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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Convo is short form for Convocation, Cheme is short form for Chemical Engineer.

my mom graduated!!! =D

look at how proud my daddy is.. and i'm proud of her too. =D

haha! noob la korang. it was MY CONVOCATION! but oh well. sape la tanak tumpang glamour kan? i had my 4 seconds of fame, and i felt very special for that. hahaha!!

it was fun but it was hectic too. all the picture taking, all the short talks because we don't have much time to catch up, throwing the mortar boards over and over again just so that we can get the almost-perfect shot of the hats being thrown and our fake fresh smiles padahal masa tu tengah bacin nak mampus, our feet hurt from wearing heels the whole day but have to fight the pain demi ke-lawa-an gambar, etc etc.

we were all sweating buckets (it's Tronoh for god's sakes!) but hey, demi demi. apa apa pun boleh.

so here! my graduation photos! credits to my friends and family! =D

okay okay, no more mortar-board-tossing-and-throwing pictures~~~~ (i told you ada banyak!)

many people asked "susah tak buat engineering?"
well, which course isn't?
to each its own, isn't it?
so here i am, a fresh graduate with a Chemical Engineering - Petroleum Major Degree.

and i have them to thank. for being the reason.
i love you mama and abah.

is this vogue enough for you?

ps: answer this, in all of the pictures, who's the most gangstaaahhh? sebab i rasa i paling gangstaaaaah. ohmygadaaaaahhhh~~ gewdixxxxx~~ hahaha!! abaikan please. =\


ismishahril said...

haha. congrats maria!

E.d.Y said...

congratz...suka tgk pelbagai ekspresi muka and aksi...jadi model photoshoot sure mantap..huhu

Anonymous said...

Congratss on graduating Maria! =)

Lya said...

congrats maria! haihh ure so pretty la (ok tiada kaitan :P)

nur hidayah isa said...

congrates dah grade...kite lagi sthun stgh..lamanye lagi..

amalinahawa said...

congrats~!!! u look gorgeous. ;)

eeqa~ said...

yeah! gangsta rocks! haha!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

kih kih!!!

*peluk peluk lompat lompat!

Anonymous said...

I thought chemical engineering is your MAJOR & Petroleum is your MINOR. Cos u studied petroleum for only 1 year,no? & Cheme for ~4yrs?:) Congrats nway, u looked smashing!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

A, yeah, i thought so too. we pondered about that a lot. but oh well, that's what's stated on our scroll, so we just accept it as is.

thanx ya!! =D

^linas^ said...

congrats sis!

Cik Nathrah said...

congrates sis! all the best in ur future :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

heee!! thanx linas & nathrah! =D

Affan Ruslan said...

aku chemEng jugak.
Tapi taktau nak ambil pengkhususan apa.
Petroleum macam takde pulak kat tempat aku

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

really affan?
hmm.. amek la process plant design ke, petrochem, or environment! nak masuk oil & gas industry ke?

Nurul Zaty said...

congrat sis maria !

ur baju kurung tu
sebijik cam kain bju kurg saya gak~~ weee


Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum :)

Hi Maria :) I was reading through your older blog posts and i noticed that your mum, with all due respect, isn't wearing a scarf but you do. I can't help but wanna know how you determine yourself in doing that without fearing it might "embarrass" her in front of everybody else. if you know what I mean. The judgments & criticism one, being in her position, will get from the cruel society these days.. How do you get pass that?

My mother doesn't wear a scarf either. So logically, i don't too. However, I have been thinking for quite some time of changing that and wearing instead but I don't really have enough guts to wear it on my own in my family. My sister don't wear it too. Please give me some advice..

LaDy_aFieFa said...

kak maria...

im also taking cheme..
kadang2 rasa mcam nak nngis je...adoii ssh2..
any tips sis?

pemburu.cinta.ILLAHI said...
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