helping refugees residing in our country, like Pichaeats, and i had also worked with some refugees back when i had La Kayena and Marzea, and my conclusion is Malaysia punya UNHCR tak function. Takde la 100% tak function, tapi they can’t change the policy of allowing refugees basic human right. The UN card basically has no function.

3. FYI, our country tak serap masuk refugees because our country is a transit. Basically means that the refugees are only allowed to stay in Malaysia while UN find them a country that will take them in. Usually it’s Australia, Canada, US… 

4. These refugees thought of coming to Malaysia sebab apa tau… while their neighbouring countries are also not completely helpful, they thought Malaysia, being a muslim country, kind, accepting, and cared for them, would be better than the mat salleh genocide-supporter countries. Indah khabar dari rupa.

5. Since they cannot work legally, they have to work illegally and secretly because our police love detaining them, it seems. There were many cases where men and women had been detained for weeks to months, because they were caught selling food, forcing them to leave their kids behind. To be let out of detainment center, they have to pay fine. Mana nak dapat duit kalau keje pun takleh?

Understand this: they cannot work kan. Most of them come here in families. You know, with spouse, children. So, without any income, they are dependent on UNHCR for ‘allowance’ which is little, considering they have to pay for RENT, BILLS, SCHOOL (if their kids dapat masuk school for refugees), MAKAN, MINUM, kalau sakit, CLINIC + MEDS… 

And here’s another thing… some of them come to our country with only the clothes on their backs. Their documents, certificates, licenses, are mostly gone. Understand that they had no idea that their lives were going to turn upside down, that they were going to lose their homes, livelihood, their families, and more.

So how?

I remember seeing videos of the local people maki-maki orang arab yang jual balloons, food, etc. Ada yang cakap diorang ni “menyemak”. Orang rohingya pun kena gak. 

Astaghfirullah al-azim…

Sebab tak kena kat batang hidung sendiri, orang Malaysia mencaci-caci diorang. The thing is, they are desperate. Hidup diorang penuh dengan anxiety. Can you imagine being in their shoes?

I believe those who can’t imagine la yang kuat mencaci tu. They don’t understand the refugees’ unfortunate circumstances. Dah la they are forcefully and brutally pushed out of their own homes, then when seeking help from their neighbours, they were only met with rejection. And worst of all, the people rejecting them are also the people who seemingly showed empathy for the oppressed. Isn’t that twisted? 

When a person is desperate to survive, they’d do anything even if it’s wrong.

Honestly, i hate seeing how two-faced we truly are. Our government, and ourselves (i’m including myself here, fyi).

We claim to be so nice…

I believe that we should just allow them to work here legally. Let the kids go to school. Let them assimilate and then contribute to our economy.

However, the underlying problem, which had been for decades, is that our own locals pun tak boleh nak fully assimilate based on differences in culture, religion, language. We tolerate each other really well, though, but it’s not enough.

Remember this letter?

The will of the Palestinian child, Mohammad Abdel Qader Al-Husseini, found after his martyrdom: 

“My will to you:
If I die, depart, and become martyred in the war,

I will not forgive all the Arab rulers who betrayed us.
We lived through difficult days, without food or drink, and the siege has grayed my hair despite my young age.
May God not forgive you or pardon you.
I swear I will complain about you to the Creator of the seven heavens.

Forgive me, my mother, I love you very much. Do not be sad about my departure.

My message to the people of Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Sudan, Somalia, and Malaysia:
I entrust you (please), do not leave Gaza alone.
I entrust you, do not forget Gaza.
I urge you and entrust you with this.
I love you all very much... Please do not let us down.

Anyone who finds my message, I entrust you to share it.

I am the martyr, God willing: 
Mohammad Abdel Qader Al-Husseini.”

I cried so hard reading this.

Because it’s an amanah that i can’t promise i can fulfil. How can i not let them down when i can’t even do anything for the ones who fled here, in my country, well within my reach?

They know us, our country, they praise us for being on their side, and yet…

You see how hypocritical the situation is? While the refugees lost their homes, belongings, money, their heritage, legacies, and all because of zionists, our own people boleh pulak bawak cicak najis tu ke sini bagi talk and whatnots. To make it all salty and bitter, they’re here so comfortably. Bab* betul.

When will the suffering end for the refugees?

I have many more gripes about our bajet-hero-attitude. But i should stop here.

My only hope is that your perspective changes, even if it’s a little bit, on how you see refugees in our country. I also hope that Malaysia would truly be a country that is free from the influences of Zionists, have a strong backbone, and united during difficult times.

May Allah help the survivors of genocides, may Allah provide for them, protect them and raise their ranks in Jannah. May Allah allow us to berjihad on His Path, that our jihad is honest and sincere, and accepted by Him. May Allah allow us to help those in need. May Allah clean our hearts from sifat kedekut dan berkira. May Allah save Palestine. May Allah save the ummah.


Ps: sorry for being kinda emotional but this was something i had tried fighting for… it was one of the things that made me realise that i wasn’t as ‘influential’ as i thought i was. I thought being an ‘influencer’ meant my voice was heard. The reality is my voice was only a billboard, a space for advertising, for money. My voice couldn’t change a situation, a condition. Huhu… tetibe…

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