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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Hello hello! Assalamualaikum!
wassap maynnn!

ok dah la ek.
it has been a good week so far, alhamdulillah. what's more, i've got a couple of things i want to share!
suka tak?
tak suka sudah. i suka. hmph!
okay, sebenarnya tengah nervous..


because, i nak tunjuk you something maaaa.
siapa kata you cannot mix leopard pattern with green cardigan with ribbons on it??
amik ni!

okay kan?  hahaha!! saje je sebenarnya nak share this one, with no particular reason, whether you like it or not. =p

ok, that's one thing.
another thing is, i have been asked by a few people about skin care. so i've made a video (because explaining it is so difficult!!) and i hope i don't look too ridiculous. please tell me i don't look ridiculous!!!

here's the video! and i hope you find it useful and entertaining. haha!

kih kih!! how is that? informative enough?
i would like to add that you should wear products that suits your skin. not necessarily the exact same as mine.
although, if you have serious case of acne, i strongly suggest Clinelle because it's a dermatological product. i've used the cleanser before this, and it worked! however!! once your acne subsides, change your cleanser to something mild. you don't want to menghakis kan your skin and make it more sensitive than evaaa!
okay? meh kita lompat sama sama. tengok sape lompat lagi tinggi. confirm it'll be me. hahahaha! sorry lari topic. told you i'm nervous!

oh oh! and kalau u think "omg, spiking gila minachi ni!!", ampun ya! i kalau dalam presenting or blogging mode, my english macam flowrate dia tinggi lebih than BM. so, sorry ek!!!

and lastly,

hik hik! i may not be as fashionable as those mentioned in the flyer, but i thought i could stand up for my fellow hijab-ians! (hijabians pun bolehhhhhh~) and since i'm working, it will be challenging, but apo nak kisah!

hope you can support us in making this a fun experience!
love you bebehs! muamuahh!

oh oh!!!

*Harry Potter soundtrack playing in the background.
i can't waittttt!!! who wants to come with me, put your hands up!! haha!

ps: after your daily routine, make it a habit to smile throughout the day! it's nature's biggest secret to youth. =) and sorry if this post macam aneh. i maluuuu sangat sebenarnya. video tu punya pasal. hahaha!


saeko_nakamura said...

i like ur vidoe's introduction..

hanabanana said...

haha. omg maria ur so funny with the british accent and your fugly face. hahaha.
btw its cute and informative dear! thank u! (:

Farah Justme said...

haha maria, i laughed my heart out with ur "harry potter" accent, n ur silly faces. btw, very informative. since u have dry skin, so i cant try most of ur product recommendations. banana boat is too oily for me, i've oily skin u see. so i use sunplay instead, it's liquid based. but im sooo gona try the b.liv product for black head! i have tons. T_T

Rebelle Me said...

hye maria..
i like ur blog so much..!
u buat lagi la pasal fesyen, i mean u bli kt mana n so on..
suka! sebab i pun tengah cari ilham.. (:
lepas tu i sangat la byk jerawat..
thanks for the info maria!
appreciate it a lot..

wAnIe said...

HAHAHA omg sistah! the harry potter accent! funnayyyhhh yaw! haha lawak la kakak ni :P

bellabelon said...

OMG Maria....i terguling2 tgk video u dgn ty hahaha. 'Don't sepak ur face!'
Hahahaha adoi Maria..Klaka yet informative..sukaaaaaaa...see u 2moro bebehs!!

aLinZakaRia said...

Maria, that b.liv for blackheads can grab it at watson tak?
btw,u're adorably wacko in your ttrl! hahaha lovin' it! thanks for the informative entertainment :D keep it up babe! ;)

eeqa~ said...


sweets! u don't look ridiculous! there! i've said it. :)

suke leopard pattern tuh!

Inana Douie said...

omg mariaaaa. so happy to see your face! ahahha rinduuu~

i'm so gonna try b-liv off with the heads and shrink and tighten.


ayunietahir said...

hahahha.. i lovee your video maria. comel betul. and i wish i have flawless skin like yourss. :((

i n - c h a n said...

wassup with ur funny british accent, maria?! LOL, you're on crack! XD

being a silent reader, now its my first time commenting. nice vid u've got there. i have kinda problem skin, still get acne and i have surpassed my puberty time loooonggg time ago. LOL!

btw, keep it up ^^

amal ismail said...

omy,i love your video :)

bella dela rosa said...

maria!!u sangat comel okehhh.haha i pause kejap just to tell u this.oke sambung balik kejap.aduhh comel nyeeeeeeeee.
sila buat video lagi nex time so bile tensi bole tengok!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hehehe!!! you all like it?? TERIMA KASIHH!!!

hey, nebes okay nak post the video. takut i macam too much ke apa.. haha!

anyhoos, fyi, B.Liv product tu can get it at Sasa and it costs RM179.90. yes, mahal kan.. but i dah guna biore pore pack tu brape tahun and the effect is picisan compared to B.Liv tu! it's a real worthy buy! (kalau u have SERIOUSLY STUBBORN black heads la)
so sila consider la ya! =D

hik hik!
thanks for liking it bebehs! =B

naddow said...

love your green cardiii ! beli where?

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

the green cardi was bought at Old Blossom Box. it's a preloved piece! comel kan? murah lak tu. Rm15 je bebehhh!! =D


thanx for the info sis! ;)

*nak pegi tgk video u lagi! hehe. buat teman study ;P lalala

MIZZNISS said...

haha.. funnyla ur vid but it does help..haha.. owh ya, harus thumbs up untuk itu slang..haha..

btw, its helly (againnnn) from north malaysia.. and a gift to start a friendship..


petisuara said...

haha..omg sumpah i nak gelak tgk ur video sbb the way u talk..trus ingt cre u mse jumpe td!haha..sumpah comel la weh

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

amyliz, buat teman study?? hahaha! =p

mizzniss! thank you for the gift! it's so sweet!! =D *peluuuukkk!!

yana; hahahaha!! nanti u rindu i, boleh la tgk video ni! =p kah kah!!

Dayana said...

you is crazy!

yaya said...

nice! more please!

Anonymous said...

lawa la awk..
maria.nk tnye.leopard dress tu mane u beli eh?online kaa?wanna have it tooo.

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

kih kih!! yaya, nak more ke? nanti bagi ideas la!! =B

dayana, i is crazy, but the good kind of crazy kannnn =D hehe!

anon, yg tu is actually a long tank top. i beli kat ipoh parade, kat kedai apentah nama dia. if im not wrong, i saw on on blogshops. don't remember where but u can check at


Ernie Azera said...

I am bloody tired with training classes everyday, and I miss Malaysia so muchhh but your video made me laugh Hehehehhe :D

Thanks Maria, love youu

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

alololo.. cian dia.. i'm glad i made you laugh! tapi tu bukan the extreme lagi ok. you've seen worse kan! hahaha!

i love you too my ernie bernie!! =D

Cheno said...

hahaha your video make me awestruck! creative & funneh!!! suke suke sukeeee...*pelukkkkkkkk :P

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hahaha!! thanx sebab suka =B
malu laaa! i buat cincai boncai je. heee! *peluuukkkk!!

Anis Syuhada Nazari said...

OMG kak Maria!!
slalu jd silent reader jer for all this while..
tapi dah tak tahan, harus komen juga.
Ur vlog, sgt2 lah awesome! mengekek gelak sorang2.
funny habis but still very usefull :)
nti buat lagi yer.
Adore u so much! :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hi aniss!!
yay u tak silent dah!!! =D
hahaha!! glad u find the vlog funny! i tak reti la nak serious manis manis. huhu..

nanti i buat lagi k? tapi bagi la idea!!
thanks dear for liking me.. terharu! you rock!


Frankly, you look RIDICULOUSLY cute and funny! love it :D

suziana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suziana said...

kak maria, i like d way u are tau..u x fake n be urself, u just so cool, mst sgt besh kalau dpt hang out ng u..d vlog is so comel, the harry potter slang sumpah crazy n funny..u cantik tau btw..hehehehe..

the.K said...

i luv this crazy tutorial video...
OMG, i cant stop laugt...
u r so awesome with this video...

mira the monster said...

hahahha...u sweet and so funny laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hahaha..
tergelak dlm bilik sorg2 taw tak!!!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hehehe!! thanx suziana, K, and mira!!
haha! bagus la korang gelak =D
i happy tau u all suka!


The Hetzel said...

you are soooo fun!!!!!!!!!! teeheee. i really like ur vid n i laugh my lungs out! blog u pun fun!suka sgt!! thnx.. ur fashion tips n vid are very informative!wat else ehh..i suka u sgt la!especially that alabama or nigga's slang.i really like 'em. wink!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hehehe!! awww hetzel.. u make me blushhh! hehehe! thank you for liking my blog and my posts! i pun suka u la! =D

lyana rosli said...

kak maria & the papadom! HEHE.

super like ur video laaa. even my sis pun tgk and everytime nak pkai moisturizer mesti dia ckp 'kna buat mcm maria elena buat, baru muka cantik.' HAHA.
oh b-Liv tu mmg super hebat ke?nak beli last week tp mahal sgt. mcm tak sggup nak menggunakan duit scholar yg sedikit tu untk beli bnda mahal. huhu.

ps: lpe plak nk ckp, yana silent reader kak maria. tapi tetibe rse nk post comment wlpun video ni dh lama. hehe.

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

lyana!! omg your sis cakap camtu ke? hehehe!! insyallah muka cantik! nah bagi cium sket: mmuuaahhh! =B

oh mmg b.liv tu mahal, tapi mmg effective! my black heads dulu teruk sgt. dalam lak tu! now dah licin and black heads dah tinggal like 5% je. serious! u dont have to buy now just because! bila dah ada budget, then beli la IF u feel its necessary. =) makan and belajar lagi penting la dari b.liv ni!

ps: thank you for commenting, for not being silent anymore and for liking the video!! truly appreciate it!! =D

Anonymous said...

maria....toner tu u beli berape??

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

anon; tak ingat la.. it was on sale when i bought it. heee..

oh farah said...

haha. cool gila video u.
semoga saya jadi cantik mcm u lepas tengok ini video. :D

ImaDean said...

hahaaa cute giler!!!! teruskan kegilaanmu...!!!

Anonymous said...

oh man, im loving you.

Anonymous said...

hye maria. you guna facial wash brand apa ea? btw, jerawat i tak la bnyk. tapi sure2 la nak muka licin kan. any suggestion?

you rasa clinelle punya moisturizer ok x?


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hey ezzati! heee.. i used clinelle cleanser before. now i use olay je. it depends on your skin type really. like mine is dry, that's why olay is good enough. heee..
clinelle products are good. so i bet the moisturiser ok. i've never tried them.. but insyallah ok la! hehe!

ellinda said...

Maria.. thanks for the vid. Suka sangat.

know what... after watching ur vid tadi. I straight away gi beli skincare range Clinelle.

U patut jadi ambassador tuk Clinelle okie. I bet u dah influenced ramai dah nih bli product ni..theheee...

Anyway..we want more vids plsss.. tomeiii..(^___^)

fatin najwa said...

love the video maria! its useful for me for having a bad bad blackhead too -.-' hehe whts the name of the product ehhh and where did you bought it?

tee said...

selain tu, product vichy?? oke x utk acne n oil skin problem??


Jαnnαhツ said...

jgn sepak-sepak, chill man, chill. lawak la dialog tuh. selamba betul...

ain said...

ohh aamm jayyyy
LOL you are so hilarious!
love your blog maria :D

mizzura said...

babe...looking for bliv product..are u sure man its good for removing the blackhead..hehe..anyway..its time for me to hunt for it..kejarr bliv...!!

♥ Pu3 Pink ♥ said...

salam kak maria,sy secret admirer akk..hehehe tenq utk tip ni,kulit muke sy mmg bermasalah la skrg,mcm2produk da gune...urm :(
pretty girl rockxx sis..hehe ^_^

Nadiah aDia said...

Hi Maria,
Knape I xbleh tgk video skincare 101 tu?
Pls help. TQ.