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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Videos Mania

Mania la sangat.

this manic, i don't know how it suddenly blossomed into our lives, but now girls everywhere are swooning over the 'fairytale' wedding.
remember what's-her-name? anak Naza tu.. (in case you haven't, watch it here)
remember how the video circulated in Facebook and the girls were like "omgadahh cantiknya wedding ni", "baby, i nak wedding camni", "sooooo romantic wannn ahhh, i waaaaant!", etc etc?
oh and there were others that went "apa nak jadi dengan orang melayu, nak follow follow budaya mat salleh", "gila apa ke pompuan ni", "8million?!?! lebih baik derma duit tu kat Palestine", etc etc.

whichever your reaction was, i tak kisah, but no doubt you all watched the wedding video.

and more and more videos of that 'perfect-fairytale-romantic' wedding are circulating. and honestly, i nak muntah.
here's nadia's,and nana's.

ok fine, they ARE freaking beautiful and DUHH it looks perfect. but i can't help but smirk at these videos.
it's like a showcase of wealth!

i've been to soooo many weddings, and have been bridesmaid to most, so i know i am credible to talk about this, thank you very much!

weddings don't have to be so elaborate, so expensive, so extravaganza, so glamorous and so over-the-top, because wedding is just an event for friends and family to celebrate the union of a man and a lady. it's just the time to "show off", kan? ala, i'm a girl. i know.

so what if you can't afford to have men in skirts to carry you on tilam to bersiram? so what if you can't have a hall made of roses? so what if your wedding is simple and small? so what if you don't wear designer dresses?

it isn't about how it would look on you and your family if it's small. it's you, isn't it?
it's how you would feel about your wedding.

if you're worried people would say "kesiannya, wedding kecil je", or "tak cukup budget kot", or "kedekut siol", etc etc.. i say THE HECK WITH THEM!!

it's our wedding and if we love our family, love our future partner and their family, love our friends, then all that talk is not going to affect you.
go and celebrate being an official Mr or Mrs! not celebrate being rich or showing it off.
memang la nak show off, but i'd rather show off the L.O.V.E than showing off the moolah loaned from the bank.

betul tak?

think realistically. wedding is meant to be once in a lifetime. make it matter! don't make it LOOK like it matter. the videos were made beautifully (kudos to videographers!), but in reality, its different. very very different.

so if you want a perfect, fairytale wedding, you can, but don't put these people as a benchmark. it's not a competition! it's not a trend!
make it your fairytale, not by wealth, but by (as corny as this sounds) love

and make your future wedding a fairytale in reality, not just in videos and photos.


petisuara said...

i like this is entry so very much!!even tho i mmg suke wedding nana 2 the most!but still, if these kind of people doesnt exist, mesti org skrg xd susah nk kawen..bcs of them,kte the malays especially sibuk nak buat grand2 and i dont know what is the purpose utk buat wedding yg mcm 2 pon..mmg i dont deny it i like nana;s wedding sgt!but when it comes to the part yg her family dancing tu semua i was like apahal?i love her wedding sebab it has so many family quality in it..i sgt suka part her husband ckp yes time akad nikah..but as i mention above,sebab drg ni,kos kawen makin mahal u know..if tak,mesti i da bole kawen dah!haha..i hope lepas ni ada trend setter yg akan buat wedding yg simple but nice and harga murah n xpyh nak menunjuk2..

omg sorry mari,i guess my comment is too long kan..sbb i sgt setuju dgn u!

Farah Justme said...

so true! wedding mewah tak semestinya membawa kepada bahagia yang berpanjangan. of course people say wedding is once in a lifetime, but make it memorable our own way la kan. i dun believe in this kind of wedding. show off sangat!! :P

Rahika Wahidah said...


I could not agree more.

Most of the girls out there to amazed with 'fairytale' themes. Why? sebab hari2 sejak kecil dalam cerita2 dekat tv, fairytale stories means happiness. Everlasting happiness. Majlis meriah besar semua orang suka. But in reality, the big wedding ceremony not guarantee for your everlasting happiness in marriage. Tapi tak salah sebenarnya kalau si pengantin itu mampu. Cuma yang menjadi masalahnya,adalah mereka yang tak mampu tapi mahu majlis besar. Show off, yes one of the reasons.

abel said...

it comes back to the initial intention of the reception.

In islam, wedding receptions are held to avoid people from not getting the picture that the couple is by religion; legal. u know? mengelakkan fitnah.

but when the card reads the theme of "money is not a problem", many start to question.

I won't deny, that I too, had lots and lots of questions in mind when i first watched it. huhu

Qila, Azman said...

i nanti nak my wedding to be the simplest and the most hassle-free as it could be. lgpun u need more moolah for the life AFTER u get married kan. memorable doesnot have to be expensive. right? :)

carmillie said...

wow!! i can sense there is a lot of anger in u regarding on this. haha.. well org ada kata; hidup 1x, mati 1x, but it doesn't mean that marriage occurs only once. coz it can always end up in divorce. to sustain a relationship it requires a lot of work. a lot of people dont actually get the real meaning of what is responsible. why one has to bother about what people has to say (small minded people; wasting ur time). invest yourselves for debt free instead, a guarantee of lifetime happiness, less worries and more love to give away. the most important think is what u think of yourselves for better or worst. i got to stop now semakin merepek nih.. :)

Adil said...

GILA BAPAK JELES tp doakan mereka kebahagiaan smpai syurga.

wedding is still not in my plan. superbike is. said...

wedding reception is a competition and i'm winning (by not following the trend). klau ade duit xpe bwat grand ginih. nnt laki gak yg saket stgi. n i never like taylor swift's fantasy and fairytale style. wake up! you are not in wonderland. haha. and it is kaiser chiefs - 'love is not a competition but i'm winning,' in case you don't know. ataupun bley gak p ramlee's song - kawen free anak hartawan bla3. x igt. haha.

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

yana/petisuara; hehee!! takpe takpe! i feel you girl! memang the weddings are beautiful, but that doesn't mean it has to be so freaking EXPENSIVE! i too hope dapat tgk wedding simple2 yang boleh buat kita go "awwwww~~" hehe!!

cik yah; tu la. as i said, it shouldn't be a showcase of wealth. it's the love that we should celebrate =D

rahikah; true true. "fairytale" is just a fantasy. we have to think rationally and realistically. kalau ada duit, go ahead! but if not, it's ok. no one's gonna judge! kalau ada pun, because they're of different spesis kot. haha!

abel; yes! it's the intention! it got lost somewhere after these rich ppl put up their amazingly gila weddings videos.

millie; i wasn't angry. i was a tad bit annoyed i guess. i don't want to be absorbed in the 'fairytale'. haha! and what u said about ppl forgetting their responsibility, that's true! =B

adil; takyah jealous la! =D

superbike; gua suka lagu kaiser chief tu!! hehheee.. i guess if the girl really really wants a grand wedding, kena kawen a rich guy la. huhu.. =)

Merissa K. said...

ahh this is why we're friends maya.
because ur feeling what im feeling.

im feelin yaaa.

when i look at those videos and by unfortunate gossip found out how much it costs (i can live without listening to these tit-tats), i selalu rasa nak baling telur kat these people.

i mean, with that money, you could put together 10 more of extravagant weddings (just perhaps not as fancy as the original one la). ok so fine fine. its ur choice nak derma ke tak, tapi still it seems like an incredibly banyak amount of money to be thrown on a party.

and like u said, its more important to make it matter rather than make it LOOK like it matter.

can u imagine the hassle they have to go through in order to buat a fairytale wedding? the pressure during the event itself mesti kasi bride and groom tension as compared to just a good small wedding.

eh baik guna duit tu beli furniture kat rumah baru la lagi bagus. mneyh.

but what do i know kan? hahaha.

ok panjang gila siot. haha

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

kih kih!

tasha, high five!! i'd rather have my future husband save the money for our house, our living cost, and my shoes and bags. ok the last two tak la.. but use the money for sustaining the marriage la kan?
heee.. =D

ask said...

kudos to my lovely sayang!

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

kih kih!! high five sayang! =D

Anonymous said...

hey.suke bace entry anda!!this is one hell true fact dat ppl shud notice i thnk but some of them just dun get it.

like this post dat i found, cnot bring to kubur but....wteva laaa

well,its just some random point of view but well done maria!=)


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

hey thanx for the link! i checked it out, and i do agree with her. hehe! although we have the same focus, but our points are in different direction; mine more to us dreaming of a fairytale wedding after watching the videos, and hers being more to why we shouldn't judge them rich ppl.

teehee!! =D
oh well~

Anonymous said...

I think this thing is a fairly recent trend. Let's face it, we all want a shiny high gloss wedding of a perfection like celebrities. But that doesn't happen in real life. Most of the time, it's really the editing of the videographers that make everything look shiny and glossy. I'm not saying that's bad, I'm just saying nowadays a wedding is suddenly like a movie production.Some weddings are just recorded with creative angles, which I don't mind, but some of them are just,well, designed with over the topness in mind. And that is the problem. Because that becames wastage.

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

absolutely serena!
as i said, its becoming a showcase of wealth! people who can afford it, will make it with the best quality, but so what, right?
we can't compare ourselves to them, if we're not of the same standards.
and yeah, it does become a waste, because you put too much into the videos and photos, you actually lost the moments in reality. =)

Anonymous said...

I know! Because I always think that wedding moments should be like relationships, it should be filled with spontaneous moments and feel perfectly natural :)

Madeehah said...

whoa, totally love this post! *and all the other posts* :)
if u ask me , im scared of weddings now (thanks to thoseee super grand weddings, errr) but you're right, its all about me and letting others know about the marriage !

you totally rule!

mudslinger said...

i'm happy to say that i had one of the most simple wedding receptions you can imagine. even though it was in a hotel, it was more for all the relatives to enjoy good food and great company. no bersanding, no pelamin, no gimmicks, no glitz whatsoever. but we all had fun and were (and still are) very happy.