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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ramadan berbeza kali ini

 Alhamdulillah kita bertemu bulan Ramadan in the comfort of our homes, with our loved ones, with alhamdulillah food & water aplenty.

What more can we ask for? Especially given what the Palestinians are currently experiencing.

The smallest amount of what we have can't even compare to what they are having.

I pray to Allah SWT that we are always mindful and grateful for the rezeki that we have, and for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and also anywhere in the world who are oppressed and deprived of basic human needs to have their rezeki come flowing in now.

It has only been a few days of fasting but Allah... forgive me... i realised how much i've taken things for granted just because i've been blinded by the luxuries i'm surrounded with.

Rasa malu..

I've been watching videos - people being bombed and killed, children starving, people mourning for their lost love & life, and then there were videos of conspiracy theories, parliaments, politicians, truths and lies, sampai jadi nak muntah.

For now i stand with what i know: governments are not their people.

I do feel ashamed though, for not being able to do more. I feel scared too for when the time comes, they will look for me and testify that i only watched and did nothing to help stop this genocide.

I don't know what to do.

We've seen how isnajis and their accomplices been such a dick, no, worse than that. They've blocked aids from entering, the air aids were inefficient, and now they're building a port for sea aid, which is strange because if the amerikens can bring in their trucks to build the port, then why not do the same for the aid trucks?

Propaganda nonstop and it's disgusting. Sometimes i get acid reflux from all this madness.

Just recently my daughter had surgery to remove her tonsils, and i couldn't feel as much 'sorriness' for her because the thought of children in Gaza having to undergo surgery without anaesthetics, the images burned behind my retina, prevented me from it. Of course, i took care of my daughter through everything, and i did as much as i could to ease her through her recovery. Alhamdulillah, my daughter was blessed to be able to go through everything smoothly and comfortably. She had all the medicines needed, and she was even blessed to eat whatever ice creams she had wanted. 

But at the back of my mind, i couldn't help but think how the kids there had to not only go through the painful surgeries, but the recovery too must not have been easy and yet, they have to quickly adapt and move on because threats kept coming. As a mother, i imagine the guilt of seeing your child in pain and how i wish to take the pain upon myself rather than the children... It sucks. 

It really sucks.

I watched a video by Dr Omar Suleiman and i think he spoke for most of us during this time.

may Allah forgive us..
May Allah inspire us with ideas and methods to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine
May Allah provide for them, protect them, and keep their faith strong
May Allah elevate their ranks in Jannah and accept the dead as martyrs
May Allah provide for the orphans, the crippled, the starving, the diseased, and more with all the help they need


May this Ramadan be filled with goodness and remembrance for Allah SWT.


Time Traveller said...

Thanks atas perkongsian ini yg memberi kesan pada yg membaca.. Tgk waktu hampir berbuka penuh umat di McDonald, Pizza hut, KFC bagai.. ntah la tak tau nak ckp cane.. usaha yg sikit utk boikot pun tak mampu ke utk bantu saudara di Gaza..

Maria Elena Zarul said...

tak tau la kan... mungkin masing2 ada sebab terpaksa makan sana. lebih murah & lebih cepat, mungkin.
Yang diorang tu, biar lah diorang. Kita husnuzon je. Asalkan kita sendiri tau & kita sendiri yang buat.
InshaAllah, moga Allah terima sebagai jihad. stay strong!