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Saturday, January 2, 2010

full house siot

i've just discovered Full House.
yes Full House! that Korean series!

i think i've heard of it years ago, but now my mom and i are hooked on it.
it was an accident, how we came to it.
it was on KBS channel and my mom was curious about the channel.
tengok2, Full House was on.

and OMG..
the girls are gorgeous!
porcelain skin.. flawless.. with rosy cheeks.. petite..
they have this unexplainable cuteness about them, dont u think?
eventhough they're probably almost 30..

kan kan?? wassap with her lips wei!! geram..

the guys!
what is it about their sepet eyes that makes me wish im sepet as well??
Rain and his best friend.. ya Allah..
words cant explain these mixed feelings i have while watching them. they can be rude, poyo, perasan, obnoxious, but in the end, their smiles..
the way their eyes squint sampai tak nampak, and their perfect white teeth glaring (glaring tu!!) buat i rasa nak senyum gak.
kan kan? told ya!
i'm sorry dear Bf, if you're reading this.. u kan my budak korea gak?

NOW la i baru discover this series.. i bet most ppl are like "Full House? that is sooo last year! now it's ______!!"
yeah, fill in the blank please.
saya mau tau!


Diana Naubi said...

hahaha. comel la u maria!

woody said...

ur bf is a chinese + japanese + indian (O_O)

indian? lol

maria, u're lambat wif the full house thing.

.m.e. said...

yana banana! rindu u gak!! lama tak jumpa!

bf saya camtu meh mixture dia? hahahha!! takpe takpe, i understand =p
lambat kan..
i know, org sume dah move on lama dah. =}

Ernie Azera said...

tu mcm matrix time kan? haha, yeah die repeat the series pkul 2.30 until 6.50 kan. i tersikse gile kut cuz my sis n my mum tgk. eventhough diorg dah tgk dulu2, siap pnah pinjam dvd series tu dulu from org. what the hell wehhh

.m.e. said...

gahahaa!! tu la pasal!! org dah lama hafal lagu 3 bears tu, i baru nak kenal. papagum, mamagum~ haha!!

edy said...

yeah, citer tu dah lama sangat dah.

eh eh, you dah ada bf baru ker? xtau pon?!

.m.e. said...

hee.. tu la kan..
edy, anda siapakah?

edy said...

edy= rushdi

people in uitm call me edy.

.m.e. said...

oh. hahahaa!!

mudslinger said...

maria, it's ok, you found the show in 2010. i just watched it this year ok. lagi lembab. and i totally agree with you about the gals and guys. they are so cantik.... *sigh*