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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When you least expect it, Life happens

life is very unpredictable.

life is definitely full of surprises.

i went to OBB last Sunday with Yana and her sister to collect my prize. and look what i gooooottt!! hik hik!
Yana's sis, Yana herself, and serabai ME!
yes!! it's a dress!!

it's so cute and when i had it on, i felt the need of being cute and sweet. haha! Thank you Jezmine!
i love it! but i do need some ideas on how to wear it. selama i pakai tudung ni, i NEVER pakai dress
the dress is above knee length and as u can see, it's sleeveless.
so all you fashion savvy bebehs, please give me some ideas!!!
i ni dah la ganas ganas and i don't know if i can pull of that cute-hello-kitty-peace-pouty-i-look-like-a-korean-artist look, know what i mean?

so help? please? pwwuuuueeeessseeee!!! told u i tak cute.. hehe!

another news i've received today is that i won the Contest Mortar Board!! i won second place!!
i won this awesome Rayban shades! oh and topup RM10! hehe! Thank you Edy!!

haaaaaaaa~ now i'm gonna feel so fly like a G6 with these awesomes. woohoo! can't wait to get it! =D

now i kinda noticed something too.. i have 120 followers! thank you soooo much darlings for following me and more importantly, for SUPPORTING me!

you've been reading my writings, left me comments, given me strength and reasons to write and share! i know i am not exactly gorgeous and cantik gila like them famous bloggers. i don't blog about my daily life. i don't share about what i eat or where i hang out. i don't review or critic about anything political or serious. i don't own awesome clothes.

heck, i don't know what is it about me that you all find interesting!! i just write suka hati i je la! hehee! =B

but thank you. THANK YOU!! meh sini Maria Sharapova nak peluk korang ni!
*arms open
mmmmmmhhh!!!! (tengah peluk la niiiii!)

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayang you all! hehe!

okay okay.. tanak soppy soppy dah.
i know now is Finals season, so everyone yang sitting your final exams, GOOD LUCK! study smart and tawakal kepada Allah swt. kalau u dah put your best into your studies, insyaAllah you'll get the best out of it. =) amiiinn~

peace people!

ps: tips on how to wear the dress please! =D you rock!


Anonymous said...

Pair up the dress with cute cardis since the dress color is mute. hihi! think of something paisley or floral maybe...

Rasa nak pinjam je! comel sangat! :)

petisuara said...

oi how come dont have pic of me..kasi r glamour sikit kt ur blog..heheh..

weh u just wear the dress with ur skinny jeans yang u pakai hari 2 and a black inner or maybe better brown kot as the dress ade brown line kan..

confirm u jadi cute gila!OMG..haha

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

Ari!! that sounds like a good idea! macam sweet je!

Yana! hmm.. i should get a dark brown inner la then! ha amik tu! i dah tambah gambar because u sanggup come all to way to OBB with me! heee!! =D sayang kamu!

eee!! tak sabar nak experiment!
tapi tapiiiii.. shawl camane ekk?
buntu la..

Enna Banana said...

happy blogging

i n - c h a n said...

colorful cardi would do the wonders! and a pair of black or deep blue skinny jeans too! ^^

btw. congrats for winning! ^^

eeqa~ said...

Wah Maria! Rayban? Macho giler! Congrats! :)

cikmay said...

hai you,

1st time dtg sini ni taw..

btw, you..., pakai dress tu ngn white skinny.seriously, so sweeet maaa...

i dh jatuh hati kat blog you!!!

NUR HazieRAH said...

besnye-besnye... dpt dress yg cute tuuu... rayban shades itu sgt cun laaa...

kite x pndai nak bg pndpt on how to wear that dress... sbb kite x cntikkkk dan x cute... try refer dkat

E.d.Y said...

tahniah k...

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

in-chan; colourful cardi and dark skinny jeans. ok! will try that! thanx btw!! =D

eeqa; macho kan? haha!! thanxx!! =D

cik may; 1st time datang? awww.. thanx for coming! macam sambut rumah lak. hahaha!! ok! white skinnies. will try that too! i jatuh hati kat u! boleh tak? haha!

hazierah; i should tengok ek. heee.. thanx for the suggestion! =D thanx btw!

edy; TERIMA KASIHHHH!! =D suka sukaa!

Nabila Huda said...

maria, tinggi u berapa? :)

rainbowskittle said...

tips ? i pon tak reti nk pakai dress ahaha, tapi nak komen jugak ! i loooovee ur writing okey.
n u cantiiikkk :D

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

nabila, i tinggi 164cm. nape ek?

rainbowww!! i love rainbowww! haha!!
thanx sebab suka my writing! terharu... ='B
n thanx for the compliment dear! u pun cantik la! muah muah!

Adriani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adriani said...

Hi Maria,

congrats on winning.

think you should mix it with red.
or any color that pops! :)

red shoes/red bag maybe...

Design dress tu dah cantik on its own! so i dont think perlu add byk sgt on...just play with prints(eg,stripes) and color(eg, red)

have fun! :)

Fazira said...

hi maria!
u r so lucky la mcm2 menang hadiah..btw i ske bace blog u..interesting+klaka heheh

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

adriani, noted and thanks!! bold colours or prints! hait! just imagining the combination already gives me the adrenaline rush. haha!! =B thanx dear!!

fazira! alhamdulillah la murah rezeki =B i pun tak sangka dapat menang these awesome things. thanx sbb suka baca blog saya! blog awak pun cool la! =D

Cik Nathrah said...

hye sis maria! how lucky u r! hehehe..congrates tau..bestnye dpt present :)

IFA Athirah said...

i suka pkai dress!!!he2.tryla match dgn cardigan wrna soft pallete ke, or pakai dgn jaket yg pndek ke.ataupun pakai je dgn inner with belt.whooaaaa!nnti update la kt blog gmbr u pkai dress ni!! :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

nathrah! thank youuuu! rezeki ni, alhamdulillah =D

ifa! omg! thanx for the idea! tak terfikir pun nak pakai belt!! hey, kamu creative, saya suka! hahaha! =D

nanti i update ok da pictures of me wearing it! sabar ya! =D

Anonymous said...

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