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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snoozefest. nak kena lempang?

one thing you didn't know about me, unless you're my friend and have spent years with me, is that i am such a SNOOZER!

yes, a snoozer.

noun; a person like Maria Elena omg nama spanish gila who is able to sleep in any condition. be it in a moving train, static elevator, next to a dustbin or someone with a bad B.O, while eating, while watching tv, while talking, while texting, when marching, when passing motion, etc etc. - taken from Dictionary Oops I Did It Again Is Not A Catchy Song.

previously, i've written about sleeping in the LRT on the way to work.

now allow me to continue on my story with recent events! boleh? boleh? tak boleh?
so what.

i've started working, fyi, and God knows how much i love this place. but i can't help it when these setans sit on my eyelids and telling me to snooze while working! it's not professional! it's not ethical!!

boleh tak, masa tengah meeting, NI MASA 1ST DAY OK!! my boss ajak join the meeting just so that i can understand how meeting goes and such. so since i was a noobie, i was trying to grasp familiar words. like pressure gauges. filters. membranes. torchlight. donut. asfirdaus asri. ok lari topic.
but yeah, i caught on a few. and then suddenly i terlelap. ya Allah. i tersungguk kot!!
huh.. nasib takde orang notice.

then another time, TENGAH BUSY NI WEYHHH! sibuk replying emails, asking people to get back to me asap, and then i TERSUNGGUK! bila i terjaga tu, i looked at what i typed. it was supposed to be:


Please provide me a quotation for XXOO. Would appreciate it if you can send it by today.


instead, i typed:


Please provide me exxurjsssl. Woullllllllld ride ride

ok. what the hell is THAT?!!? i mimpi apa I SENDIRI TAK TAU!!!! u faham tak, i'm really mad at myself. macam nak gigit and baling myself from the kitchen to the bathroom. ok that is SUCH A WEIRD PUNISHMENT KALAU YA PUNNNN!!!

other that THAT, after lunch je, asal i tak drive, TERNGANGA tido dalam kereta colleague. APAHAL?
padahal i am the youngest there, thus should be the most energetic!
but i'm that snoozer that can't control her snooze-ness and it's literally driving me crazy!!!

oh oh. another one.
meeting with my department the other day. we were discussing about our upcoming projects. pastu boleh tak i tersungguk. haih.. the worst part was, MY BOSS WAS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME BILA I TERSUNGGUK!

kantoi busuk makcik.

haih.. mace mace..
my colleagues always have a go about this. ye la, dah la muda, tapi amboi kesihatan macam orang tua. dammmnn.. so i bought multi vitamins! in hopes that it will give me that boost i need. ye ke boleh? tomorrow la try. hopefully it'll work. i need to WORK like a darn good ENGINEER you gangstaaaah!

fiuh~! glad i got that out of my chest. kih kih!

ps: kalau u tanya my friends sekuliah, kat matrix or utp, they'd know about my sleeping habits. dalam class tu UNCONTROLLABLE! tidoooo je keje. haihh.. nasib baik tido dalam class still boleh dean's. tapi usaha kena lebih gila nak mampus.. makanya don't la follow my lead ok whoever's studying!!!

moving on to chilling. oh. nak ChillPopia boleh? kih kih! so what. nak gak.

vintage shirt (RM8 je. murah kan??), skinny black jeans, and mama's old shoes, shawl bought at Tangs (sale item~), red bag from Primark.
i'm all about vintage here. 

pps: notice that i always wear cheap or sale items or my mother's clothes? well, i believe fashion doesn't have to always be expensive. what can i prove by wearing expensive clothes anyway? who's going to care? asalkan i look and feel good. that's what i care about. =)

jangan tido masa kerja people!
peace! =D



hye sis! funny la habit snoozing neh :) tc ya time driving ^^

neway, like ur style much! ;)

Farah Justme said...

haha tingat time intern dulu, selalu tersengguk mase meeting, sebab tak faham sgt term2 dorang. xpon tido dalam cubical (walaupon cubical sniri belakang cubical sv!)

ya i think u shud take sum supplements to give u extra energy. why not try vitamin B complex. tapi kene get ready la, maybe urine akan agak tak best baunya. bahaha~

ini seyes!

wAnIe said...

omg so cute..haha ZZZzz.. sis, jgn risau.. kita sama! high five! tp dulu masa skola asrama lagiii teruk..skrg dah kurang sikit :P tu pn baru blaja malu tido depan org :D HAHA

Anonymous said...

comel nya yaa u! the cutest part u tulis tersungguk instead of tersengguk. keep writing! love yours!

yaya said...

dont snooze while driving. please!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

ohmygoreng, it's tersengguk ke????

PADAN LA DAPAT B3 FOR BM!!!!! ya Allah.. mabuk tul.
hahahha!! thanx for correcting me hetzel! baru sedar!! and i'm 23 kotttt! (malu di dada)

amyliz yaya, hehe! i won't snooze while driving!! =D

cik yah, if the urine will smell disturbing, then i'll consider taking it ONLY when dah terpaksa la. hehe!! =p thanks for the tip tho!! =D

wanie, high five!! tapi jom jgn biasakan ngan tido merata rata! hahaahaha!! =p

Anonymous said...

mcm org sakit kencing manis jek senang terlelap nih. cube check sugar level dlm dara. eh, darah. :P

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

check sugar level dalam dara pun boleyyyhhh!!!! hahahaha!!

tapi gue nggak suka make manih manih. gue suko make podas.

uiks, loghat rojak ni! =p

Adreen Nordin said...

cantik kete :P

einaz shah rizal thomas said...

haiy cik belog yang cute ;)
nice to see your blog .

love einaz!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

reen, memang cantik kete tu. =p

einaz si cantik, hi!! =D hey your name is very cool!!! teehee!!

E.d.Y said...

snoozing...haha..lawak la

abel said...

a very good GUY friend of mine cakap...

"hurm i slalu tgk W pakai ckp baju die mahal2 i nampak cm mura je..."

kesian kan. baju die sumpa mahal. yg ckp ni laki, forgive him ;p

"haaaaa baju A nampak cm mahal2"

kate the same guy.

and A shops like you do. congratulations! hahahaha

fashion doesnt hv to be expensive. its just u rocking your world. yippie!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

edy; lawak ek? macam noob kan? =p kih kih!

abel; your GUY friend is very observant ek? teehee!! thanx thanx! i'm rocking my world!! haha!! =D

KaYraKamaL said...

u look so skinny.....
i jealous okay...
tips please....