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Monday, May 25, 2009


oh nak tau cerita best?

i slept in the lrt.
standing up.
*snort like a swine here*
camni tau.
it was early morning, and conveniently there weren't many people in the lrt. so i had ample space in my standing area.
while hanging like a monkey, ipod in hand and music serenading throughout the journey, i got drowsy.

i closed my eyes. (at taman bahagia station)
i opened my eyes. (at masjid jamek)

i was a bit blur then. i remembered thinking "hmm.. nape tak beli nasi lemak tadi.." and feeling annoyed coz ppl were pushing past me to get out of the train.
then i continued sleeping. while standing.
ain't dat incredible? hahaha!
when i came out the lrt at klcc, my contact lense was dry, my face busuk, and i was in major blurness.
tiba2 buka mata, i saw ern "ahh!"-ing at me. i was like "waattt??"

blank. tiba2 again, i was at rotiboy buying sandwich. padahal i didnt want a sandwich. i wanted the nasi lemak at kj station.
ern's fault. she flashed her sandwich when she "ahh!"-ed me.

so today, i am proud to know that i can sleep in the lrt, standing up.
nak certificate.

-sayo tino hok tido mano2.


Lya said...

i am sooo showing this to my boyfriend as proof that PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY SLEEP STANDING UP! hahahah

Maria said...

eh, its easy peasy lemon squeezy ok! lagi2 on stable grounds. serious.

Lya said...

but the lrt is definitely not stable. hahahaha omg maria :P

ErneyErney said...

Maria can sleep not just while standing up...ade banyak lg positions kan?wahahaha

penanya (?) said...

dok pahe hok rotiboy nge sandwich tuh!

Maria said...

hahaha!! yes lah ern! i kan si tidur flexible! =p
rotiboy nye sandwich sedap!