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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Convocation (minus) questions, please!

ok so it's almost our turn to take our scroll!!!
i'm so excited (and freaking out for not picking out the right baju kurung to wear. and shawl. and shoes. yet. demm) coz it'll be the time for my friends and i to rekindle our last moments in our university!
tak sabar!!

oh however, there are a few things i dont look forward to.. the QUESTIONS. ehem.

  1. are you recommended? - ans: no. tak ada rezeki..
  2. dah dapat placement? - ans: refer to no.1
  3. nape you tak recommended? - ans: kalau i tau, i bagitau ya =)
  4. buat apa skang? - ans: keje and chilling.
  5. keje kat mana? - ans: gastec. =D
  6. company apa tu? - ans: google it here.bukan apa, malas nak cite panjang lebar.. sorry!
  7. bila nak kahwin? - ans: bila convo nanti. jemput lah datang! kat chancellor hall je! =D
  8. brape gaji u? - ans: ummm.. suka hati i la nak dapat brape! ok kerek. umm.. enough for a living =D
  9. (dato') as buat apa? - ans: tanya la dia sendiri ya =)
  10. ______ (friend's name) buat apa? recommended tak? keje dah? - ans: tanya la mereka sendiri please. =)

so there! i've answered the most FAQs here. heee.. i hope, friends, when you see me at convocation nanti, takyah la tanya i questions like this. not just me though, but anyone la unless its your close friends. 

i honestly (and especially) don't like people asking me about what my friends are doing. i'm not the kind yang nak compare, so if they got placement ke, keje overseas ke, keje kat perlis ke, tak keje ke, suka hati diorang la. ask them directly if you're that curious.

maybe i sound pissy here, and i don't mean to, but i just want to share these few questions that i completely dread.

just because i'm not recommended, doesn't mean i'm not capable. doesn't mean that i'm unfortunate. doesn't mean that i'm depressed.

i am very healthy, very happy, very content and satisfied with my job, very very lah!

so DON'T go "oh.. takpe.. bukan rezeki kot.." dalam nada bajet consoling. coz i don't need to be consoled or comforted. or trying to come up with your theories as to why i'm not recommended. tak perlu!! serious! don't waste your time wondering what is it i lack sampai tak dapat keje kat the Big P. i am already over it, and already moving on. tengok muka happy i! *senyum lebar nampak gigi - imagine please!

again, not just to me, but to others as well. you don't want to look like an inconsiderate and tactless person kan? so avoid asking questions yang menyengat jiwa k?

let's just be the way we were before we ended our last semester! let's pretend we've only been away for the end-of semester break! 

i miss being a student.. hehe!

can't wait for the mamak sessions!!! and i'll see you all, VERY SOON!


ps: i hope i won't trip masa amik scroll..


Anonymous said...

Aahh.. finally it's your turn for graduating! Congratulations anyway!

Do blog about it ok? Since I'm looking forward to it! :)

Anonymous said...

oh the questions. cam annoying kan? so what you're wearing nnt?:) and how about your convo dinner? you're going? need baju for that also. . hakhakhak.

NUR HazieRAH said...

congrats kak maria...

zaid said...

sgt berguna
*nk mntk izin, nk print some of the quest n tunjuk je kat org bila ada yg tanya

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

Ari, yes yes!!! it is finally my turnnnn!! hahaha!! will post about it, of course! tapi i takde cameraman.. oh well. haha!

a, ha ah. it can get annoying. especially bila org nak happy2 kan? heee..

hazierah, thanx!

zaid, sbnrnya ada gak pk nak print and bagi orang da list. kalau their questions not on da list, baru boleh tanya. hahahaha!!

Farah Justme said...

maria! i miss student life too! see u dis weekend! teehee. ^_^

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

see u cik yahh!! =D

liza_bunny said...

this post is so hitting the bulls eyes, better u promote this post on fb so dat nobody will ever ask this type of questions again mase jumpe kat convo fair..hahahaha

petisuara said...

ur convocation is next week isit?i knew it from kamal..update kays..i want loads of pictures on ur convocation day

[YeOp] said...

kalo ada rezeki x ke mana :)